You witnessed everything but never said a word.,...


3. Mondays are Murder

Daisy's POV

Ugh I had Mondays they suck I grumble and pull myself out of bed I examine the damage of my last punishment  bruises cuts 

one burn the usual I slip on my skinny jeans black shirt and cream cardigan my hair is just left normal its quite long ahahha I think I look ok...Cassie will disagree


"Hey Fattie" Cassie said as she came by with her little gang I rolled my eyes "do have any friends Daisy or did you eat them"they all laughed and pushed me and kicked my one sharp blow to the leg and i fall to the floor tears streaming down my face. They all spit on me then leave my head is pounding I get up and sort my self out I can already see a big bruise forming on my leg I groan and get to class God mondays are murder. 

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