You witnessed everything but never said a word.,...


2. My Life

I am Daisy.I am not the 'pretty little flower' you expect a girl with my name to be noooo.I am  lets put it this way hurt at home by my Step-father and severely bullied at school yeah great life huh. My 

Mum died 2 years ago when I was 16 I was really heart broken and miss her like everything.My step dad Ron started drinking then and thats when it all began.He hurt me bad. But school was way worse basically everyone teases me I have no friends I am alone (cue violins) haha  but really the worst is 

Cassie Davis she is the devil in human form it makes me shudder saying her name.Cassie has a boyfriend he is called Niall all his mates bully me too he doesn't really but he watches and laughs sometimes and does nothing to stop it . Ok that is enough of my life lets move on.

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