Minecraft// Fanfiction

This is for contest! I've had this idea on ML before, though.

Herobrine was a myth in Minecraft. No one believed in him. Herobrine promised himself he would get his revenge. He tried to get revenge in Minecraft itself, but everyone just shrugged it off, or deleted the world.

Herobrine got angry, he started spawning mobs, several. Everyone shrugged it off. Herobrine was angry, he was furious.

Herobrine thought of the ultimate plan to make all say sorry, and believe in him.

He was going to bring people into Minecraft.

COPYRIGHT! If anyone else has a idea close to ours (with ONE exception because he/she made his/ hers before I made the copyright) we will report to Movella. (We will only report it IF makes Minecraft real to the characters.)

Sorry it had to be that way, but one person did it, and we did it first (or published it first anyways), and we don't want so many real Minecraft fan-fictions into Movellas like 1D. We have only made one exception, he submitted it before......


1. Nethered

Kasey was a major Minecraft fan. She had it downloaded on her PS3, her computer, and her phone. She was an admin on 10 servers, and she even owned one. With being an admin, and an owner, many people asked her about Herobrine, a legendary character on Minecraft. She didn't believe in him, he was just a myth. There was always another reason why Herobrine didn't exist, an admin abusing his power, or Minecraft just glitching. 


Kasey wasn't really a socialist. She played sports, and was very beautiful, but she just wasn't a very popular person. Mincraft took care of that, people on Minecraft servers didn't judge her.  In Mincraft she was a popular person. She enjoyed her life on Minecraft. Sometimes people are unfair in Minecraft, like giving the job of admin to some jerk who'll abuse his power, but she always got over that, unless they kept being unfair. 


Kasey just got off her computer. She was yawning like crazy. She stayed up late, tonight it was about ten. Her parents were in bed, her older sister was at a slumber party, and it was summer break. She was upstairs, her bedroom was just to the right. 


The wooden floorboards creaked. A voice was in her head, a voice she never heard before, but she figured it was her imagination. Besides, it would be gone by morning. 


Kasey was right beside her bed, which had a Minecraft pillow, sheet and blanket. The voice was getting stronger.


Do it! DO IT!Do it! Sleep.....


Kasey knew she needed sleep, badly.


Kasey dreamed about Minecraft, as she did every night, but this time is was.....real. Well it felt real. She felt her heart go down as she was attacked. She felt pure panic, because she had no sword to fight off zombies. The voice was in her head.

Did you like being Nethered? Maybe you'll say sorry, after you realize this is real.


Kacey had no idea what he was talking about. She has no idea who he was.  She only knew she was having a terrible nightmare. 


Hours later, in Minecraft like 10 days, she woke up, but she was't in her bed. She heard skeleton rattles. Zombies moaned. Spiders hissed. 

"Oh, noooooooooooooooooo!"


She was in one of her single player worlds. When she was a noob, or beginner, she believed this world was haunted. She never got on it, but she never deleted it. Over time she realized Herobrine wasn't real, but she never got on it. 

The moon was out, it was time for mobs to spawn. She didn't dare look out her windows, because she might look at an enderman, tall black creature who can teleport to you. They hate water, and get hostile if you look in their eyes. 


She was also scared of seeing something else, Herobrine. If she could be brought into Minecraft, then Herobrine could be real too. Besides who was that voice in her head?


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