The new girl

Peyton is no regular girl. Her dad is Niall Horan and her brother Is Liam Payne. Liam has a different last name because his mom died in a car accident. Since then Niall has been taking care of Liam. Now Peyton and Liam aren't related, but they are so close it feels like their siblings. Liam is very protective over Peyton and won't let anything happen to her. Untill one day.....


2. Oh no....

Liams P.O.V


God!! Why was Peyton in such a hurry to leave?? What if somthing happens to her! I quickly got dressed so I could catch up to her. "BYE DAD!!" I ran out the door and up the street. I turned the corner and saw her waiting for me. "Oh hi..." I said quietly. "Hi Liam. You ran pretty fast. Why didn't you think I would wait for you?" Peyton responded. " Because you left the house without me..." I said. "Oh im sorry.. You should have asked me to wait.." She replys. After that we walked to school in silence.



Peytons P.O.V


I think Liam is trying to protect me from being hurt at school. All day I could only talk to people he knew. Oh well. When I went to go to the washroom, 2 girls were bulling me. I acted calm but in my head, I killed them 9 times. When I came out of the washroom Liam was waiting for me. Tears stung my eyes. I couldn't hold them back any longer. Water poured down my cheeks like a waterfall. He pulled me in for a hug and I hugged him back. I never wanted to let go. I always felt safer when I was with him. "Who was it Peyton." Liam asked quietly. "I don't know Liam..... Really...." I whispered back. The day was over and I walked home in Liams arms. We came in the front door lauging so dad didn't suspect a thing. "Hi kids how was your day?" Niall asks us. " Great dad!" me and Liam say at the same time. We both laugh it off and go to our rooms. I went to get in comfy clothes but realize I don't have very many. So I take my credit card and go shopping.

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