The new girl

Peyton is no regular girl. Her dad is Niall Horan and her brother Is Liam Payne. Liam has a different last name because his mom died in a car accident. Since then Niall has been taking care of Liam. Now Peyton and Liam aren't related, but they are so close it feels like their siblings. Liam is very protective over Peyton and won't let anything happen to her. Untill one day.....


3. Old BFF

Peytons P.O.V


When I was shopping I went to go pick my purse up when someone bumps me in the shoulder and it falls. "Im so so sorry" He mumbles. He kept hidding his face. I wonder why. I looked at his face quickly and reconized him like that. " Oh my gosh your Harry Styles!" I whispered. "Im Peyton Horan" I said "Peyton?" He looked into my eyes. "PEYTON!!" He hugged me and I hugged him back. " I haven't seen you in such a long time!!" I shrieked. Me and Harry were such good friends untill I moved when I was 6. He follwed me there but I moved here 1 month ago. "Hey harry want to come to my house?" "Sure" He replys. We go on a big shopping spree and blow all my money. But I don't care. I MISSED HIM SO MUCH!!!

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