The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


23. You Want Me



Tori's POV:


I stirred in the bed,before slowly opening my eyes,I smiled and looked to the side to see an empty bed.



''Justin?'' I called out quietly.



''In here,babe!'' Justin answered sweetly.



I frowned and climbed out of bed,pulling down my thigh length shirt Justin lent me,from riding 

up my ass.I walked out of the bedroom and followed the smell of cookies,I entered the kitchen to see Justin by the oven with a tray of freshly baked cookies


''Hey Justin!'' I chirped,sitting at the bar stool.


''Hey beautiful,don't come over here okay?'' 


''Uh,why?'' I asked getting up from my chair slowly.


''Uh-um,I d-don't want you getting burnt,stay back there untill I'm done please.'' Justin mumbled back shielding the cookies with his back.


''I'm not that stupid to burn myself Justin,I do have a brain.'' 



''I know,but please don't come over here,okay?'' Justin pouted as he turned around to face me.




''When am I aloud to see them?'' I asked stepping forward slightly,a small grin showing at the side of my face.




''I'm not sure,maybe later.'' Justin shrugged,raising his eyebrow slightly.





I smirked and lunged forward,eager to see what Justin was hiding,but before I could see,Justin grabbed my waist and picked me up and walked me out of the kitchen and into the bedroom,placing me down on the bed before he got on top,straddeling me, and started to tickle my sides.




''You just don't listen do you?'' Justin smirked,tickling me faster.




''I-I'm sorry,I'LL stop,OUCH,JUSTIN! NO! ow ow ow,Justin! I'm sorry!'' I squealed,squirming around beneath him.




''Promise me you won't do that again?'' Justin smiled down at me.




''Promise.'' I smiled,biting my lip looking up at him.




''Oh,and happy 2nd month anniversary,beautiful.'' Justin smiled,leaning down and pecking me on the forehead.



''You too'' I smiled back. ''I'm hungry.'' I whined.




''Stay here,I'll be back in a second.'' Justin rushed,standing up from the bed and holding out his finger to my face,I bit it lightly and Justin looked back laughing before he disappeared.







I immediately opened my eyes as I felt a weight on my hips,I looked up to see Justin sat on my hips,with a cookie in his hands that messily spelt out 'Happy 2nd month,babe' and another one spelling out 'I love you,forever' in purple,with a small white heart next to it,I giggled as Justin put half the cookie in my mouth,before he reached down and bit the other end,we both ate our parts of the cookie and met at the middle,our lips touched and I instantly felt butterflys in the pit of my stomach,I pulled away and shut my eyes,chewing on the last piece of cookie in my mouth,I felt a pair of lips press to my forehead and I opened my eyes,to see Justin's forehead against mine,Justin looked into my eyes as I studied his aswel.



''I love you so much Tee.'' Justin whispered.



''I love you so much too,Jay.'' I whispered back.



Justin smiled and kissed me lightly on the lips,before he sat up and pulled me up,Justin wrapped his arms around my waist immediately making me feel safe and warm,I wrapped my arms around his neck as Justin swayed us from side to side,He pulled back and smiled at me.





''We have a day to do whatever we wan't,but....tonight,were going somewhere special...okay baby?'' Justin asked.



I nodded and smiled,Justin chuckled and pulled me up off the bed after him,I let go of his hand and walked into the bathroom.




''I'm going to get ready...I'll be half an hour okay?'' I called turning on the shower.




''Okay beautiful,I'll be waiting downstairs.'' 




I smiled to myself as I stripped down and got in the shower,I washed my long brunette hair and body enjoying the heat of the shower,I climbed out the shower and wrapped a towel around by body,I unlocked the bathroom door and walked out,startled to see Justin leaning on the door frame,I slipped slightly but held onto the dresser next to me,Justin smirked and walked closer to me.




''I thought you went downstairs...why are you up here?you scared me!'' I yelled,smacking Justin's shoulder lightly.




''Couldn't pass up the chance to maybe see you naked if you didn't notice me...but I guess I failed at that.'' Justin chuckled.




*I rolled my eyes and grabbed my bra and thong before walking back into the bathroom,locking the door*








''Shut up,it's the first thing I saw.'' 




''I'm not complaining...but I tell you now..I might not be able to control myself around you.'' I heard Justin snicker.








''I can't help it,having a girlfriend like doesn't really help the matter,plus I'm a teenage boy..I have my moments.'' 




''But it seems your moments are all the time.'' I muttered.





''I heard that! and I would be careful if I were have to walk out here in your bra and thong,I could easily un clip that bra.'' Justin chuckled.




''If you dare...I will literally kill you,I wouldn't speak to you or anything.'' 




''For a chance to see those puppies,maybe I'll take that offer.'' Justin muttered.




''To think I was actually thinking about taking it further with you tonight...stupid me.'' I smirked.





''WOAH WOAH WOAH! I TAKE IT BACK,I WAS JOKING...I love you.'' Justin quietly spoke the last couple of words.




''You're so horny it's not even fucking funny.'' I giggled walking out the bathroom.




*I had a towel draped over the front half of my body,but the back was gaping open,I sprinted over to my closet and grabbed some clothes*




''Dat ass.'' I heard Justin mutter.




*I turned around to see Justin leant against the wall biting his lip,I turned around to face him so he couldn't see my thong,Justin sighed,dropping his arms to his sides*




''Party pooper.'' 




''There was no party,creep.'' 




''There could of been one in your pants.'' Justin smirked walking closer to me.





''Sometimes I doubt why I even date you,you're disgusting and disrespectful.'' I muttered pushing past Justin and walking into the spare room bathroom.





''Hey,I'm only kidding..It's funny messing with you.'' 





''Well stop,because It's disgusting...sometimes I miss the old Justin,the shy boy who never used to speak,and when he did,he used to stutter,and flinch at my touch.




''You changed me,remember?'' 




''Yeah,and now I think about it,I regret're so stuck up now,disrespectful and cocky.'' 




*I walked into the bathroom and locked the door again,I changed into my outfit*




Tori's outfit:



*I walked out instantly getting jumped on by Justin,he kissed my forehead repetitively as I ignored him,walking out the room*




''Tori,please...I'm sorry,and I don't want to have arguments's about us,okay? forgive me?'' 




''We weren't in an argument's just disgusting how you treat me sometimes,so...yeah,I forgive you,just try to be more mature,and when you talk about my body,don't say that disgusting shit in front of me,it makes girls feel uncomfortable and self concious.'' I muttered.



''I got it,sorry.'' Justin pouted,pulling me into a hug.



*I smiled and hugged him back before pulling away*




''It's okay,let's just forget about it and have a good day,okay?'' 




''You got it shawty.'' Justin chuckled.



*I rolled my eyes just as Justin swept me off my feet and carried me down the stairs,I shrieked*




''Don't drop me down the stairs!'' I screeched.




''Don't worry,I got you.'' Justin muttered,fixing his attention on the stairs.




*I laughed and grabbed onto Justin's neck as he descended the stairs*








part 1 is up,i was really busy after school today guys...I'm sorry:(










*just warning you now,I don't know how to write that I don't know weather to be really dirty or not get into detail...comment what you think*



cheers guys.



Stay beautiful<3





Peace,love and rubber gloves<3





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