The new girl

Peyton is no regular girl. Her dad is Niall Horan and her brother Is Liam Payne. Liam has a different last name because his mom died in a car accident. Since then Niall has been taking care of Liam. Now Peyton and Liam aren't related, but they are so close it feels like their siblings. Liam is very protective over Peyton and won't let anything happen to her. Untill one day.....


4. Hi Im Harry

Harrys P.O.V


I finally saw her again!! I missed her so much! We spent like all her money and she didn't care! I was really ecxsied if he remebered me. " Hi Harry! I haven't saw you in like 4 years!!" He dad said. "Hi unlce" I replied. Yep thats right. Niall was my uncle and Peyton was my cousin.  


Peytons P.O.V


I was getting worried if my dad found out I spent ALL of my money. I mean, we are rich and everything, but thats credit card had alot of money on it..... I borught all of my bags to my room and paced around my room. I think Harry was getting fresked out because he kept giving me the scared eye. "PEYTON!!" I heard my dad yell. Im in sooooo much trouble I thought. I walked down the stairs...


Harrys P.O.V


While Peyton was gone, I kept hearing freaky noises... There were shadows everywhere too... I was getting really scared. I decided to go to Liams room. "Come in" Liam shouted. I walked in "HARRY!!" He shouted. Then I got scared because there was someone behind Liam. And it wasn't a shadow.

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