The new girl

Peyton is no regular girl. Her dad is Niall Horan and her brother Is Liam Payne. Liam has a different last name because his mom died in a car accident. Since then Niall has been taking care of Liam. Now Peyton and Liam aren't related, but they are so close it feels like their siblings. Liam is very protective over Peyton and won't let anything happen to her. Untill one day.....


8. New house, New friends, New life.

Jades P.O.V.


I was so worried I dialed the number for the private jet and left Hawaii. I felt bad for hanging up on Niall, But I think he will understand. We have to move agian and Peyton might get stressed. I know Peyton gets stressed the most and I don't know what will happen. I hope there ok. I climbed on the private jet and waited untill I got there.



Nialls P.O.V


I understand why she hung up. She just wants the kids to be ok. I rushed to the hospital with Peyton in the backseat. I parked in the parking lot and carried her into the hospital. I lifted her up to the counter and they let me through. We came to the hospital alot. She was rushed into the E.R and I waitted 5 mins before Jade showed up. She had beautiful blue eyes and dark brown hair. She was amazing. The doctor called us in to see Liam and told us he will need 5 months to recover. We waited untill Peyton was awake. She raced down the hall in to Liams room and grabbed hims hand. She started tearing up because she was so happy.

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