The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


53. Time away


I wiped my tears and shook my head.


''You're a monster.'' I hissed,walking backwards away from Justin.


Justin's eyes suddenly turned to the normal brown colour they normally are,and regret flashed across his face.




''No,I don't want to see you!'' I hissed. ''Leave!'' 



Austin came to my side and placed his hand around my shoulders for reassurance.



''It's okay Tori.'' He whispered. ''If you don't want him near you,I'll protect you.'' 






''You really think I'd let you comfort her? your an abuser...a women beater,Tori deserves better than you,why would you even hit a girl? let alone your fucking girlfriend!'' Austin barked,standing in front of me protectively.


I hardly know this boy and he's protecting me at his own risk,he's amazing..




''I said get the fuck off her,I didn't mean to hit her...'' Justin spat through gritted teeth,trying to look past Austin to catch my gaze.



I gripped onto Austin's varsity jacket and closed my eyes.



''Baby girl,I'm know how angry and protective I get,come here...let's go home.'' Justin replied in his fake sugar sweet tone.



''No,I'm not going anywhere with you.'' I whispered,not daring to open my eyes.



''Listen to me...were going home.'' Justin replied firmly,trying to grasp my hand.



I snatched it away and shook my head. ''No.'' 



''TORI,IM NOT FUCKING PLAYING.'' Justin yelled,trying to grab me again.



''Get the FUCK off her.'' Austin growled,grabbing my hand and giving it an assuring squeeze. ''She's not going anywhere where she's going to get hurt again..I may not know her but she's gone through enough in one day...leave her alone.'' He hissed,turning around and slinging his arm over my shoulder before leading me away.






I looked back to see him flip me off which only brought more tears to my eyes.



''Why is he being like this.'' I cried,digging my head into Austin's chest.



''Don't worry...I won't let him near you..I promise,you want me to book a hotel room for you?'' He asked,looking down at me.



''Yes please.'' 



''Okay sweetie,let's find my car.'' 



I nodded my head as we continued to walk to Austin's car.



By now my tears were cold against my cheeks,I leaned up and wiped them away before I looked back down at the floor.



''You really are a good guy,normally boys would just ignore that and walk away,so thank know...for-for everything.'' I muttered,looking up at Austin as a smile slowly spread across his face.



''You know..just because you've been a hero once,doesn't mean you stop caring for other people..I did what was right,you don't deserve that bullshit Tori,your a sweetie and to see Justin abuse you like that was out of order.'' Austin replied,opening his car door for me.


I thanked him and climbed in.



***20 minutes later***



''Tori?'' Austin asked,slightly shaking my shoulder as I continued to stare out the window.



I was overthinking about what Justin did,he's probably going crazy right now...and no ones around to stop him...he might do something stupid...really really stupid..




''Tori?'' Austin tried again,but this time he appeared at my side of the car,peeking his head through the door.



I looked over at him and smiled lightly.




I felt sick...the feeling of getting betrayed by your own boyfriend when he promised to never do something like that is the worst feeling ever,I literally felt like I was going to puke everywhere,and the worst part? my cheek is stinging like a bitch.



''Were at the hotel now,wanna go see if a room is available?'' Austin asked,grabbing my upper arm gently and helping me out the car.



I love how he's so gentle and caring...



I nodded my head just as Austin shut the door behind me,he took of his varsity as I was only wearing a thin jacket,he wrapped it around my shoulders and lead me into the reception area where a formal woman was sat at a computer.



''Hey um...I just wanted to know if there is a spare room's uh...kinda urgent.'' Austin replied shyly.


Awh he's blushing.



''Uh...yes actually,only one though..its's the suite...its $50 for tonight,it's half price at the moment,special hotel offers,would you like to take the room?'' She asked,looking up from the computer.



''Uh yeah..that would be are the hours this place opens?'' 



''Oh it's open all the way through the's orders from the boss..because of late flyers it must stay open for a better money flow.''



Austin merely nodded and got out his credit card.



'' no no,your not paying.'' I replied,pulling his hand back just as the woman reached for the card.


'''s the least I can do,please?'' He asked,fluttering his eyelashes and pouting.



god damn



''I hate it when people pay for cannot spend $50 on a stranger Austin.'' I chuckled,grabbing his hand and pulling out the credit card.



''Well I want to,and were not strangers anymore...okay?'' He smiled,bending down and kissing my forehead.


Woah..that was uh- unexpected...



''Sir..have you chosen your decision...there is a called on hold and they may want the if you would like to purchase the room then please decide.'' She murmured firmly.



''Let me pay...please.'' Austin replied,looking into my eyes as I studied his.



Without even thinking about it I shook my head,I didn't mean to nod,honest...I swear he put me under a spell or a trance with his eyes.



''Here you go.'' Austin replied,handing the women his card.



''Thankyou sir.'' She smiled.



*5 minutes later*



''Austin I can't thank you enough..honestly you're so sweet.'' I gushed,once I was now settled in the room.



''Honestly,it's deserve this...look,I'll check on you in a little while late okay?'' Austin smiled,giving me a brief hug before pulling away.



I leaned up and kissed his cheek instantly causing a smile to erupt onto his face.



