Regrets of a Teenage Freak

Bad things happen when Hilary kisses people. Even after only recently having her first kiss she knows that. Not that her knowing helped out. Dylan the first boy went missing a year ago and now Markus has gone wild as well, and she knows she has to do something about that. But when the secret that her coven wanted to hide the most is revealed by a mysterious guy who claims to know her, Hilary isn't sure what to believe...or even who and what she is.


1. Repeated Mistakes

I have NO idea what I was thinking. I've only kissed a boy once before and he went gained crazy superpowers that let him punch through brick, with the added bonus of having gone completely psycho. I'm still hoping that they effects will wear off but i don't currently have any contact with Dylan so I don't know if that's the case.

Fingers crossed in an unspoken prayer I dial his number, "Hello you've reached Markus. Unfortunately I'm not available right now but I'm sure I can find room for you in my schedule eventually. Cho!" 

The phone beeps, "Hey Markus, Hilary here. Please, please call me back as soon as possible."

I grit my teeth in frustration and bang my head against the green wall of my bedroom. "No, no, no, no-"

"Oh dear what's gone wrong know," says Yuki sticking her head from around the door her black curls falling over her eyes. Me and Yuki have been best friends for as long as I can remember but sometimes I still worry that she won't understand. 

"Oh nothing just the usual," I lie.

Yuki sighs and sits down next to me, "You were banging your head against the wall," I nod at her innocently, "and now your telling me nothing? It's me or the Council."

I groan of course she would bring them up. The Council of Witches keeps my kind in line and my mom is one of them. 

"I messed up again. I kissed Markus," I say biting my lip and hoping for a swift death.

Yuki bangs her head against the wall, "Idiot! You've already kissed too many humans don't you remember what happened last time?"

I nod ashamed, and prepare for the worst. 

"Why do I put up with you?! All you ever do is cause trouble!" Yuki's skin glows red, "I could tell your mommy right now!"

My friend's fire ropes lift me off the ground singing my clothes as she tosses me out the window. 

Sometimes it sucks living with witches.


I hate that stupid Yuki with her stupid fire, and I hate my stupid mouth that just had to blurt everything out. I wish I had the gift of flight or cellular rejuvenation or something, then I wouldn't be in so much pain. The room I was so kindly tossed from was on the second floor of the house and their was a convenient patch of rose bushes sitting there to break my fall.

I groaned and tumbled out of the bush face first pulling out a thorn so my blood could run more freely. Luckily, most of the pricklies hadn't stuck so I didn't have too much to deal with.

I sighed miserably closing my eyes and let myself fall backwards. For a while I just lay there relaxing until I felt warm air brushing my face. Cautiously I opened one eye and then another to come face to face with two huge forest green eyes.

"What the hell?" I shrieked.

Not moving his face away the boy asked shyly his silky brown locks falling over my face, "When did you start bleeding honey?"

I froze glancing down at my arm which was indeed bleeding a yellowish substance.

"You know you smell really good," said the boy tickling my face with the side of his nose and sighing in content. 

He snuggled even closer and wrapped his arms tight around me, "I've missed ya babe. You haven't kissed anyone have you?"

"Just two. Not that its your buisness."

"Of course its my buisness sugarpea."

Raising an eyebrow I gave him a once over, if I actually knew this guy I'd love for him to call me that, "Sorry man but I'm not sure we've met."

The guy cursed under his breath kissed my nose unlatched himself from my torso and ran off. I hate to admit it, but I missed the feeling of his arms against my skin, and his legs looked quite fine when he ran.

"WAIT!" I screamed, but mystery guy didn't even turn back to spare me a glance.

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