The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


42. Trouble in Turbulance



''Oi,wake up..were here.''Justin whispered,shaking me lightly.



I turned my head to the side to see Justin smiling at me lightly,I merely looked at him before I stretched and looked out the front window.



We were currently in an airport parking lot,the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to be precise.



''How long was I asleep?'' I muttered,rubbing my eyes.



''3 hours.'' Justin replied,unbuckling his seatbelt and facing me.



''So it took us 4 hours to get here?'' I asked,frowning slightly.



''I had to go somewhere and I left you to sleep...but about 2-3 hours the journey was.'' Justin yawned.



*I nodded and got out the car,I shut the door and scratched my foot with my other leg as I checked my reflection in the window*




I'm looking decent for a two hour sleep...hmm.



''I'll get the bags,you go wait by the entrance.'' Justin sighed,getting out of his side and looking over the car at me.



I nodded and walked over to the front entrance where a boy my age stood.



''Hey pretty,you here on your own?'' He asked.



I carefully looked at his appearance,he had dark brown hair and greyish eyes,he was tall and skinny and wore dark clothes..hmm.



''Sorry if this is rude...but why exactly do talk to random strangers?'' I frowned,rocking on my heals as I fiddled with my fingers.



''Why..can't I talk to you?'' He asked.






''Come on Tee.'' Justin muttered,walking passed me and grabbing my wrist on the way.



*I sighed and let him drag me into the airport,we walked up the the desk and waited in the short line*



''You don't need to fucking man handle me,Justin.'' I spat,crossing my arms over my chest once he let go.



''Whatever...go sit over there,take the bags and wait for me alright? it's busy and I don't want you running off.'' Justin replied moving up in the line.



''I'm not a fucking baby,but sure..'' I sighed,taking the bags off him and dragging them on the floor over to the seats.



*I watched as Justin walked up to the desk where a young lady was perched,smiling at Justin's appearance,I rolled my eyes and looked away when he looked over at me,after a second I looked back and saw Justin looking at the flight arrival time board thingys..he smiled and began to talk to the girl again,she smiled back and leaned over the desk,biting her lip slightly,I watched as Justin smirked and took a glance at her cleavage,I scoffed and got up from my seat,shaking my head slightly as I looked around the mall to try and find the bathroom*



I can't sit here and watch them flirt? that's gross...



*I began to walk to the bathroom once I caught it in sight*



The bag's will be fine..Justin can keep an eye on them.



*I walked into the bathroom and went straight into a free cubicle,I did my business and walked out,I washed my hands under the sink with the hot water available and began to re-apply my mascara which was in my jean pocket,once I was finished I flattened my hair down with a bit of water and combed my hands through it,causing my hair to form into beautiful beach waves,I smiled satisfied with my appearance and walked back out of the bathroom,Immediately being hounded with questions as Justin rushed up to me*



''Where the fuck did you go?'' He breathed,a huge frown permanently on his face.



I turned around and sarcastically pointed to the sign that read bathroom above me. ''Uh...the bathroom.'' I spat,still annoyed by the way he treated me earlier.



''You could've been abducted,for fuck sake Tori!'' Justin yelled,throwing his arms out to the side.



''Well I didn't,so shut up.'' 



''No,one minute your sat over on the chairs,and when I get the tickets and come back to you you're not there! it's not fucking funny.'' Justin spat.



''I never said it was.'' I barked back.



''Listen,just-just go sit down and shut up,the plane arrives in 45 minutes.'' Justin sighed,grabbing my wrist and pulling me over to the chairs.



''Let go of me,I'm not a fucking dog!'' I hissed,snatching my hand away.



''Shut up,you're causing a scene.'' Justin hissed.



I rolled my eyes and pushed him out of my way before I sat down on the chairs,Justin pulled the bags back over and sat next to me,I moved over and looked the other way.



''Find something to do...we have to wait at least half an hour.'' Justin sighed,glancing at me.



''Well...I could go on my phone-oh fucking broke it.'' I spat.



''Like I said,It wasn't my fault!'' Justin cried in desperation.



