Minecraft// Fanfiction

This is for contest! I've had this idea on ML before, though.

Herobrine was a myth in Minecraft. No one believed in him. Herobrine promised himself he would get his revenge. He tried to get revenge in Minecraft itself, but everyone just shrugged it off, or deleted the world.

Herobrine got angry, he started spawning mobs, several. Everyone shrugged it off. Herobrine was angry, he was furious.

Herobrine thought of the ultimate plan to make all say sorry, and believe in him.

He was going to bring people into Minecraft.

COPYRIGHT! If anyone else has a idea close to ours (with ONE exception because he/she made his/ hers before I made the copyright) we will report to Movella. (We will only report it IF makes Minecraft real to the characters.)

Sorry it had to be that way, but one person did it, and we did it first (or published it first anyways), and we don't want so many real Minecraft fan-fictions into Movellas like 1D. We have only made one exception, he submitted it before......


4. Alone

Kasey just wondered when her bad case of Murphy's law would end. Once she had gotten back through the door, she was bombarded by zombies and spiders. While trying to punch her way through, she lost her two remaining hearts and died once again.


Once she awoke, she found that it was daytime and she was next to a cobble mountain. Suddenly, the Voice spoke to her once more.


Well, well, you seem to be failing miserably it reminded.

You know what, Voice? I really don't care anymore!

With that, she angrily punched a nearby piece of cobble, and what does she know! A single piece of coal was behind it! She immediately got up and started mining once again.


In the end, Kasey was rewarded with sveral chunks of coal, and many pieces of cobble. She still felt like she wanted nothing more than to collapse and take a nap, (too bad there were no sheep around to makes a bed) her Minecraft-coded body would not let her sleep.


After mining out all surrounding area, Kasey headed off to look for trees. However, this did not prove to be an easy task, since she could not find one forest biome.

Without tree, she could not make wood planks, and therefore would not be able to craft any tools or weapons.

Soon enough, night fell once more, and she decided to make a little shelter out of the cobble she had.


After what felt like a whole night, Kasey carefully destroyed one block of her small house to check if it was safe. She did not expect to see a pair of glowing white eyes staring back at her.


Later, if someone asked her what she saw, she would describe it as something/someone with the standard Steve skin, but with the most eerie white eyes.


As she came out of her cower-in-fear postition on the other side of her "house" she bravely checked the hole once more for any signs of that thing. Upon verifying that the coast was clear, (she hoped) she demolished her little enclosure and headed on for the day.


As she walked, she racked her brain for any solution of what that thing was, other than what she dreaded that she knew. Herobrine

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