The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


43. ''You're breaking up with me aren't you...I knew it'



''Here you go kids.'' The cab driver smiled,pulling up at a huge wooden cabin located next to a frozen lake.



''Thankyou Sir.'' Justin smiled,handing over the money which showered on the meter.



''My safe and have a good vacation.'' He smiled,taking the money.



''Thanks.'' I whispered,my throat sore from sleeping.



''Have a good ni- well should I say morning.'' He chuckled,looking at the navy blue sky.



''It's getting quite light..we better get going,I'm sure you're tired.'' Justin replied,looking at me.



I nodded and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes,Justin grabbed my hand and pulled me out the car.



I stood there awkwardly as Justin grabbed the suitcases from out the back. ''Let me help.'' I finally replied once I saw Justin struggling.



''No,I got it.''



''Let me help,Justin.'' I sighed,grabbing my suitcase and makeup training case.



''Thanks babe.''Justin smiled,wheeling his suitcase over to the cabin,I followed on behind as Justin waved off the taxi driver.



''I'm so not tired.'' 



''Okay baby,we'll get you to bed when we- wait..your not?'' Justin asked,facing me.



''Mhm..I did sleep in the car,and all this snow and ice has woken me up.'' I giggled,looking up at the beautiful cabin in front of me.



I looked at the individual markings on the beautiful wooden cabin,the pure white snow covering the roof making the cabin look like a gingerbread house.



''This is beautiful...did you rent it?'' I asked,slightly out of breath from the concentration and energy the walk up the slippery hill took from me.



''It's my family's holiday home...we used to live here,I mean...before we moved to Atlanta..then..well I guess it's never used,my mom's always working so she never takes us down here anymore,and well...I don't know where my dad is...but I do know he's recently found out he's got married....I found out on facebook.'' Justin sniffed,facing away from me to open the door.



''Justin,I'm sorry.'' I whispered,touching his shoulder as we walked into the wooden interior house.



''You're's over with..I guess he just doesn't love me.'' Justin whispered,walking over to the light switch and turning it on.



''Justin...of course he loves you,maybe he just didn't think you could make it out here,with you know...your mom and D-Derek.'' I replied,pulling him into a hug.



''I'm sorry for being's just-''



''Real men cry Justin,I'll be your shoulder to cry on.'' I whispered,reaching up and kissing his cheek.



''Thank you baby,I love you.'' Justin smiled,reaching down and kissing my forehead.



''I love you too buddy.'' I smiled,picking my suitcase back up and wheeling it into the living area.



''I'm sorry...the furniture's a bit outdated...maybe we could give this place a makeover one day.'' Justin shrugged,walking in behind me and throwing his bag on the fluffy white rug.



How long is he planning on staying?



''Babe? how long are we planning on staying here?'' I asked,fiddling with my fingers as I sat on the edge of the couch.



''Well...let's just talk about we find some old movies from the cupboard and put it in the TV...then if we fall asleep we fall asleep.'' Justin replied,walking over to me.



''Okay...promise you'll tell me everything later though..okay?'' I asked,getting up and unzipping my makeup training case.



''Okay babe,I promise.'' Justin smiled,falling back onto the couch and looking over at me.



''I'm going to take a warm me up a bit,I'm freezing.'' I chuckled,grabbing my shower things and walking out of the room. ''Where's the spare room?'' I asked.



''Wait...spare room? don't you mean the room we're sharing?'' 



''I-I just thought maybe you would want your own space.'' I called back.



''How about no...I'm sleeping in the same bed with you,baby.'' Justin chuckled,walking in the room and wrapping his arms around my waist.



''Okay.'' I replied.



''Wanna shower together?'' Justin whispered into my ear as I began to walk us into the bathroom as Justin was still clung onto my waist.



''No funny business..I'm tired.'' 



''I can't promise anything babe.'' Justin chuckled.



