The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


44. ''There's a 50 50 chance.''


I slowly opened my eyes to the warmth of the fire still going.I stirred slightly causing a small moan to escape my dry lips.



''Baby,you awake?'' Justin whispered,stroking the side of my cheek with his thumb.



I then realised that I was laying on Justin's lap and that he must have been watching me this whole time.


''Did you sleep?'' I whispered,rolling over to dig my head into his stomach.



''I wasn't I stayed up.'' Justin replied,keeping his voice low so he wouldn't disturb the blissful echo's of the birds chirping outside the window.



''Justin,that's not good for you.'' I yawned,slowly lifting my body off his lap without hurting his crotch.



''I'm fine...'' 



I leaned up and smiled at him,but immediately flinched when a shooting pain shot up my back,I sucked in a breath and immediately regretted it when the content of my stomach began to make it's way up my body,I quickly shot up off the couch and darted for the bathroom which was conveniently only a couple of rooms away.



I fell to the floor and immediately gagged when the content jumped up into my throat,I tensed my stomach and closed my eyes as the bile type liquid spilled out my mouth,causing my nose and throat to burn.



I whimpered when I realised that there was more to come.



One of my biggest fears is throwing up,I absolutely hate it.



''Babe...are you sick?'' Justin whispered walking into the bathroom.



I heard Justin gasp and he immediately came by my side,he lifted up my hair and held it to the back of my head as I continued to be sick.



''Shh baby,it's okay,let it all out.'' Justin whispered,rubbing my back in comfort.



I let a tear slip my eye as an excruciating pain travelled up my stomach causing me to double over.



''J-Justin,I don't know what's wrong.'' I cried. ''I haven't been sick i-'' 



But before I could finish my sentence another urge to throw up came across me,and I did just that,but this time I was just throwing up bile as my stomach was empty.



''Do you think that your done?'' Justin replied. 



I nodded my head as I continued to sniff as the burning sensation slowly subsided.



''I think you may have a sickness bug,I'll run you a bath to help you feel better.'' Justin replied,helping me up before flushing the toilet. 



''T-thanks.'' I stuttered,still clearly shaken up from the random throw up session I just encountered.



''Okay,you go and rest on the bed while I run you a bath,if you feel like throwing up again then I'll put a bucket beside you,I'm going to look after my sick princess today.'' Justin smiled,helping me take shaky steps into the bedroom.



I collapsed on the bed and sighed as beads of sweat ran down my forehead.



*I closed my eyes as Justin walked out the room and went to run a bath,I sighed heavily feeling much better then I was a mere few minutes ago*



Why did I just randomly throw up?



I groaned when thousands of thoughts ran through my mind...



travel sickness...


sickness bug...


food poisoning...


I got up to fast?...


morning sickness..



I laughed and immediately crossed out morning sickness in my head,there is no way I'm pregnant.



''Feel any better,boo?'' Justin asked walking back into the bedroom.



''Mhm...kinda,feel a bit light headed though.'' I croaked,slowly getting off the bed and standing up.



''Okay baby,be careful..the bath is ready,I'll pop down to the store and get you some thing's while your in the bath,I'll leave the phone by the side so if anything happens you call me okay?'' Justin asked,helping me walk into the bathroom.



''Yeah...'' I mumbled.



''And I've also got some of my sweatpants and one of my sweatshirts layed out on the bed for you to change into,be careful when you climb out the bath and I hope you feel better.'' Justin whispered,leaning over and placing a kiss to my forehead.


''Thank you Justin,I love you.'' I smiled,taking off my tanktop and throwing it onto the bathroom floor.



''Anything for my sick princess,I hope you feel better..I'm going to get some of your favourite thing's from the store and something to settle your stomach,just relax and don't put any strain on your stomach,that will make you wan't to throw up.'' Justin smiled,helping me take off my booty shorts without straining my stomach.



''You're little nerd side is still in you I see.'' I chuckled.



''Babe what are you talking about? it never left.'' Justin grinned,standing back up and placing a kiss on my cheek. ''Well I better get going,see you in a bit,I love you and hope you feel better.'' Justin pouted,placing one last kiss onto my forehead before walking out the door.



''I love you too.'' I replied,slowly walking over to the bathroom door and shutting it,I then walked back over to the bath and took off my underwear before climbing into the hot bath. I sighed in relief once my body settled in the soothing water,I put my hair in a loose messy bun on the top of my head and leaned back against the side off the bath,putting the strain off my stomach.



I grabbed the remote for the tv in my palms and pressed the on button,causing the small tv to come to life,I found a music channel and settled down as the song 'Part in the usa by Miley Cryus blasted through the small speakers'. 



''So I put my hands up, they're playin' my song

The butterflies fly away

I'm noddin' my head like Yeah!
Movin' my hips like Yeah!'' I sang quietly as I reached for the bath scrub.




Justin's POV:



I sighed and climbed out of the car before walking over to the store opposite the parking lot,I walked into the store hearing that familiar 'bring' of the bell which indicated when a new customer enters the store,I smiled at the store owner and walked around the shelfs looking for something that would make my girlfriend feel better. 



''Hello sir,is there anything in particular you're looking for?'' The shop owner asked,walking up to me.



''Hey,,well my girlfriend,she was sick this morning and I have no idea what's up with that,but I don't think she has food poisoning or anything..but after she was sick she felt somewhat better..and I just want to know if there's anything I could use to help her.'' 



''Right..well...have you and your girlfriend had any unprotected sexual activity in the past 3 days?'' She asked.


