Minecraft// Fanfiction

This is for contest! I've had this idea on ML before, though.

Herobrine was a myth in Minecraft. No one believed in him. Herobrine promised himself he would get his revenge. He tried to get revenge in Minecraft itself, but everyone just shrugged it off, or deleted the world.

Herobrine got angry, he started spawning mobs, several. Everyone shrugged it off. Herobrine was angry, he was furious.

Herobrine thought of the ultimate plan to make all say sorry, and believe in him.

He was going to bring people into Minecraft.

COPYRIGHT! If anyone else has a idea close to ours (with ONE exception because he/she made his/ hers before I made the copyright) we will report to Movella. (We will only report it IF makes Minecraft real to the characters.)

Sorry it had to be that way, but one person did it, and we did it first (or published it first anyways), and we don't want so many real Minecraft fan-fictions into Movellas like 1D. We have only made one exception, he submitted it before......


3. Doors

Kasey awoke in a somewhat-forested area that was no where near the mine she previously was in. Being an experienced Minecrafter, she had figured that whatever mobs were in the mine had killed her and that she re-spawned at the spawn point. 

Now what is a master Minecrafter like you doing by getting killed by a few simple mobs? that voice asked. Now, Kasey was pretty sure it wasn't a figment of her imagination. She knew it was......something. It was that thing that brought her here. 


What did I do, I'm just a normal person! Other people play Minecraft too!


She didn't have time to waste, she had to go back and get her stuff, before if de-spawned, and might kill some mobs. 


She ran into biome, after biome, to find her mine, but it was gone. She remembered where is was, in the same biome as her house.

An extreme mountain biome.  She considered starting over, but she knew how hard that would be. Mining was hard, carrying stuff would be hard. At night, fighting mobs would be hard. It even be hard to farm, or kill cows or pigs.


Kasey has run through two biomes, and was now entering a desert biome. It was entering night.


Mobs spawn more in the desert! No, no! 


Suddenly a spider spawned. Kasey punched it in the face. It didn't go back very fast. She heard a hiss, a creeper hiss. She heard it lit. 




The creeper blew. Kasey was pushed into the air. The spider disappeared, or died. The creeper was gone. Kasey felt her hearts, two left. She was getting hungry, only two food bars left. She needed someone to help her.


She tried to run, with two food bars it was hard. The jungle biome was blocks away, when she went through a door.


Kasey suddenly felt better. Several people were with her. The door was gone. She seemed in a spawn, in a very familiar. She was an admin on this server, Uberminecraft. Everyone was running, and screaming. 

Where they in Minecraft,too? 


Kasey stopped one player.

"What's going on?"

"Hacker, ban them!"


"Jordan, and Echobomb!" 

(Note: If you guys ever see these two players don't trust them! They hacked their own server! Jordan did the most damage, Echobomb helped him!)


Kasey knew them, Jordan was the owner. She couldn't ban Jordan, but she could ban Echobomb, on a regular day, but she was in Minecraft, not in the real world. 


Are you going to let them kill all these people, or are you going to ban him? said the voice. Kasey was upset. That voice brought her here. He was the one who let her get exploded, he taunted her. 

"Ban Echobomb. You were hacking," she whispered. An explosion went off, bodies were thrown to her, then they disappeared. Lava was being put everywhere. Everyone was rushing to a door. That was her ticket out. Kasey ran into the door, and into the desert. 

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