I rolled my eyes and opened the door to the bathroom suit,the walls were all wooden and as the floors,there was a jet shower and a Jacuzzi type bath in the corner.



''I thought you said this place was out dated? this is so nice.'' I gushed,pulling Justin's arms off me and walking over to the shower.



''Mmm..well let's just say the furniture isn't really my style.'' Justin chuckled,joining me as I gawped at the shower.



''There's so many's like a spaceship.''



Justin burst out laughing. ''You're so cute.'' He chuckled,kissing my forehead before walking back out of the room.



''Do I press this? wait-AHHH.'' I screamed,jumping away from the shower as a spider appeared from behind one of the jets.



''NOPE NOPE NOPE.'' I screamed,backing away from the shower. ''JUSTYYY,GET THE SPIDER.'' I screamed,making sure I didn't take my eyes off the disgusting creature in the corner.



''What's up?'' Justin laughed,walking into the room to see me breathing heavily clutching the wall.



''S-Spider..get it out.'' I murmured,hardly capable to speak as my fear of spiders kicked in.



''Okay.'' Justin laughed,walking forwards and grabbing the spider in his hands,he smirked and began walking towards me,I screeched and ran to the left,dodging him and climbing into the huge shower before locking the door.



''Mr spidey want's to say hello.'' Justin murmured creepily.



''Get that thing the FUCK away from me.'' I hissed,emphasising the 'Fuck' to let him know I mean business.



''Hmm.'' Justin smirked,opening the shower door with his foot and walking in.



I let out a shriek and jumped back,accidentally pushing one of the buttons which activated the jets.



I screamed as the warm water hit me from all directions,Justin gawped at me and stepped back out,dodging the water before standing there staring at me.



I decided to try and find the off button and with luck it was the first button I pressed.



I turned around to see Justin bright red,I frowned until he let out a howl of laughter. ''Oh my god!'' He chuckled,trying to not open his arms as he continued to uncontrollably laugh.



I huffed and climbed out the shower,the cold air instantly hit my body as it mixed with my soaking clothed.



I growled and stormed out the room and towards the bedroom.



''I'm so sorry!'' Justin laughed following me out.



''Fuck off.'' 



''Babee,you gotta admit it's funny.'' 



''Yeah,but it won't be funny when I catch pneumonia from how cold this fucking house is.'' I hissed,going over to the cupboard to try and find a warm dry towel.



''If it makes you feel better I'll go in the shower with my clothes on.'' 



'' brought me these clothes,there new and nice..they're ruined now..especially the UGGS...ughh.'' I screamed,grabbing a towel and drying off my dripping wet hair with it.



''It's fine...if we put them somewhere to dry..they'll be fine by tomorrow,promise babe.'' Justin replied,walking over to me and taking my hand.



''Where are we going?'' 



''To shower,grab some towels.'' Justin replied,walking into the bathroom once he let my hand go.



I rolled my eyes and grabbed 2 new warm fresh towels where I got the other one before and walked into the bathroom to see the shower steaming hot.



''Okay..this is going to be relaxing..I'll wash you if you wan't for punishment at laughing at you.'' Justin replied,unzipping his jacket and throwing it on the floor.



'' helping your naked girlfriend is a punishment now then? guess were not finishing off what we started in the plane toilets then.'' I smirked,turning my back towards him and taking off my soaking jacket.



''Babe,I didn't mean it like that...your body is perfect...please can we finish off what we started later?'' Justin whined.



''Hmm..I'll think about it.'' I chuckled,taking off my tank top and UGGS.



I heard Justin huff before a belt clunk was heard,I bit my lip and smirked as I came up with an evil plan.



''You know...we've never....actually,nevermind.'' I sighed,smirking.



''What? we never what?'' Justin shot,eager to hear what I was going to say.



''Don't worry.'' I laughed,taking off my sweatpants and socks.



I laughed at Justin's expression when I turned around and walked into the shower still in my underwear.



