The Challenge (One Direction Version)

(This based on the MTV's tv series, the challenge cutthroat. This a one direction verion (fanfic). So I reccomend watching the show first,or see some clips. It doesnt really have to be Cuttroat, it can be Rivals, or any other challenges.Btw, I'm only using some of the cast from the challenges.)
The Challenge is finally here. The Challenge:Cutthroat. For the first time ever, they are inviting celebrities to join MTV's Challenges. Celebrities include, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, One Direction, etc. But this challenge is also really important to a girl named, Andrea. She has been wanting to win, ever since she joined the challenges. She wants to win this challenge more than anything. She has this set of rules, which are:
1. When going to clubs, no drinking
2. Try to avoid fights (which is almost impossible for everyone)
3. No boys
4. Focus only at the challenges.
She gets teamed up with One Direction, and what happens if she falls for Harry? Will she still be able to focus?


1. Challenge

The players get ready for a challenge of their lives. For the first time ever, celebrities join the challenge. They team up with the players, and work together to win, $100,000.


Andrea’s P.O.V

All the players flew to Czech Republic to do the challenge. We all walked in the Gulag. Where were probably gonna have our eliminations. We stood at the middle of the gulag, and waited for the host, TJ Lavin. I crossed my arms and sighed. We all looked over to our left, and finally the TJ came. We all clapped our hands, and cheered. He stood in front of us. “Hey guys welcome to Czech Republic” he said. We all clapped and cheered again. “Okay,” he started. “We are gonna start by grouping you guys into three teams. Red, blue, and gray.” He rubbed his chin, “Wait I missed something” We all looked at him in confusion, “Oh yeah, for the first time ever, you guys are gonna be teaming up with” he took a pause. He continued, “Celebrities” We all cheered in excitement, and some looked at him in shock. We saw a group of celebrities walking in, and they stood in the opposite side of us. We all clapped our hands, “Okay guys, are you ready for some challenges?” TJ told them. “Yes” they all said. “Okay everyone, welcome to Czech Republic and this is the The Challenge: Cutthroat Players and Celebrities Edition” TJ said. I recognize some of them in movies, and some were singers like Justin Bieber. “Where your standing now is the Gulag. This is where elimination round is gonna be. The first place gets $100,000, second place $50,000, and third gets nothing”. “Okay, now let’s put you guys into teams” He went on with the others and I still haven’t got called. Now, there are just five girls standing. Me, Sara, Laurel, Cara Maria, Ayiiia, and Shauvon. “Okay Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Justin, you guys are with them” TJ said, pointing to us. They stood in behind us, and for some reasons I keep wondering, if they could really do this. I mean, we never had celebrities in challenges before. “Okay guys, go to the house get some rest, and I’ll see you tomorrow for your first challenge”


All of us ran to the house, and dropped our bags on the floor. We were all amazed at how big the house was. We all went to our rooms, and I dropped my bags beside the double Decker bed. “Hey Laurel, do you want to take the upper one?” I asked. “Sure” she replied. Laurel and I have been close friends ever since I joined the challenge. And I’m glad that me and her are finally working together to win this challenge. I’ve been to three challenges and I still haven’t won one. This time I’ll try to be more focused. That means no focusing on anything but the challenge and getting that $100,000. Here is my set of rules:

When going to clubs, no drinking Try to avoid fights (which is almost impossible for everyone) No boys Focus only at challenges

I unzipped my bag and grabbed my phone. Everyone was at living room probably drinking. “Hey beautiful, need help with something?” a deep husky voice asked. I looked up to see guy, and I thought “Oh he is probably one of the celebrities” He was a little bit taller than me, he had mop of curls put into a quiff, his eyes were either green or grey (he was kinda far way), he was wearing gray shirt, and black jeans. Gotta admit, he was quite cute. No stop it. Rule number 4, no boys. I shook my head. He walked over to me, “Your Andrea right?” he asked. “Yes, that would be me” I replied. “I’ve watch the other challenges that you were in. You seemed to be really good” he said. “Thank you” I said. “You know,” he started. “I didn’t expect you to be this beautiful” I blushed, and then our eyes met. His eyes were beautiful emerald green that shine bright like the stars. Stop. Rule number four. No boys. Remember? I immediately looked away.

I came out of the room, and I saw everyone drinking, partying, and some were making out. I widened my eyes, and thought, yeah I should really be only focusing on the challenges. Then we all sat down in the couch, and started talking. Then Emilee walked over to us, “Hey guys, a text from TJ” she said waving her phone. She read the text, “Meet me tomorrow at 6 am” she finished. Everyone cheered.

(Sorry guys for the short chapter. I promise it would get better. I just have a lot of studying to do and I have Swedish lessons so sorry)

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