''Uh..we used protection.'' I replied nervously,feeling my neck get hot.



''There might be a possibility that your protection failed this time,would you like some pregnancy tests just to see if that's the reason?and if not then we could always prescribe her something strong to stop the throwing up from occurring.'' 

I gulped,feeling quite upset at the thought of maybe getting Tori pregnant.



''Uh,yeah that would be great...but could I get her something now too? you know..just incase she isn't pregnant and she's still throwing up,instead of me driving all the way back?'' I asked.



''Of course sir,is that all?'' She smiled grabbing 2 pregnancy tests and scanning them along with some liquid medicine in which I had no clue what it was.



''Uh,do you sell any food here?'' I asked.



''No sir,you could always try next door,they have everything you'll need there.'' She smiled.



''Okay thanks,that's all then.'' I replied getting out my wallet from my back pocket.



''Sure...that will be $10.34 please.'' She replied,bagging up the items.



I handed her the money. ''Keep the change.'' I replied.



''Thanks,have a nice day.'' She called as I walked over to the door.



''You too.'' I called back.



I walked out and went into the store next door, I walked around and caught eyes with a small bear with a love heart in the middle saying 'get well soon' I smiled thinking of Tori and picked it up before dropping it into the basket I picked up a mere few seconds before,I continued to look around and settled on the bear,some chocolates for when she feels better and a purple onepiece which was half price,I walked over to the cashier and payed for the things which added up to a total of $30.89 as the chocolates and the onesie were quite expensive,I grabbed the bag full of goodies and walked back over to the car,absent-mindedly pulling my jacket closer to my body as the slate continued to fall.



*I got in the car and drove out of the small complexion,my nose scrunched up when I realised the temperature in my car drastically dropped from the icy breeze,I turned up the heating to full blast and tried to focus on the road ahead of me.*



A couple of minutes later I reached the cabin,I parked in the private parking garage and got out,I grabbed the bags and walked into the house,instantly feeling safe as the warmth instantly hit me.



''I'M BACK BABY!'' I called,kicking my shoes off and running up the stairs and into the bedroom.



''You outta the bath yet?'' I asked.



''No...I'm nearly done.'' 



''Okay well I got you a few things.'' I murmured,opening the bathroom door and walking in. ''I won't look.'' I laughed once I saw Tori try to cover up her body parts.



''What did you get from the store?'' 



''I got you some medicine,some chocolates,a teddy bear and a new onesie you can put on later when you feel a little bit better.'' I chuckled.



''What colours the onesie?'' Tori asked.


''Purple,your favourite.'' I smiled,pulling the onesie out the bag to show her.



''Woo!'' She cheered.



I laughed. ''Looks like someone's feeling a lot better.'' 



''Mhm...I think I just got up to fast or something,I feel alright now.'' 



''Well I brought you these things just incase.'' I replied.



''Thank you,Justtyyy.'' She sang. ''But you need to leave,I'm getting out now.'' 



I chuckled. ''Aight,I'm gonna go make us breakfast..come down when your ready.'' I smiled leaving the door ajar as I walked out.



''Okay...thanks.'' Tori replied.



I smiled and made my way to the kitchen.



Tori's POV:


I yawned as I walked out of the bathroom,clutching the white towel close to me as a cold breeze stuck to my wet skin.



I ran into the bedroom and pulled on some underwear before pulling on Justin's sweatshirt and sweatpants he layed out earlier.


I smiled at the two bags sat at the end of the bed and looked through the first one. 



''Awh.'' I cooed once I saw the small teddy holding a loveheart saying 'get well soon' I then picked out the chocolates and looked at them greedily as I contemplated on weather I should open them or not. I decided not to as it would spoil my breakfast and I looked into the second bag,I saw some cowpol and two other packages at the bottom.



I frowned and pulled out the packages,intantly feeling the sick feeling travel back up my throat as I read the bold words written on the side. 'Pregnancy test'



''JUSTIN!'' I called,feeling sick to the core.



''Yeah babe?'' 



''Come here please!'' I called again.



I heard Justin running up the stairs before he appeared at the door,breathless. ''Is everything ok?''



''Why did you buy these?'' I asked,feeling my heart thump furiously out of my chest.



''The store owner said to buy them just incase,she said that maybe the cause of you being sick this morning is morning sickness..she think's maybe the protection failed and..''Justin zoned out once he saw my expression.


''You what?'' 


''I uh.'' 



''Justin,I'm not pregnant.'' 



''I just brought them just incase Tori..I didn't mean to upset yo-''



''Justin it's sweet that you're looking out for me and stuff,but I promise you I'm not's just not possible.'' I chuckled,taking my hair out of the hair band and ruffling it to get the knots out.



'' are you positive that your not? you need to's better to be safe than sorry.''Justin shrugged. ''Whatever the turn out,I'll always be here for you,I'll be by your side,everything will be okay.'' Justin replied,pulling me into a hug.






''Tori..calm down,it might just be a stomach bug,you never know baby.'' Justin whispered,kissing the top of my head.



''But what if I am pregnant,I'm not ready to be a mom.'' I croaked,tears beginning to build up in my eyes.



''We will get through this,but before you get to worked up,we need to sort this out,theres a 50 50 chance.'' Justin muttered.



Justin's right...there is a 50 50 chance,but what I'm scared about is there may be a possible chance that there is a human being in my stomach right now,and I might not even know.






sorry this took so long,I basically wrote this chapter differently but it was so boring and ugh,so i deleted it and re wrote it and put in a bit of a yeah





















Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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