'' it's now an underwear shower.'' 



''Well I'm not going to take them off in front of you,I don't want Jerry to say hello.'' I laughed.



''Well I let me see that perfect little ass of yours.'' Justin smirked,walking into the shower completely naked.









''Wash me peasant.'' I smirked,turning around so Justin could wash me.



''Sure..but your underwear has to come off for me to cleanse all of your skin.'' Justin chuckled,obviously smirking.



''You're so horny.'' I scolded,taking off my bra and g-string.



''I'm a 17 year old with a hot as fuck girlfriend...who wouldn't be horny if they were me?'' Justin  scoffed.



''Shut up.'' 



''Justin.'' I scolded,when Justin placed his hands on my boobs and began to massage them. ''You forgot the body wash.'' 



''Oops..I forgot.'' Justin replied sarcastically.



''Yeah yeah..little perv.'' I hissed.



''Huh? me a perv?neveeer.'' He chuckled sarcastically.



''Oh my god,just shut up and wash me,this water's not warm enough.''



''I'll make you warmer baby.'' Justin purred into my ear.



''Are you kidding? wow...I have a complete horndog for a boyfriend.''



''Horndog and proud baby,horndog and proud.'' Justin grinned,turning me around and giving me a hug.



''The only reason you're hugging me is because my boobs..right?'' 






I pulled away and smirked at him. ''Want it,can't have it.''



''Babe,I own them.'' Justin scoffed,reaching out and giving my breast a squeeze.



''Babe,I own them.'' I replied,pointing to myself.






''Well,considering they're on my chest..then they're mine.'' I laughed.



''I wan't boobs.'' Justin whined.






''So I can do this.'' Justin smirked,before reaching over and rubbing his hands all over them.



''Stop,you're not making me horny.'' I laughed.



''I's because you already are.'' Justin replied smugly.



''How do you know?'' 



''Stiff nips.'' Justin smirked,leaning over and kissing my neck once.



''Dudeee.'' I whined,pushing him away from me. ''Stop being so horny,go wash yourself or something.'' I laughed,pushing him into the far corner of the shower.



''Oo' playing rough,I like it.'' He smirked,biting his lip as I pushed his abs.''Since I washed you,you have to wash me.'' Justin grinned,grabbing my hand and bringing me closer as I tried to shuffle away.






''Why? I'm always helpful to you.'' Justin pouted.



''I know,and I appreciate it.'' 



''Well I'd definitely appreciate this.'' Justin smirked.



I couldn't help at gawp at his abs as water trickled down them,making him look like a model.



''You know baby,I see you drooling over my abs,wanna touch them?'' Justin asked,biting his lip slightly.



I hesitantly reached forwards and ran my hands up and down over his abs,feeling each individual pack. ''Woah.'' I whispered,glancing up at him.



''You dick has a 2 pack...wanna touch them aswel?'' Justin smirked,grabbing my hands and putting them over his dick.



I didn't even know he had a boner,oh god.



''Justin,you're so dirty.'' I scolded.



''All for you babe.'' Justin chuckled,pushing my hands over to the end of his dick then bringing him back down again. ''How about you get down on your knees and kiss it goodnight?'' 



''It's morning,idiot.'' I giggled,blush creeping up on my cheeks.



''Well give it a good morning kiss.'' Justin chuckled,pulling me closer to whisper in my ear as he ran his hand over the bottom of my back. ''I promise I'll return the favour.'' He whispered seductively.



I shakily nodded my head,un sure on how he has this power over me.



''I'm waiting baby.'' Justin smirked.



I laughed nervously and got down onto my knees,I grabbed his dick and began to pump it as I looked up at him. ''How much do you want me to do this?'' 



''Allot.'' Justin whispered as I began to pump faster.



''Precise,Justin...I want precisely how much you want me to do this.'' I smirked looking up at him.



