Truly Madly Deeply.

I wonder if you never talk to your crush if it is considered stalking. I mean she has tried to talk to me but i never say anything back. I think it is because i love her but i guess we won't ever know i am now a singer... I am now in a band. I wonder if i will ever see that adorable girl i have had a crush on ever again. Life is funny that way, i mean its like seeing your best friend at Apple Bee's or your teacher at Walmart? Sometimes a little push in the right direction is all we need to let our lives take off. I mean look at me i joined the x-factor, then Simon Cowell puts me in a band, then we lost but he still signed us a record label. I just hope i can find a girl soon i mean i have not had that many girlfriends i think it was because i was looking for the right girl... sweet, nice, caring, one that could click with me mates. A girl exactly like my crush. I am 19 now and i think i need to settle down and find atleast a suitable girlfriend for now~Niall James Horan


5. Need-to-Know


I need to know if this is my crush! I loved that girl in 9th grade! At about 10 Katt came in and dragged us all over to this cafe. We then realized she and her mom owned it. "So what are we going to do?" I asked as she tied an apron around her waist reminding me of the workers at Eat'n Park. She laughed and marked off a table on her little podeom thing. "Sit and talk or color anything but work. You get hungry let me know okay?" she said, putting crayons on the table along with some menus. "Were not five." Harry said, glaring at the crayons. "Ah i know this but age is just a number maturity is a choice. And you five have chosen not to have it... Plus." she said, grabbing a crayon. "You can drawl on the table cloth which is really paper." She said, writing 1D on the end of the paper. Louis was the first to grab a crayon and start drawing. "Like i said tell me if you need anything most of the time business is slow." she said, flipping the 'closed' sign to say 'open.' I love how old fashioned this place is kind of like a mash of Garfield's and this small cafe i used to go to called the Buzz. She sighed as in an hour no one came. So she pulled up a chair to our booth and started drawing. "Is Katt your real name?" i asked, dying to know more about her. "No just a nickname." she said, smiling. "Whats your real name?" i asked, starting to draw too. "Barbie." she said, rolling her eyes noting her sarcasm. "Im serious." i said, laughing a tad. "Why do you want to know so bad? You will only be here for a week then i will be history." she said, frowning. "Love you seem amazing we wouldn't forget about you just like that." Liam said. "Thanks Liam but i think you will i mean it has happened to me before." she said, pausing to look at her drawling. 


"That is awful that someone would do that to you." Louis said, finally looking up from his drawling. She sighed and shook her head. "Believe it or not I do not understand how you guys deal with the hate. I mean I get hate because of my dad he is majorly famous." she said, looking down at her drawling. "Some times I do not even know how we deal with it." Harry said, starting to draw. "What is it like to sing on stage and inspire people? I always wanted to be a singer." She said, smiling a little. "I think it is the best feeling in the world. Without the fans there is no reason to be One Direction." Zayn said, finally talking. "Why didn't you become a singer?" I asked her. "My father owns a record label and people would think I only got a deal because of my dad." she said, sighing. "That is why I live with my mom and own a bakery for money to fly to England. Without my Dad doing everything for me. That is why i moved back over here after the end of 9th grade when a boy I liked left too." she added, covering her eyes. All I could think was, was this me who left? did she know/like me? I guess i need-to-know more about her. And i will learn!



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