''And like I said,pigs fucking fly.'' I hissed back.



''Ugh,just shut up...I did all of this for you and your treating me like crap.'' 



''Well maybe you shouldn't,and we could of all just moved on with our lives.'' 



''Ungrateful bitch.'' Justin hissed.



''What was that?'' 



''You heard.'' 



''Your a fucking asshole sometimes.'' I hissed before I got up and walked off to find somewhere else to sit.



I sighed once Justin's annoying voice was heard behind me.''Leave me alone.'' I whined.






''Just fuck off Justin,all you've done today is piss me off.''



''Feelings mutual.''



''You don't know when to quit do you? god! your such a jackass!'' 



''I'm sorry it's just im stre-''



''Like I haven't heard that one before.'' 



I walked off and sat on the waiting chairs nearer to our gate,Justin sighed and sat opposite me,glaring at me for what seemed like 20 minutes.



I had enough so I got up and sat a couple of rows back,sitting with my back facing him,I heard Justin sigh loudly and that's when he knew he was in the wrong.



Serves the asshole right.



****30 MINUTES LATER****



''Attention,Passengers who are boarding the flight to Ontario,Canada are now boarding at gate 3,I repeat Passengers who are boarding the flight to Ontario,Canada are now boarding at gate 3,Thank you.'' The telecom blared.



I tried my best to ignore the telecom as it wasn't our flight and I was trying to sleep.



*I was just about to shift my position to try and sleep when someone tapped me on the shoulder,I groaned and slowly opened one eye to see Justin stood in front of me with the bags in his hand*



''Babe,this is our flight,come on,you can sleep on the plane.'' Justin muttered,holding his hand out for me to take.



''Were going to Canada?'' I asked,my mouth slightly ajar.



''Yeah,now come on,we need to drop the bags off and get on the plane,the flight leaves in 10 minutes.'' Justin replied,shaking his hand to grab my attention.



I sighed and got up before slapping his hand away and walking off,Justin's sighs were heard behind me and I rolled my eyes.



''You're not still mad at me are you?'' He asked,running up to my side to catch me up.



''Considering you called me an ungrateful bitch and said i've pissed you off all day,then yes,obviously.'' I spat,walking quicker to ignore him.



''There's no point running off,I have your ticket and passport.'' Justin chuckled,jogging behind me.



I sighed and slowed down so Justin could walk by my side,I looked the other way once I noticed Justin smirking at me.



''Tickets please Sir.'' The air hostess smiled,holding out her arm.



Justin smiled and handed over the tickets.



''Passports?'' She asked.



Justin handed over the passports and she checked out pictures for clarification,she nodded at me and gave the tickets and the passports back. ''You may continue,just head down the hallway here-.'' She pointed in front. ''Then go right and you'll see your gate.'' She smiled.



''Thank you.'' Justin grinned before taking my hand and dragging me and the luggage down to the gate.



''Get off me.'' I hissed,letting go of his hand and walking ahead. ''There's no need to walk with you now because she confirmed the passports and tickets,so ha.'' I smirked.



''Childish.'' Justin stated,watching me in amusement.



''Shut up.'' I retorted,walking ahead.



*10 minutes later*



I sighed as I looked at the seat numbers. ''284.'' I muttered,slipping into the seat nearest to the window.



''Looks like your stuck with me for 4 and a half hours.'' Justin smirked,getting in next to me after he shoved the carry bag on the compartment above the seats.



''Great.'' I muttered.


''You love it really.'' 



''I'm going to ask to change seats,your annoying me.'' I hissed,getting up in my seat before immediately getting pulled back down. ''What was that for?!'' I shot Justin a look.



''There's no more seats left,the flight was booked...every seat is taken.'' He replied,a small glint of a smirk on his face.



''Oh your loving this aren't you.'' I spat,shaking my head as he sat there biting his lip.



''Of course I am...its pretty cozy huh?'' Justin smirked,placing his hand on my thigh.



''Off.'' I demanded,swatting his hand away as I buckled my seatbelt into the little slot.






