Truly Madly Deeply.

I wonder if you never talk to your crush if it is considered stalking. I mean she has tried to talk to me but i never say anything back. I think it is because i love her but i guess we won't ever know i am now a singer... I am now in a band. I wonder if i will ever see that adorable girl i have had a crush on ever again. Life is funny that way, i mean its like seeing your best friend at Apple Bee's or your teacher at Walmart? Sometimes a little push in the right direction is all we need to let our lives take off. I mean look at me i joined the x-factor, then Simon Cowell puts me in a band, then we lost but he still signed us a record label. I just hope i can find a girl soon i mean i have not had that many girlfriends i think it was because i was looking for the right girl... sweet, nice, caring, one that could click with me mates. A girl exactly like my crush. I am 19 now and i think i need to settle down and find atleast a suitable girlfriend for now~Niall James Horan


4. So Different


Well at exactly 8 am we pulled into some ones drive way. "Where are we Liam?" I asked as he grabbed his and my suitcases. "Were at our temporary house. This lovely mother and daughter let us stay here with them." Liam said, walking off the bus. I grabbed my other suitcase and walked off to see Liam talking to this girl i assumed was the mom. Pretty soon this redheaded girl that looked fimiliar came out too. I walked over to Liam. "Niall this is Hope the lovely mom and Katt the lovely daughter." he said, motioning toward the girls. The redheaded girl i was staring at looked at me. "Niall. Hey i knew a boy with that name." she said then paused to click her tongue. "He was shy such a shame i liked him." she said, then she went and got bags from our tour bus.... Is that? No it cant be. It is just a coincidence right? Right there is no possible way right? "Gonna stand there blondie?" She said, walking past me. I shook my head trying to process and convince myself it was a freak coincidence. Heck if it was the girl i liked then she looked way different... OF COURSE STUPID SHE GREW UP!!! Oh shut up mind! I followed her and the other boys down through the living room into the hallway. "So we have 3 guest bedrooms so 2 to a room." She said, as the other four scattered into rooms. "I guess i get my own room?" i said, realizing what she said. She nodded and put my stuff in the only bedroom that was left. 


I watched her as she walked away. She did look very similar to the girl i liked.

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