The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


15. Whipped Cream


Tori's POV:



It's been 3 weeks since I heard Justin's songs...and I've been telling him to make a Youtube account to post them...but obviously,he's not ready for that yet.



*I grabbed my phone and walked downstairs to see Justin on the couch watching Animal Planet*




''Some thing's never change'' I giggled wrapping my arms around his neck as I leaned over the couch




*I felt Justin jump under me*




''Sorry'' I laughed.




''Jesus Tori.'' Justin breathed clutching his chest.




''Jesus Justin.'' I mocked.




*Justin turned his head and kissed me full on the lips before turning back around*





''You little smartass.'' I heard Justin mutter after a moment of silence.





''You big dumbass.'' I muttered back.




*Justin turned around*




''Excuse me?'' 




''You heard.'' I winked before walking into the kitchen.




*I opened the fridge before Justin wrapped his arms around my waist*




''Take it back little girl.'' He whispered into my ear.








''Please? for me?'' Justin breathed in my ear.





''Not going to work...''





''God dammit'' 








''I'll tickle you.'' 




''Try me Bieber.'' 




*Justin began to tickle me just as I reached into the fridge and pulled out the can of whipped cream,I popped open the lid and sprayed some on Justin's nose,he immediately let go*




''Oh no you didn't.'' Justin breathed still in shock




*I grabbed his cheeks and kissed his nose,taking off some of the cream*




''Oh yes I did.'' I whispered 




*Justin reached in to grab me Just as I ran into the living room*




''Get back here you little cheater!'' Justin whined running into the living room.




''nope...bare in mind I still have the whipped cream.'' I smirked.





''You wouldn't do anything...''





''Are you testing me Bieber?''








''Fine,you asked for it...'' 




*I pulled the from behind my back and sprayed it all over Justin's face.*





''Suck it bitch.'' I laughed as Justin wiped off the cream I sprayed in his eyes.




''You shouldn't have done that Tori.'' Justin smirked moving forward




''And why's that?'' I raised my eyebrow




''Because you didn't notice there was 2 can's of whipped cream in the fridge...who's the smartass now?'' 




''Still me.'' 




*I sprayed more cream all in Justin's hair before I dived behind the couch*




''You're on Brooks.'' Justin whispered




*I giggled and stood up,before I got knocked back down onto the floor and covered in cream*





''JUSTINNNN STOP!!'' I screamed wriggling around.





''Payback babe.''




''Stop now..''  








*Justin pinned me to the floor as he sprayed more cream in my hair,I grabbed my can from the floor and sprayed him back*









*Justin collapsed on the floor beside me,still chuckling from our little whipped cream fight*




''I love you.'' 




''I love you too,Justin.'' 




''Good.'' Justin whispered as he sat up and leaned over me.




''You have a bit of cream here.'' I giggled as I smeared the dollop of cream from his nose around his face.




''You're so cheeky.'' Justin pouted wiping off the cream and licking it.




''Ewww.'' I scrunched my nose up.




''Want some?'' Justin smiled wiping off some cream from his cheek onto his finger and prodding it infront of my face.




*I licked off the cream from his finger and grabbed the whipped cream bottle again,spraying some into Justin's mouth*





''huu swayed tuu murchh'' 








''You sprayed to much.'' Justin attempted to say.




''Oh Justin.'' I giggled.




''Takhe suhm frum meh'' 



*I rolled my eyes and Kissed him,taking half of the whipped cream from his mouth*




''That's disgusting'' I giggled once I swallowed the cream.




''No it's not.'' Justin pouted.




''Whatever,I wan't my daily hug.'' I giggled.





*Justin chuckled and pulled me into his chest as we looked up at the ceiling*





''I wan't to take you out tonight,princess.'' Justin whispered after a couple of minutes of silence.




''Okay cutie.'' 




''Cutie huh?'' Justin raised his eyebrow as he looked down at me.




*I grabbed his cheek and leaned up and kissed his squished lips*








''You're the cutie,not me...boy's can't be cute!''




''Oh yes they can'' 




''No they can't.''




''Whatever,You're the first boy ever to be called cute then...'' 




''At this point I should be flattered,but I don't think I can.'' Justin chuckled.




''Fine,Sexy,Hot,Gorgeous,Beautiful,Handsome,Amazing...whatever you want.'' I giggled resting on his chest again.




''I like hot...But that's how I could describe you too'' Justin smirked.




''Smooth Bieber.'' 




''What? I'm amazing at pick up lines.'' 




''Try me.'' 




''Are you a Interior Designer? 'Cause when I saw you,the room became Beautiful.'' 




I snorted.




''Are you religious? 'Cause you're the answer toall my prayers.'' 




''Ok o-''




''If beauty were time,you'd be eternity.'' 




''Awh...that one's cute.'' 




''I made It up on the spot,Impressive right?'' Justin smiled.








''It's about you.''




''Awh Justin.''I cooed crabbing his cheeks and kissing his forhead,then nose then lips.







Were still sat on the floor,40 minutes later...




''Hey,do you wanna know what you're name means?'' Justin asked facing me.








''It's a Japanese origin,and It means bird,I guess that's right because you're a chick.'' Justin chuckled.




''How do you know this shit?'' 





''I was um...nevermind.'' Justin looked back up to the ceiling.




''Tell me'' 













''Ugh...okay,don't laugh...-













''Okay,okay I'm done,It's just...i'll laugh if you tell me not to laugh,so I had to get it out.'' 













''No problem beautiful.'' 




*I rolled my eyes*




''Tell me.'' 




''Okay okay, know I had a huuuuuuuuuuuuge crush on you,and I just...i don't day I wanted to know what your name meant because It's so so I found it out,and now it's stuck in my head.'' Justin mumbled fiddling with my hair 




'''re so cute..there's nothing to be embarrassed about...that's pretty cute...creepy,but cute..'' 




''Shut up!'' Justin whined




*I giggled and leaned up to kiss him on the nose,he moved his head up so I kissed his mouth*








''Love you too.'' Justin pouted.




*I kissed his pouting lip then ruffled his hair before standing up,Justin grabbed my hand and pulled me back down*



''Can I help you?'' 








*I frowned and sat back down,crossing my legs*




''Stay here with me...I like your company...and I wan't to cuddle more'' Justin pouted.




*I giggled and layed back down on his chest*




'U got, u got it bad
When you're on the phone
Hang up and you call right back
U got, u got it bad
If you miss a day without your friend
Your whole life's off track
You know you got it bad when you're stuck in the house
You don't wanna have fun
It's all you think about
U got it bad when you're out with someone
But you keep on thinkin' bout somebody else
U got it bad'


*Justin sang quietly,twirling a strand of my hair around his finger.*




'''re voice.'' I gasped




''It's bad I know..'' 




'''s amazing.'' 




''No it's not.'' 




''Justin,I've said it 1000000 times,and I'm going to say it NEED to post Youtube videos...people should see how amazing you can sing...your talent can't go to waste'' 




''I'm not ready..maybe later on in the year,okay?'' 




''Fine.'' I sighed.




*Justin leaned down and kissed my forehead*




''Love you baby.'' 




''Love you too.'' I smiled.














i might update tomorrow...if not then friday</3








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