''No,fuck off.'' 



''Fine...bore yourself to death while I play on my PHONE.'' Justin tormented,waving his iPhone in my face.



''I swear to got I will hit you so hard in the face if you don't stop annoying me.'' I muttered,looking out of the port window into the darkness of the night.



''Ooo...we have a feisty one here.'' Justin purred playfully,digging his fingertips into my waist.



''Fuck.Off.'' I spat,trying not to laugh as he proceeded to tickle me.



''No can do baby.''Justin sang.



''Excuse me sir,but the plane will lift off in a minute,so please could you buckle up and turn off your electronic devises,thank you.'' She smiled before carrying on walking down the plane.


''I WOULD IF I HAD A PHONE.'' I called out.



Justin chuckled and pressed his hand onto my mouth as people began to stare.



I slapped his hand away and gave him a dirty look before I looked out of the port window.



*******4 hours and 3 minutes later*******



''Watcha doing?'' Justin sang in a highly cute voice.



''Go awaaay.'' I sang in the same tone as Justin leaned over my diary I had sprawled out on my lap.



''Stop,what are you doing?'' Justin whined,trying to peak over my hands which now covered my work.



''Writing in my scoot.'' I replied in monotone,trying to show no expression.



''Considering the only place I can go is the toilet,then no..I can't move.'' Justin chuckled.



''Well go take a shit or something,just leave me alone.'' 






I snapped my diary shut and looked at him. ''What the fuck do you want?'' I hissed.



''You.'' He replied.



''Stop being so fucking horny all the time and act like a proper grown up for once in your life.''



''I'm 17...I'm not officially an adult yet.'' 



''Whatever..just leave me alone.'' I sighed,turning back around and opening up my diary again.



I continued to sketch out my drawing of a flower when Justin began to poke me.



''Stop.'' I hissed,not looking up from the drawing.



''Tallkkk to meee.'' Justin whined,carrying on with the poking.



I ignored him and carried on drawing,Justin's pokes continued to become harsher.



I was just about to draw the last petal when Justin poked me really hard,causing my hand to fly across the page and imprint a dark line across the middle of the flower. ''JUSTIN!'' I spat.



''There's no way that's gonna rub out.'' I continued,shutting my diary furiously and stuffing it into the bag which Justin placed on the floor after a while.



''I'm sorry.'' Justin muttered.



''No you're not...your not sorry Justin! you always say that...but in reality you just don't give a shit,do you?'' I barked.






''Just get out my fucking way,I'm going to the bathroom.'' I muttered,standing up and waiting for him to move.



''I'm not moving.'' 



''Fine,I'll climb over you.'' I shrugged,placing one leg over and doing the same with the other before walking down the narrow walk way and out to the toilets.



''Wait!'' Justin called.



I looked back to see Justin hurrying down the walkway after me,I rolled my eyes and walked into the small plane restroom.



I went to shut the door when something was stopping me,I looked down to see Justin's red Supra sticking through the door.



I sighed. ''Justin,get your foot out the door.'' 



''No,just hear me out.'' Justin replied out of breath.






''Well I'm not moving my foot.'' 



''Guess I'll just pee with the door open then.'' I replied,crossing my arms in the tight space.


''I'm coming in.'' Justin replied,pushing the door open to see me stood there. ''I knew you weren't about to pee with me around.'' Justin chuckled,shutting the door behind him and locking it.



''Get out.'' I hissed,trying to reach for the handle.



''No,I'm apologising.'' He replied.



''Not in the toilet room Justin.'' I sighed,trying to push him out.



''Stop,I can't say sorry out there.''



''Why? your too proud of what you did for people to hear? or because your ego is too big to not fit in that tiny seat of yours.'' I spat.



''Hey hey hey...let's not get too personal.'' Justin replied,raising his eyebrow at me.



''What do you want?'' 






''Wait I already know the answer to that one,don't bother.'' I hissed.



''Listen...I'm sorry for being a douche to you's just a lots been going on recently and it's left me stressed,I don't mean to take it out on you and I'm sorry,I love you.'' 



