Truly Madly Deeply.

I wonder if you never talk to your crush if it is considered stalking. I mean she has tried to talk to me but i never say anything back. I think it is because i love her but i guess we won't ever know i am now a singer... I am now in a band. I wonder if i will ever see that adorable girl i have had a crush on ever again. Life is funny that way, i mean its like seeing your best friend at Apple Bee's or your teacher at Walmart? Sometimes a little push in the right direction is all we need to let our lives take off. I mean look at me i joined the x-factor, then Simon Cowell puts me in a band, then we lost but he still signed us a record label. I just hope i can find a girl soon i mean i have not had that many girlfriends i think it was because i was looking for the right girl... sweet, nice, caring, one that could click with me mates. A girl exactly like my crush. I am 19 now and i think i need to settle down and find atleast a suitable girlfriend for now~Niall James Horan


2. Travels


I sighed as we started up the steps onto the tour bus. It just is not the same as it used to be management took our twitter accounts and are planning our third tour! When our third album has not even come out yet! This is ridiculous were on the second tour and it feels like were being rushed. Well it does for me i dont know about the other boys. I used to love doing twit cams and stuff like that. Then management made me get my braces removed. They also made me wear more tank tops and be without a shirt in the videos. All because everyone keeps bagging on Harry and if they had someone ME to pay more attention to good or bad... Mostly bad they would stop bagging on Harry. Well this tour was in Hershy Park you know PA Hershy bars? I laughed during the preformance when Louis shoved one all over my face! I love the boys they are like my brothers. So next we were going to spend a week in Freeport, PA then were preforming at the Console in Pittsburgh. Freeport is this really small town in the middle of nowhere so it is a nice place to hide away. So it is about a four hour drive from Hershy to Freeport. So we all sat down and tried to think of things to do to pass the time. We all decided on watching what footage of our 'this is us' movie and then playing a simple game of Truth or Dare.


So about a few minutes into Truth or Dare it was my turn. "Truth." I said, totally unaware of what the question would be. "What is the creepiest thing you have ever done?" Zayn said, smiling. I sighed I had cursed myself for doing this.. "I took my crushes picture." I said, covering my face. It was after school while she was walking towards me to say Hi like she always does. "Do you still have it?" Louis asked, not at all that surprised. I nodded, cursing myself for doing it then keeping it. So i took out my phone and showed them my crush. "Damn she fine." Louis said, gawking at the picture. "Niall at least has some taste in girls." Harry said, smirking at the picture. "Where is this girl?" Liam asked, looking at the picture closely. I sighed and said, "I dont know... I left for x-factor when she left her brother in Ireland and went to live with her mom or dad. Their divorced." We all took a minute of silence to think. "Hey may be we will meet her in Freeport!" Louis joked, trying to lighten the mood. "Who knows?" Liam said, trying to make me think about this happening. I sighed and curled up on the couch. I think i need a nap before we get to this Freeport. 

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