Falling in Love

Heres the story of how we fell in love.


2. He didn't show, or did he?

Chapter 2: The next two hours consisted of scrubbing, shaving, and singing. My three S's of the shower. I had even applied a little mascara to add volume to my lashes. (Some of you may be thinking, what makes mascara so important right now? Well I don't wear makeup, I think it mars natural beauty, but of course I had to start getting self conscious about my looks now.)  At exactly 8:00 I got a knock on the door. Well, at least we know he doesn't like to be late I thought to myself. With giddy I opened the door and immediately my face fell. It wasn't Harry, it was room service. "I didn't order room service" I thought to myself as lifted the lid off my room. Next to my food was a note that read "Sorry couldn't make it, got held up practicing positions for the concert." signed "Harry". I was sad, less so than I would have been if he hadn't even left a note. Without even thinking I grabbed my bathing suit and headed to the pool. I changed and left. It was warm outside that night, the pool water was a perfect temperature of cool and warm. I dived in and started swimming back and forth in the pool. Maybe 30 minutes later, I started to get tired and decided to go to the hot tub. I was dripping a trail of water from the pool to the hot tub. I submerged myself in the hot water and began to relax and just started humming. When humming began to bore me I sang.  I was singing Hallelujah when I heard footsteps approaching. I immediately quieted my singing and just sat in the water hoping who ever was walking didn't hear me singing. Well who do you think it was that had walked up? If you guessed Harry you were right. "Your voice is gorgeous" he commented as he sank in the water in front of where I was sitting. I ignored his comment and began playing with the bubbles in the water. "it really his gorgeous" he repeated when I didn't acknowledge him. "Cool" I replied coldly. "I really am sorry about tonight" he said with sincerity in his voice. Did I believe him? Should I believe him? I argued to myself in my head. Without much thought I stood up out of the warm water, goosebumps beginning to form on my arms, and stepped out of the hot tub. I grabbed my towel and room key and left. If he really is sorry he'll come back to me. I hope. When I reached my room I cursed myself with words a lady should never use. What was I thinking? Just leaving like that! What if he doesn't come back? I'm such an idiot! Those questions rang through my head the whole time I showered and got ready for bed. I was pulling back the covers on the bed and laying down when I told myself to shut up and don't even sweat it. I wont know what happens until it happens or doesn't happen. So with new absoluteness on mind, I layed my head on the pillow and I slept with a new peace of mind. Life was getting so complicated!

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