I hit his chest in anger. ''Get.Out.'' I yelled,desperate to get away from him.


Justin caught my hands with his and I instantly winced as the palms of his hands came in contact with my bruised wrists.



''Oh my god,I'm sorry.'' Justin gushed,trying to roll up my sleeves of my jacket.



''J-Just leave.'' I replied,tears pouring down my cheeks.



''Let me see.'' Justin whispered.






''Baby,no...let me see.'' He replied,carefully dropping my hands and placing his hands on my waist before lifting me up and placing me on the small sink behind him.



I watched as Justin stood between my legs and pulled up the sleeves of my jacket,he gasped once the bruises were shown and began to slightly sob.



''I did this?'' He asked,looking up at me with teary eyes.



I nodded my head slightly as tears continued to pour down my cheeks.



''I'm so sorry baby.'' Justin whispered,shaking his head as he picked up my hand again and ran his fingers softly over the bruised area. ''I'm so sorry.'' He repeated,bringing my wrist up to his lips and softly placing his lips onto my skin.



I looked at him as he continued to kiss my bruises and cuts over my wrists.



Justin finally pulled away and looked up at me. I looked straight back at him and smiled.



I pulled Justin into my arms as he sobbed into my t-shirt,making it wet with his salty tears. '''s okay.'' I whispered,stroking his hair with my hands.''Justin stop crying,you're making me cry harder.'' I laughed slightly.



''T-Tori,please forgive me..I didn't mean to hurt you,I love you so much...please don't leave me.'' Justin sobbed,his voice muffled.



''I could never leave you.'' I whispered back,kissing the top of his head.



I comforted Justin as he continued to sniff into my chest,I began kissing his jawbone to sooth him and that's when Justin looked up at me. ''I love you so much it hurts sometimes.'' He whispered.



I smiled just as Justin kissed my lips,instantly making me melt into him,I wrapped my arms around Justin's neck and gripped onto his hair as the kiss intensified.



Justin grabbed my hips and pulled me forwards so I was now hanging off the counter and closer to him,I smiled into the kiss just as Justin began to suck on my bottom lip.



I let out a moan just as Justin began to massage the side of my hip,he smirked against my lips and brought his lips up to my ear.



''Would you experiment doing it in a plane bathroom?'' Justin whispered huskily into my ear causing me to shiver.



Before I could reply Justin began to nibble on my earlobe,causing my heart to beat into overdrive.



I gripped onto Justin's hair as he began to suck on my neck,biting and nibbling as he slid his hand up the side of my top. ''I want you so bad baby.'' Justin whispered against my neck.



''I'm all yours.'' I moaned,holding my head back and closing my eyes as Justin moved his hands up to my bra straps.



''EXCUSE ME? THERE ARE CUSTOMERS WAITING TO USE THE RESTROOM..ARE YOU QUITE DONE IN THERE?'' The air hostess asked,rapping her knuckles on the door.



Justin chuckled against my neck and continued to kiss it. ''Give us a few more minutes.'' He yelled.



I gasped as Justin placed his cold hands onto my breast. ''Justin!'' I giggled,gripping onto his hair harder.



''SIR? MA'AM! YOU NEED TO GET OUT!"She called. 



''We said wait didn't we?'' Justin yelled back,getting aggravated.






''I think she's ramming her shoulder into the door,what a loser.'' Justin chuckled.



I smirked as Justin continued to kiss my neck,rubbing my breast at the same time.



''SIR! OPEN UP!'' She yelled banging on the door loudly.






''That's my girl.'' Justin smirked,hovering his lips over mine.






''If you wan't to see two teens naked then I advise you don't.'' Justin yelled warningly.



A gasp on the other side of the door was heard before loud bangs vibrated through the door.



''Are you trying to break in?'' I asked,trying not to giggle as Justin started to grind on me.



''Lady..that's wan't to see us naked?'' Justin scoffed,looking over to the door.






''What you gonna do? give us some parachutes and tell us to jump off while we're flying over the ocean right now? yeah...great one.'' Justin spat.



