Truly Madly Deeply.

I wonder if you never talk to your crush if it is considered stalking. I mean she has tried to talk to me but i never say anything back. I think it is because i love her but i guess we won't ever know i am now a singer... I am now in a band. I wonder if i will ever see that adorable girl i have had a crush on ever again. Life is funny that way, i mean its like seeing your best friend at Apple Bee's or your teacher at Walmart? Sometimes a little push in the right direction is all we need to let our lives take off. I mean look at me i joined the x-factor, then Simon Cowell puts me in a band, then we lost but he still signed us a record label. I just hope i can find a girl soon i mean i have not had that many girlfriends i think it was because i was looking for the right girl... sweet, nice, caring, one that could click with me mates. A girl exactly like my crush. I am 19 now and i think i need to settle down and find atleast a suitable girlfriend for now~Niall James Horan


3. Immsominia


 She stared up at the ceiling. It was of course 5 am, three hours until she had to share her huge house with 5 guys for a whole week! She of course lived with her mom but only because they both own a cafe next door. And she was 18 and you know how hard it is to save up for a house on your own? Plus she did not want to resort to asking her Dad. Hey at least her mother was paying her extra for this. Apparently these boys were very destructive and childish so she was on babysitting duty until it was time for the cafe to open then she could sit them down and keep an eye on them while doing her job.  She eventually fell asleep thinking about how much fun three hours from now would be. Little did she know two hours later her mother threw her out of bed. "Ouch mom! I can never fall asleep but when i do you ALWAYS wake me up!" she said, rubbing her head. Her mom laughed and went downstairs. She glanced at the time then sprang up. "Only an hour until they get here gotta look gorgeous! Just kidding!" she said to herself. She seemed to have a habit of that. 



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