''Uh...f-fuck.'' Justin groaned,as I began to get faster. ''100? 200?'' Justin asked,trying not to moan.



I smirked satisfied with his answer and leaned forwards,I kissed the tip before I took it in my mouth and began to swirl my tongue around the top,making Justin shake from my movements. ''Fuckkkk.'' Justin hissed,grabbing a fistful of my hair in his hands as his waist moved back and fourth. ''Babe you're so good at this.'' Justin whispered,rolling his head back in pleasure.



I took his dick out my mouth and smirked up at him. ''I know.'' I laughed before I got up from off my knees and began to kiss his neck as I continued to pump his dick with my other hand. ''Moan my name.'' I whispered into his ear before I bit his earlobe.



''F-Fuck baby,faster.'' Justin moaned,breathing on my neck.



''Hmm..I'm getting cold,I'm out.'' I smirked,letting go off Justin and pretending to get out the shower.



Justin grabbed my hand and pulled me back.''You know that's not nice,I'm not even done.'' Justin pouted.



I laughed and kissed his cheek before I leaned up by his ear. ''Too bad,you chased me with a spider.'' I whispered before I got out the shower and wrapped the nearest towel around me.



''Towieee'' Justin whined,shutting off the water and climbing out the shower after me.



''Justtiiin.'' I joked,walking into the bedroom.''Hey,please can you get me my suitcase,I want to change.'' I replied.



''Nah...I prefer you naked.'' 



''I prefer the non-jackass side of you.'' I hissed,walking out the room and into the living area.



I grabbed my suitcase and wheeled it into the room,Justin was pulling up some sweatpants as I walked in,he smirked and walked over to me.



''High five!'' Justin shouted.



I rolled my eyes and shook my head quickly. ''I'm not stupid,If I put my arms up my towel will drop.'' I spat,grabbing one of Justin's shirt's which accidently mixed into my suitcase.I grabbed some plaid black and red pj bottoms and hooked them over my arms before walking back into the bathroom.



''Smartass.'' I heard Justin chuckle.



''I'm not stupid Justin.'' 



''Whatever babe.'' 



I slipped on Justin's oversized shirt and pulled on my pj bottoms after putting on my underwear.


I walked out the bathroom and grabbed my plain grey zip up hoodie and placed it over my shivering body,I dried my hair with the hairdryer then placed it into a loose messy bun on the top of my head,I yawned and walked out to see Justin setting up a feast of food on the small wooden coffee table infront of me. I smiled at his cuteness and sat down on the nearest couch.



''Hey! that's my chair!'' Justin whined,once he noticed me sat there watching him.



''Fine.'' I sighed,getting up and sitting on the other couch that was nearer to the TV.



''Sit on my lap.'' Justin said,tapping his lap once he sat down.



I rolled my eyes and got up before sitting on his lap,I didn't want to upset him this early in the morning.



''You smell like me.'' Justin murmured,nussling his head into the crook of my neck as I leaned back on him.



''Your shirt has your cologne still on it.'' I giggled,turning around and kissing his cheek.



''You smell sexy.'' Justin whispered,kissing my jawbone.



''Well thanks.'' I laughed,grabbing the blanket that was on the back of the couch and rapping it around me.



''No problem baby,hey...wanna watch something from Netflix?'' Justin asked,picking up the remote for the tv and flicking through the movies on Netflix.



''Sure...what about...uhm...wait- no! go back....yeah! that-no! go forwards you wen't past it!'' I giggled,pointing to the TV like a child.



Justin chuckled and clicked on the movie called 'The nightmare before christmas.' ''This used to be one of my favourite films as a child.'' Justin nodded approvingly.



''It's one of my favourite christmas films...but one of my all time favourites is and the know that.'' I laughed.


''Of course I do.'' Justin smiled,pulling me into his chest and placing a small kiss on my temple.






''We've been together just under 10 months now..nearly a year,baby.'' Justin smiled,looking into my eyes.



