The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


5. Words will always hurt me

 i woke up to the amazing aroma of someone cooking,i sat up in bed and rolled my eyes.It smelled like bacon and eggs.




was justin cooking for me? awwhh...that's so sweet!



*i got out of bed and pulled out my messy bun,letting my wavy hair land lightly over my shoulders and down to my hips,i made my way downstairs to the kitchen*



''G-Good morning T-tori'' justin smiled.



''Hey justin'' i smiled back and sat down on the counter stool. ''what smells so good?''.



''I-I w-wanted t-t-o make you b-breakfast'' justin said sliding a plate full of Eggs,Waffles bacon and chopped fruit infront of me.




i suddenly felt bad,it seems like one of those movies where the 'nerd' falls for the 'pretty' girl,and does everything for her because she has that effect on him.



But i have to admit,this was really nice of him and i was grateful to have such an amazing boyfri- friend like justin.Derek has never done anything as close to this for me.



''Thankyou so much justin'' i smiled wide.


He nodded, ''D-Do you want s-something to drink?'' 



''no thankyou,just make sure you eat something'' i smiled again before taking a bite of my waffle.


''H-How is it?'' 



''It's perfect.You're actually a really good cook'' i took another bite. ''are you going to eat?''



''U-Uh. I o-only made some f-for y-you..''



''then come share,and give me my morning hug'' i smirked,he chuckled and made his way over to me.Wrapping my arms around him, i gave him a warm hug. ''Thankyou,Justin,for everything''


He hugged me back,gently running his hands up and down my back, ''A-Anything for y-you''.






''Your look great'' Justin whispered in my ear,sending shivers down my spine.






Great. Now i'm the one stuttering...He has such an effect on me.



''C-come on.'' i nervously giggled,grabbing his hand and pulling him over to the shoe rack. ''Oh,i love these.'' I said,grabbing a pair of red heels.


''T-There nice'' justin suddenly spoke up.



''Yeah,I've just got to find a matching skirt.'' 



Justin followed me over to the skirts rack. ''Now this is perfect.'' i smiled,picking up a black,red and white skirt with triangle shapes on it (it looks better then it sounds). ''what do you think Justin?'' 



''I think y-you'll look great in anything.'' He turned pink and I giggled.


''Thanks Cutie'' i smiled.


''D-Do you like this''  He asked,holding up a bustier. ''I t-thing y-you have the body f-for it.'' 



I tried to hold in my squeal as I spoke. ''You really t-think so?''



''Yeah,I r-really like it.'' 



''Okay,I'll get it and only wear it around you.'' i winked. Justin smiled cutely and looked down at his shoes,suddenly finding interest in them.



After paying for my items,Justin and I made out way outside. I rolled my eyes as the two people i hate the most came into view.



Derek and Taylor.



''Look who it is.'' Derek smirked. ''fag boy and my old leftovers.''



I sighed, ''Look,you can call me whatever you want,but don;t fucking talk about Justin like that!'' i snapped.



''I-It's fine T-Tori....let's just g-go.'' justin spoke up.



Taylor stood silent,she couldn't even make eye contact with me.



''Fine,come on Justin'' i laced my hand with his,ready to walk away.



''Woah,your dating him now?'' Derek exclaimed.



''Fuck you Derek. It's none of your business and like i said before,he's more of a man then you'll ever be.'' I hissed.


I wasn't in the mood for this,nor Taylor's bullshit.


''He's a worthless ugly faggot,who should just do the world a favour and kill himself while he has the chance''.



''No.'' i hissed,letting go of Justin's hand and taking a step closer to Derek. ''He's caring,loving,sweet and his personality is fucking amazing,so before you start speaking out your ass again.i suggest you think'' i raised my fist,throwing it towards Derek as it hit his face. ''Douchebag.'' 





Justin drove me home,it was silent. He was obviously hurt from what Derek said about him,who Wouldn't be?



I saw tears in his eyes that threatened to fall,all i wanted to do was cry with him. Justin is nothing but nice to people, but he gets treated like this,all because he's a 'nerd?'


I think its Disgusting. 



Popularity Didn't mess with my head and i was thankful for that,and luckily, I could still see the kindness within me.



''I-I think I s-should g-get home'' justin mumbled as he pulled up in my driveway.




I bit my lip and nodded. Before i got out,i leaned over and gently pecked his cheek. ''See you later,justin''. i gently closed the door and watched him drive off.



''Stay stronger fighter,everything will get better'' i mumbled under my breath ad i walked up to my porch.




Justins POV:



After taking Tori  home,i ran up to my room.



Everything Derek said was true. I am a worthless fag,i can never do anything right.



Whenever im around Tori she makes me feel better and i wish she kew how i felt about her,maybe then i'd feel better about myself.



But that's why things like this are called dreams,because dreams are just dreams,They'll never become true.



I sat on my bed,my head in my hands.



I don't know what to do anymore,i think its time...




Tori's POV:



i threw my bags on my bedroom floor,not even caring if i made a huge mess and laid on my bed.




Someone knocked on my door.



''What?'' i sniffed, i didn't even realise i was crying.



''Honey,it's me..can we talk?'' My mom's voice asked.




''Come in.'' 




''Tell me what's wrong,sweetheart.'' she said as she sat next to me,her hand on my shoulder comforting me.




''well justin and i went to the mall'' i began ''everything was great,until we ran into Derek and Taylor,Derek started calling Justin a fag and worthless,i know it wasn't to me but it hurt me too and it most definitely hurt him,Justin means a lot to me,and i think I-'' i paused..''I think i love him mom''.




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