''Goodnight beautiful.'' He smiled,waking out the door and giving me a quick wave.



I waved back just as he shut the door.



I instantly sighed and walked around the whole suite once.



What am I supposed to do now?



I turned the plasma Tv on and flicked through the channels untill I decided on a show called 'Catfish' I walked out to the hallway and looked in the closet which is where Austin told me they had a robe and some silk pj's.



I grabbed them and walked into the shower room,I turned on the faucets and let the hot water fun for a bit until it was the right temperature.



I stripped down and entered the shower,immediately sighing as the hot water ran down my body.



I really needed this..



I let the water run over my hair before I grabbed the complimentary shampoo and began to rub it into my scalp,once my hair was lathered up I washed it out and started on the shampoo.



Once I was done I grabbed the loafer and squeezed on the 'coconut' body wash,I rubbed it into my skin and washed it off a couple of minutes after.



I then washed my face with the small towel and instantly flinched when I lightly ran it over my right cheek.



I frowned and turned off the shower,squeezing the water out of my hair as I wrapped the fresh white towels around my body,I went over to the fogged up mirror and cleaned it with my hands,once it was relatively clear I took a peek inside,instantly regretting it as a huge red hand print was revealed on my cheek.


I gasped and looked away,before I began to cry at how hard Justin really had slapped me.



I shook my head and walked out of the bathoom and into the bedroom,I found my old panties (gross I know) and put on my bra...I put on the fresh PJ's and put my hair into a messy side ponytail,I used a makeup wipe to take off all my makeup and then applied some moisturiser to my face,I put on some body cream I found in one of the draws and put on my fluffy socks.



I walked out into the kitchenette part of the suite and made myself a glass of milk and pinched a few cookies from the cupboards.



I set the glass of milk and cookies down on the coffee table infront of the TV and walked out into the hallway to find my jacket.



Once I found it I pulled out my iPhone and checked the other pocket for the house keys,but they weren't in there...they were replaced by a note..I took it out and brought it back over to the couch where I sat down and unravelled the note.



'Text me : 555-839-3938


Austin x'



I smiled and entered his phone number into my phone before I started to write a message out.



'To: Austin x

From: Unknown


Hey Austin..thank you for everything..again,you've made today a tiny bit better,I just had a shower and now I'm sat eating cookies and milk:p xx'



I pressed send immediately he replied.


'To: Tori'xo

From: Austin x


I'm guessing this is Tori:p I'm glad:) that's cool...I hope you feel better,try and forget about today...I'm coming back over soon with a little surprise..I'll be there in 5,so if you hear your door opening,don't freak! haha:o'xo'



'To: Austin x

From: Tori'xo


okay haha,do you have starburst:p xx'



I waited for his reply but it never came,just when I was about to put my phone down the door opened.




''I guess I was quicker than I thought...anyways..surprisingly I love starburst too so yea,I did buy some haha...oh and Ben and Jerry's..I know like every ever loves Ben and Jerry's.'' He chuckled,setting the stuff down on the coffee table as he sat next to me.



I looked at all the food he brought and smiled.



''You even brought swedish fish...what are you...jesus?'' 



Austin laughed and leaned forwards,before leaning back and sitting all posh on the couch. ''Why yes..yes I am.'' 



I giggled. 



''Just kidding.'' 



''Gathered.'' I laughed.



Austin smiled before he looked at the tv. ''So watcha watching?'' 



''Well I was watching Catfish..but now 16 and pregnant just came on.'' I replied,scrunching my nose up. ''That shit's disgusting...16 years and thinking their comitted enough to have a baby..what the fuck.'' I laughed,shaking my head.



''Yeah..they're crazy.'' 



''Hell yeah they are.'' I yelled,pulling my feet up onto the couch.



''Honestly though,let's turn it over.'' Austin laughed,picking up the remote and flicking it to football.



''Oh hell no.'' 



''The controllers stuck,I swear I'm not that into football to be honest.'' Austin chuckled.



''Wait...I swear like EVERY boy orgasm's over football,are- are you gay?'' I asked,looking over at him.



'''s just It bores me...I prefer ice hockey or b-ball.'' He shrugged.



''OMG LET'S BE BESTFRIENDS.'' I shrieked,scooting over to him on the couch and pulling him into a hug.



He hugged back. ''Okay.'' He chuckled.



I smiled and pulled away.



''So bestfriend..what do you wanna watch?'' 



''I don't know bestfriend...yourself?'' 



''The food channel.'' I laughed. ''I'm joking...look at the movies.'' 



'' had me there.'' 



I laughed and watched as Austin flicked through the movie channels.



He settled on the film 'Titanic' and I slowly began to fall asleep.



*****************4 hours later*****************



I woke up to loud banging on the door,I shot up out of bed.



Bed? wait what?



I looked at the time and realised it was half 2 in the morning I rubbed my eyes and shuffled over to the room door.



I looked out in the peep-hole at the illuminated doorway and saw a huge teddy bear being suspended in mid air,I smiled and opened the door.



Somehow I was disappointed when I saw who was carrying it.



Justin's here....but how?





oo shit guys...





















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