Falling in Love

Heres the story of how we fell in love.


1. How We First Met

Meeting the love of your life is different than the way you ever thought it would. Maybe you couldn't even guess who the love of your life was, I know I didn't. I never expected for us to even know each other. You may be guessing who I'm talking about right? Well, the love of my life is Harry Styles. There must be so many people out there saying "Well, he's the love of my life too", but has he told you he loves you and scoops you in his arms when you're feeling sad? Thats what I thought.  Let me tell you the story of how it happened. 

    Chapter 1: It was so sunny and warm that day, almost like a beacon of hope the sun was high in the sky. I was sitting by the pool at the most amazing hotel just singing to myself when I felt a shadow above my head. I opened my eyes and there I saw two beautiful green eyes, and the most adorable smile, and to top it all of… Dimples! Of course I knew who he was, Harry Styles,  he was all over magazines, I just never thought I'd ever be able to meet him.  "H-h-hi" I began to stutter out before I cleared my throat and said "Hi, can I help you?" He just kept smiling. It was starting to get uncomfortable when he abruptly said "I like your voice." I willed myself not to blush, but of course my body betrayed me and my cheeks slowly turned a rosy red and I looked at him with a shy smile. "Um thanks", I replied with a little hesitancy. He liked my singing? Am I that good? Maybe he's just flirting. Stop flattering yourself! I realized I had been staring at him the whole time I was arguing to myself and of course I blushed again! Get yourself together! I scolded myself. Ripped from myself again I heard Harry say"So, what room are you in?".  "Huh?" I so dumbly said. "What room are you in?" he repeated and what came out to quick, what I almost shouted was "230". I silently cursed myself for not playing it cool, of course you know who was playing it cool (Not Voldemort, Harry). "Ill pick you up at 8 for dinner" He said and walked away leaving me wide mouthed and ecstatic. I slowly got up and made my way up to room 230 to spend the next 2 hours making myself look gorgeous and practice acting normal in front of him.

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