I Swore I Wouldn't Love.

I love you with everything I am, and more than anyone ever thought possible...
Cassie once swore to never love anyone again after a hurtful experience while meeting the most amazing boy. Zayn Malik. Will she feel differently after meeting Zayn again?|| This Fan-Fiction is rated mature content because there is some mild language and some mature things...||


3. Days After

~Zayn's Pov~

It's been about 2 days after the hospital incident and Cassie and I have hung out basically the whole time. After 4 years she has changed a lot... Not that I don't like her now I like her even better. I don't know if it was the hole thing I did to her or what happened but now she is a complete alcoholic I actually feel a little bit bad for her. I noticed she is trying to hide it but she doesn't do a very good job at it.

~Cassie's Pov~

When Zayn left for the X Factor I didn't expect him to call me 24/7 but I kind of expected him to call me at least once I think that's why I was hurt so badly just the feeling of him forgetting about me or finding someone else kept haunting me and I picked up some habits like smoking weed and drinking... I don't smoke as much as I drink I guess you could say I'm addicted but it helps cope with the pain and the thought that constantly comes back to haunt me. After giving Zayn another chance I kind of feel like it's going to happen again which worries me and makes me smoke even more. I was ripped out of thought when my phone started ringing, the caller id on my screen said 'Zayn'. 'Hellooooo??' I said pretending to not know who I was talking to but I made it obvious 'Hey Love' he said while laughing a bit 'What's up?' I said while laying on the couch I liked living alone sometimes but other times I felt lonely. 'Just thinking of you' he replied as a smile spread across my face 'I love when you smile' he said as if he was right in front of me 'How did you know if I was smiling or not creep!' I said in a playful tone. 'Your smile is so beautiful I can basically hear it through the phone' He said now this time I could feel him grinning a bit 'Cut the flirting Malik' I say trying not to fall for him again 'Why did you actually call?' I ask wanting to know the actual answer 'Well the answer I said before was partly correct and I was wondering if you wanted to do something?' he asked 'Like what?' I asked kind of excited 'It's a secret so yes or no?' he asked he was up to something..... 'Hmmmm' I said while rubbing my chin for effect forgetting he couldn't see me. 'Sure Malik what time?' I asked excited but trying to hide it. 'Be ready by 7' he replied really slick 'Ok lov- I mean bye..' I said almost forgetting we aren't together. 'Well I'm not afraid to say it but I love you bye' he said as I started blushing and then hung up. Did he actually love me? After 4 years he still loves me? That just seems a bit I don't know unreal because he ignored me for 4 years...




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