''I know,it's gone so fast.''



''It sure has...but it's been the best year of my life.'' Justin grinned,kissing every part of my face but savouring my lips for last.


''Cheeseball.'' I muttered.



''I'm a cute cheeseball though,I'm not too cheesy am I ?'' Justin asked,glancing over at me.



''No,you're fine.'' I laughed.



''Good...because I don't want you leaving me ever again.'' Justin smiled.






Justin grinned biting his lip slightly as he turned to look at the TV again.



'' know you wen't to the Apple store earlier when we left the airport? what did you get?'' I asked,trying to grab Justin's attention again.



''Oh..well..I was going to give it to you later...but I got you a surprise...let me just get it,be right back.'' Justin muttered,leaning forwards and kissing my cheek before slowly getting up without hurting me.



''Okay.'' I smiled,watching him walk out the room and around the corner.



I yawned and fell back onto the couch,letting my head hit the space where Justin was just sat,I wrapped the blanket tighter around my body and closed my eyes as the heat from the fireplace swirled around me.



''How can you be tired? you slept half of the flight here,and 1 hour in the car.'' Justin chuckled,bringing the same little apple bag he had earlier into the room with him.



I rolled my eyes and sat up so Justin could sit down again,he sat down and pulled me back onto his lap before lacing my hands with his. ''I'm truely sorry for breaking your phone...I was being a horny jackass and didn't think of the consiquences...I brought you the new iPhone 4s and I hope you forgive me,I love you baby.'' Justin smiled,handing over the bag to me.



I gasped. ''Justin! no...I was kidding about the phone honestly didn't have to buy me a new one...I thought you were just getting the new iPhone for yourself,why did you spend that much money on me?'' I whined,hitting his shoulder playfully.



''Because I love you and you deserve a little gift from me for what i've put you through these past couple of weeks.'' Justin admitted sadly,looking down.



I sighed and grabbed his face with my hands,I kissed his forehead before bringing him into my chest. ''You didn't have to do this...but thank you so much...I love you.'' I whispered into his hair,before placing a kiss on his head.



Justin smiled and pulled away before staring at the box with a small smirk placed on his lips. ''I'm guessing you want me to open this I will.'' I laughed,opening the bag and pulling out the box for the iPhone.



''This ones special.'' Justin added,watching me take off the plastic sheet which kept the box in tact.



I pulled off the lid of the box to see a pristine white iPhone 4s staring back at me,I grinned so hard that my cheeks began to hurt. ''Thank you.'' I whispered again,not taking my eyes off the phone.



''Look on the back.'' Justin replied,looking over my shoulder as I shuffled on his lap slightly.



I shrugged off what he said thinking maybe there was a case on it or something,but I thought wrong...ingraved in small letters was 'I love you 5..and 6,7,and 8 and theres nothing about you that I hate.' I giggled at the cuteness and swung my arms around Justin's neck,pulling him into a warm hug.



''I love you 5 Justin.'' I whispered,before kissing his cheek. ''You're the best boyfriend ever,I'm so glad to have you,oh my gosh.'' I gushed,running my hand over the clean glass on the back of the phone.



''And you're the best girlfriend ever,and I don't deserve someone as perfect as you.'' Justin smiled.



''Yes I do..I'm not perfect,and too bad...because I only deserve you.'' I smirked,rubbing my knuckle on his head.



''Babe!'' Justin whined,grabbing my arm and anchoring me back into his chest. ''That hurt.'' 



''Big baby.'' I murmured,pressing the shutter button on my new iPhone.



''Whatever..I've already set some things up for you...most of your old stuff is on your twitter and Instagram and's just your contacts you need to backup from your macbook.'' Justin replied,picking up the wrappers and packaging and putting them on the table in front of me.



''Once again,I can't thank you enough.'' I replied,watching Justin as he grabbed a handful of peanuts in his hand.