''Look,your making my job harder for me then it really is..please just come out before I get angry.'' 



''If were being hard on you,then just fuck off...were busy here and you keep interrupting us.'' 



''I can't sir,the seatbelt sign is now on..the plane will be descending in around 40 seconds.'' She hissed,clearly annoyed at our plans of negotiation.



''LEAVE.'' Justin whined.



''No! you must come out!'' She yelled back,banging on the door again.



*I sighed and kissed Justin one more time before I pushed him back a little bit,I pulled up my bra strap and neatened out my shirt before I pulled open the restroom door with as much force as possible*



I gasped once I soon realised that the flight attendant was on the floor clutching her nose.



''Oh my god,I'm so sorry.'' I squealed,flying my hands about everywhere as I watched the groaning lady try and stand up from the floor.



Justin pulled my hands and ran with me back to our seats before the lady could track down our seats,Justin chuckled and kissed my forehead once we both sat in our seats.



''Nice aim babe.'' He chuckled.



''Justin it's not funny! I didn't mean to do it.'' I giggled nervously.



''Yeah yeah.'' Justin smirked.



''I didn't!'' I laughed.






I sighed and grabbed Justin's hands,I never liked landing...the rest of the plane ride was okay for me.



Justin noticed my shaking and kissed my cheek. ''It's okay babe,we will be on ground in a minute.'' He whispered into my ear.



''Thanks.'' I muttered,squeezing his hand.



''No problem baby,just relax,everything gonna be okay.'' He smiled,putting his arm rest up for more support.




*10 minutes later*



''Thanks man.'' Justin smiled at the pilot who was seeing  people out of the plane.



''No problem sir,thank you for using American Airline.'' He grinned,pointing to the direction we needed to walk.



I smiled and walked ahead of Justin,he laughed and ran up to my side. ''See? it wasn't that bad.'' Justin chuckled,entwining his fingers with mine. 



''I know,it just always makes me nervous...ever since I was a little child.'' I shrugged,leaning my head on his should.



Justin nodded and kissed my temple before he led me over to the conveyor belt where you pick up your luggage.



Once we found my Louis Vuitton suitcase and Justin's navy blue one we were off.



*Justin dropped the bags over by a bench and pulled out 2 plastic bags with outfits in,I frowned at him and he smirked and passed over mine*



''Here,it's quite cold in Canada this'll need these.'' He smiled,handing over a plastic bag full of warm clothes. ''You can change in the bathroom if you want,I'll wait here.'' He shrugged,sitting down on the bench.



''Okay,be right back.'' I smiled,walking into the restrooms which were conveniently opposite us.


*I walked in and immediately ran for the free cubicle as someone walking into the bathroom after me*



Bitch can wait...mwhuahaha




*I pulled out the clothes from the bag and began to change into the outfit Justin must of brought me*



''All of this is new?'' I muttered,looking at the matching sweatpants and hoodie Justin managed to get me.



I pulled on the navy blue hollister sweatpants which were rolled up at the bottom so they didn't drag over my feet,I giggled and pulled on the fluffy socks Justin also brought me,I placed the dark brown ugg boots onto my feet and zipped up my navy blue hollister jacket over the white tank top,I snuggled into the warm outfit and smiled when I noticed a little box at the bottom of the bag.



I opened it up to see a gorgeous silver necklace hanging from it's chain with a big silver heart,in the middle was an ingraved little girl and boy holding hands,underneath it read the words. 'I love you 5 Tori' I smiled at the way Justin quoted my favourite song.



(AN:I Love you 5- Never Shout Never!)



''I love you 5 too Justin.'' I giggled,pulling the necklace out the box and placing it around my neck.



I put all my old clothes into the plastic bag and skipped out of the bathroom,once I caught sight of Justin I ran over to him and jumped onto his lap,placing kisses all over his face.



''I love you 5 Justin.'' I giggled.



''You like it huh?'' Justin smirked,kissing my cheek.



''YES YES YES! THANK YOU!'' I squealed,jumping up and down on his lap.



