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This is for contest! I've had this idea on ML before, though.

Herobrine was a myth in Minecraft. No one believed in him. Herobrine promised himself he would get his revenge. He tried to get revenge in Minecraft itself, but everyone just shrugged it off, or deleted the world.

Herobrine got angry, he started spawning mobs, several. Everyone shrugged it off. Herobrine was angry, he was furious.

Herobrine thought of the ultimate plan to make all say sorry, and believe in him.

He was going to bring people into Minecraft.

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Sorry it had to be that way, but one person did it, and we did it first (or published it first anyways), and we don't want so many real Minecraft fan-fictions into Movellas like 1D. We have only made one exception, he submitted it before......


5. More Than One

Kasey ran, and ran. If Herobrine was real, she was pretty sure Herobrine would turn into the Miner Herobrine, the Herobrine that set traps. Herobrine might do anything, he might sneak up on her. He might put invisible pressure plates, heck me might invisible himself. 


Daylight was coming, she would be safe from skeletons, and zombies. Spiders and creepers would still be after her. 


After a hour of walking, she was in the jungle, with no surprise doors.  This was a good, and bad, place to be. Mobs could hide very well, but she had unlimited wood. She could mine a lot, and besides wood wasn't that heavy!  OK, it was heavy, but it was the lightest thing there was.  

She started mining trees, mainly of the little ones.  She heard a shriek. This confused her. First of all, only her sister shrieked like that, and second of all, she was alone. 


More shrieks filled the air. It was high pitched, and dense. It seemed to echo, and the main source seemed to move, fast. Kasey looked around. She thought it must be her imagination, or Herobrine messing with her, until she saw a blob racing to the ground fast. 

Kasey ran. This was the second time she saw a living person, and it wasn't a griefer. If she let them hit the ground, she might lose them forever. 


The shrieks moved fast. It got closer and closer to the deathly ground. Kasey was so close. Each second of shrieking made her go faster.  


100 blocks away from death......


50 blocks away from the other person... 

Kasey was practically screaming herself. Kasey knew she would catch her, only 20 blocks away. Then something terrible happened. 

Kasey was shot by a skeleton. She fell to the ground, face first. Kasey shot up, but the body was so close the ground.

"No!" she screamed, "I was so close!" 

Before Kasey could do anything else, the body landed, but instead of it disappearing, it just layed there. The skin was like Kasey's, it looked like the person who was sucked into the game, and it was her sisters. 


There seemed to be a lump in her blue pants, or what Kasey thought of as jeans. Kasey took it out with hesitating. It was a leather book, with fragile pages. 


Kasey opened it.

Day 1: 

It seemed as if I was.....pulled into the game. It started out as a dream, then became a reality. I'm so......scared. I've two other players, one shouldn't  be real, and the other shouldn't be here. If only I could save her, she might be older, but I promised mom and dad.  


It went like this for a few days, until one just suddenly stopped.


It's her, Kasey! I have to go for her. I promised. Besides I think a see Herobrine, oh god yes, those white eyes. I have to hurry.......going down the vines......NO! NO! I''m being shot off!!! It's Herobrine! Notch help me! Kasey I nee-


And it ended there. 

"Tell me what?!" she screamed.

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