''It's okay,anything for my girl.'' Justin smiled,throwing 3 peanuts up into the air and catching them in his mouth.



''Hey...let me try.'' I giggled.



Justin chuckled and handed me a couple of peanuts from his hands,I grabbed them and threw them into the air.



One landed straight in my eye,I closed it shut straight away and groaned. ''Ouch.'' 



Justin started chuckling as I rubbed my eye.



''It's not funny.'' I scolded,hitting his chest.



''Okay...I'm sorry,what do you wanna do now?'' Justin asked,resting his chest on my back and wrapping his arms around my waist.



''I have no idea...wanna play 20 questions?'' I asked,facing him as the credits of the movie rolled in.



'' start.'' 



''Okay...urm...what's the best memory you have?'' I asked,swivelling on his lap so I faced him.



''Meeting you silly...and when we had our first kiss...I still get goosebumps thinking about that...that was like seriously the happiest moment of my life...I knew then that my life was worth it and I had something to live for.'' Justin whispered,gently rubbing my arm with his thumb.



'''re ask me.'' 



''Okay...urm...what's your favourite thing about me?'' Justin asked.



''Well besides your perfection,your eyes...there so pretty with the starburst effect...and they just make me feel so happy when I look into them.'' I blushed,looking away.






'' what's your favourite thing about me?'' 



''besides that YOUR utter perfection,I'd have to say that you have the sweetest personality and the kindest heart ever...I mean,i've made so many mistakes and every time you've given me a chance...and you see through didn't just see me as the nerdy dude at school no body liked,you saw me as Justin...and I love that.'' Justin smiled,kissing my cheek. ''And I love your cheeks,there so kissable...and your smile,it just lights up my life...and your eyes remind me of honey,just like your personality...sweet.'' Justin chuckled. ''I could go on forever but I'm sure you'd get tired of me talking.'' Justin finished,brushing a strand of hair out my face. ''Okay...erm,you told me..your mom went on a vacation when we first started said she'd be a month but she hasn't returned,I'm sorry if this isn't your business,but do you know where she is?'' 



''To be,I need to call her actually...maybe in a couple of days...when we've settled down and stuff.'' I paused. '',how long are we staying here?'' 



''I'm not sure,maybe weeks? months?'' 






''Hey! it's my question.'' 



'' said you'd tell me.'' 



''Okay fine...this might scare you.'' Justin sighed,grabbing both my hands and entwining his fingers with mine. ''But you got to promise me I did this for you,us.'' 



''O-Okay.'' I swallowed the lump in my throat,becoming slightly nervous.



'' know I took care of Derek..and what you said in the car yesterday...about the blood on my shoes,and the corpse in the forest...well-'' 



''You didn't...I was I-I.''I gasped,chocking on my words.



''I'm sorry baby,I wasn't meant to take it too far,but I just kept hitting him,everything which he's done to me since I was young imprinted into my head and I couldn't get them out,all my anger was put into hitting him...and well...'' Justin sniffed,looking down. ''Please don't be mad at me,I hate it when you get mad...and right now I need you the most...bad people might be after me...and when I mean bad,I mean the cops...they could of easily tracked his family down,and once they found us...I wouldn't be able to keep quiet,I would say something and I would be thrown into jail...and I couldn't do that to you...I did what was best and I really need you to understand that I didn't mean to hurt you..I just wanted him away from us so we can try and live some what happy without him messing things up all the time,I love you so much and I did this for us.'' Justin sobbed,tears pouring down his cheeks.



''Justin,you know what you did was wrong...and I-''



''You're breaking up with me aren't you...I knew it.'' Justin sobbed,ripping his arms out of mine and wiping his tears away. ''I-I understand..but just know I did this for u-''



''Justin,baby..I'm not breaking up with never do that,only if there was a reason may think this was a reason but you did this to protect me..and I'm thankful,maybe you could of handed it in a better way..but this is the past now,and we really need to forget about it,I know your upset and I'll try and comfort you...but I'm scared too Justin,so we can comfort each other...we need to stick together and stay safe...because I wouldn't be able to cope if you went to jail...I hope to god that they don't find you...and I will do anything to keep you with me,you're not going to hear me?'' I asked,trying to stay brave as Justin was in some sort of state right now.