''Woah that for later.'' He winked.



''You ruined the moment.'' I frowned.



''Sowwy.'' Justin pouted,I chuckled and kissed his cheek.



''Your forgiven because you brought me this gorgeous necklace.'' 



''Anything for my gorgeous girl.'' Justin replied before standing up. ''Hold up,I wanna change too.'' Justin replied.



''Okay,I'll wait here.'' 



''Don't move baby,I don't want you lost.'' Justin smirked before he jogged over to he restrooms.



I rolled my eyes and looked around the small airport.



I absentmindedly looked at the big clock that hung above the entry doors and read '3:48am' I gasped and looked around.



Surprisingly the airport was still busy,late night flyers I guess..



My attention fixed to the restrooms when Justin swaggered out wearing the same sweatpants and hoodie as me,but obviously his were mens...he wore a white tank top underneath and wore some white Supras to match.



''Matching outfits Justin..really?'' I giggled.



''Yu-huh,I want people to know that were together therefore you're mine.'' Justin smirked proudly.



''Doofus.'' I murmured before I got up and hugged him.''You really didn't have to buy me a whole new outfit just for this,babe.'' I murmured against his chest.



''Yes I did...I wanted to.'' 



''I thought you didn't like UGGS?'' I asked,peering up at his honeycomb eyes.



''I don't really..but I thought anything would look cute on you,and now you've made me kinda like them.'' Justin blushed.



''Awhh...thankyou,you look cute too.'' I giggled reaching up and pinching his chubby cheeks.



''Let's get going,I'm sure your tired.'' Justin yawned before he placed a chaise kiss on my cheek and picked up the luggage.



''Here,let me hold my suitcase.'' 



''No,I've got it..your fine.'' 



''Ugh.'' I scoffed.



''Sorry baby,but your the princess,princesses don't carry there own bags.'' 



''Well princes shouldn't either.'' 



''Awhh you cutie.'' 



''Shut up.'' 



*5 minutes later*



''Yo hold on dude,I just need to pop to the phone shop over there...wait here okay Tor?'' Justin said,glancing at me before he got out of the cab we called and jogged across the road.



''Okaay?'' The cab driver laughed.



I rolled my eyes and watched Justin through the shop window,he was speaking to a Chinese man.



''Any idea what he's doing?'' The cab driver asked.



''My guess is as good as yours,probably asking if they have the new iphone 4s out yet.'' I giggled,rolling my eyes.



''He likes all that crap huh?'' 



''He's obsessed with new gadgets.'' I sighed.



''I don't see the point...I have my trusty nokia here...if there was a zombie appocolypse I could throw this at a zom and they would die instantly.'' He chuckled.



''Nice imagination...although I have to say that its now the 21st you really should update that piece of junk.'' I chuckled,looking at him through the rear view mirror.



''Excuse me? this thing has's the best game ever!'' 



''I'm guessing you've never heard of candy crush then.'' I laughed.



''Nah...'' The cab driver chuckled.



I just nodded and smiled,waiting for Justin to walk back over here and give me some kind of explanation.



Right on que Justin ran across the road and stood at my door,he swung it open and climbed in,holding a small apple bag,I frowned and looked at him. ''Watcha got there?'' 



''I decided to get the new 4s in white.'' He smirked.



''Don't you have the 4 anyway?'' I asked.






''Okay..that's cool..rub it in.'' I muttered,crossing my arms and looking out the window.



Justin chuckled and kissed my cheek.



''You'll never know babe,you'll never know.'' He muttered before the taxi driver pulled out of the front of the airport.



''Where to sir?'' 



''Stratford please,you know the cabin by the lake? yeah..there.'' Justin muttered,looking out of his window.



''Sure,sit back...the journeys about an hour.'' The guy replied before driving off into the night,or should I say morning.



Have you noticed that every Canadian is like so friendly and nice?



Anyways..I watched the stars and buildings whizz past me as I absentmindedly looked out the window.



Wondering what this so called 'Stratford' place has to offer.













Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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