Minecraft// Fanfiction

This is for contest! I've had this idea on ML before, though.

Herobrine was a myth in Minecraft. No one believed in him. Herobrine promised himself he would get his revenge. He tried to get revenge in Minecraft itself, but everyone just shrugged it off, or deleted the world.

Herobrine got angry, he started spawning mobs, several. Everyone shrugged it off. Herobrine was angry, he was furious.

Herobrine thought of the ultimate plan to make all say sorry, and believe in him.

He was going to bring people into Minecraft.

COPYRIGHT! If anyone else has a idea close to ours (with ONE exception because he/she made his/ hers before I made the copyright) we will report to Movella. (We will only report it IF makes Minecraft real to the characters.)

Sorry it had to be that way, but one person did it, and we did it first (or published it first anyways), and we don't want so many real Minecraft fan-fictions into Movellas like 1D. We have only made one exception, he submitted it before......


2. Real

Kasey ran to the chest, to get her wooden sword. She would have to fight them all eventually. 


A crafting table, a furnace and a chest lay side by side.

(This isn't Kasey's house, I just wanted to show you a crafting table, a furnace and a chest.)

 Inside there was wood, cobble and her sword. She tried to lift the wooden sword up, but it was heavy. She tried the wood, it was heavy too. Minecraft was getting realistic, and Kasey couldn't deny it. 

"Maybe sleeping would be better," 


And she went sleeping. The next morning the sun shone. She got out. She looked at her rectangle for arms. 


Why is my life so hard? 


She rushed to get some wood, make some sticks and make a pick-ax. She rushed out the door, to make a mine.


The pick-ax was heavy, but Kasey lifted it up, and put all her force to make it go down. It  was a very slow process. A cobble an minute, regular minutes. Sweat beaded down her forehead, and down her body. 


Why can't this happen to the other kids? 


All she found was cobble. Cobble, cobble, and cobble. She never found lava pits, or iron, no gold, or no diamonds. 


"Why me?" she would whisper, every now and then.


Kasey heard moans, she hesitated. Zombies. All she had was per pick-ax, and she could barley use it. Her hands? It was her best shot.  


The zombies got closer, she prepared to feel the pain. She readied her fist. 


She threw punch after punch at the zombie, but only succeeded at keeping it at bay. She wondered to herself why it wouldn't die already. Her fists were getting sore from this one-way boxing match, and she was still exhausted from all the mining from earlier. Luckily, the next punch dispelled the zombie for good. 


While wiping the sweat from her brow, she continued on mining. 


After what Kasey thought was about 2 hours later, there was still no sign of anything except cobble, cobble, cobble, and more cobble. Why does this map have to be so barren? she asked herself.


Finally, right when her arms fell like they were going to fall off, she decided that she had mined enough for now. Her next task was to begin the laborious trek back to the surface. Tragically, exhaustion and weariness overcame her body midway through the trek. Right before falling unconscious, she thought she heard the soft low moans of more approaching mobs. 


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