I Swore I Wouldn't Love.

I love you with everything I am, and more than anyone ever thought possible...
Cassie once swore to never love anyone again after a hurtful experience while meeting the most amazing boy. Zayn Malik. Will she feel differently after meeting Zayn again?|| This Fan-Fiction is rated mature content because there is some mild language and some mature things...||


4. 7:00 pm

~Zayn's Pov~

I was just on my way to go pick up Cassie when I started to think what if she still has feelings for me? On the phone she almost told me she loved me. Well however she feels about me I will still and probably always will love her. I know it sounds weird because before I said I used to bring a bunch of girls home and that I didn't think we were together. But the only reason I took girls home and never called her was because I was scared. I was scared if she even liked me never mind love me.. I was scared she  wouldn't feel the same and I thought if I called it would be weird. As I arrived out front of her house I knocked on her door and she came to answer it in black skinny jeans and a navy blue cardigan with her brown hair down and curly. 'Hello beautiful' I said as our eyes met 'Hello handsome' she said mocking me I took her hand and led her to my car and held the door open for her. 'Um Zayn?' she asked as I got butterflies 'Yes, love?' I replied casually 'Where are we going?' Not exactly what I was hoping for her to ask.. 'I said it was a secret.' I said 'Hmp! I HATE secrets' she said while narrowing her eyes. 'Ok ok I will give you a hint.' I say trying to think of one that wont give it away. 'Tell me!! If I guess right will you tell me?' She says like a child 'No, and ok it has games.' I say mysteriously 'Oh oh oh!! An arcade?' She says waiting for my reply forgetting I wouldn't tell her 'Oh come on!' she whines. I chuckle at her she's so adorable when she's sober.




Sorry for a short chapter but I wanted to make it a cliff hanger >:] I love you guys even though there isn't many of you each and everyone counts! If it weren't for you guys I wouldn't be writing, so Thank you!! Comment where you think there going! If you want to..

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