''You don't understand how grateful I am to have such a strong and amazing girlfriend..words can't describe how lucky I am to have you...and to even think you're sticking with me through all this bullshit is hard to believe...your a keeper Tori Brooks,I promise you you are.'' Justin sniffed,looking at me with all the love he had in his body. ''I just love you so fucking much it hurts me.'' Justin sobbed,reaching up and wiping a tear that must of escaped my eye during the little speech I carried out. 



''I love you too,so much.'' I sniffed,wrapping my arms around his neck as he curled his around my waist.



 I couldn't bare the thought of not having Justin by my side everyday...I would be alone,no one understands me like he does...he's my best friend and so much more,he protects me,cares for me and loves me,and that's all I ask...I honestly think Justin was made for me.






As the two teenagers sat tangled together in the blanket as they watched the roar of the sparks flying off the fire,they couldn't help but think of the consequences of moving to will they get around? what education would they take? would they attend school or keep away just incase they find out any information about who Derek's killer was? would they ever return to Atlanta..and most importantly...will they be by each others side every step of the way?




Or will things start to crumble between the two and find cracks that can never be fixed in a relationship?



Song of the chapter: Mirror - Lil wayne ft Bruno Mars.



(I will only include songs in some chapters as I might forget or not think of a song that suits the chapter)





Im sorry for such a long update,but this took me a couple of days to write as I had homework that had to be handed the day after I got it which took up most of my time,and by the time I finished I had time for dinner and maybe a paragraph on this story..but I hope you like it,I know it's not really thought out properly,but as I used to do nobody's POV'S in I trusted you bieber,I thought I'd bring them back as things start to get a bit more spicy in this story..


again sorry for the sexual part of this chapter...someone messaged me on twitter and told me to do a bit of dirty,so I did...that's exactly what I did:D (that's what Justin says in one of his instavids..the one where he falls down the stairs and talks about his scratch;)) so yeah...erm,sorry for the long wait,tell me what book I should update next..maybe mistletoe? I've started on it but that was a couple of weeks ago and I'm not sure on where to go from there,but I could try? or would you like forever and a day?



ooo and also I have a blank book (no chapters) in my drafts...its' called kiss and tell and its about a teacher,and Justin..but that's all I'm saying for now,I will upload it maybe once I've finished a story so I have enough time to actually upload on it as I have great ideas for that book...I also know what's going to happen in forever and a day..and let me tell you,you won't expect it;) and in mistletoe I have some sort of idea,..but this one I have a plan drafted on my notes,I know exactly what's going to happen in this book,as it's probs my prize possession+I trusted you bieber,,as they have the most views and feedback...but yeah,and this book is ending half way probs,but a lots happening in the next 20 chapters? I'm not sure how long it's going to be...but yeah,sorry for this fatty paragraph but I just wanted to clear a few things up..


So you all know that it was Chazzy's birthday yesterday,I forgot to mumble about it but I did tweet,instagram a pic of him and Justin and write on his insta wall...I love chaz regardless if he hates beliebers,because I know how fustrating it must me for your bestfriend to be famous,especially when some of them obsess over you because of Justin,I feel sorry for Chaz and Ry,but I guess Justin's choice is his and he decided to take the career he wanted,and I'm so grateful he did,I probably wouldn't be here now without Justin's love..okay...if you want to tweet me,or dm me..I'm always on twitter guys:D then here's my twittah: @13iebur


I keep changing my name but I promise this one will stay (probs lol)
















Stay beautiful my little shawty's<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3







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