The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


34. The project





I rolled my eyes and got up off the couch which I was currently lying on.


''DUDE,I DON'T GIVE A FUCK,ORDER SOMETHING IF YOU WANT.'' I screamed back as I walked into the kitchen.






''BOO,NOOO I DON'T LIKE CARROTS ANYMORE!'' Justin shouted back.






I still haven't got over Justin swearing on my life from last night,but I don't want to bring it up again..I mean,if he's not cheating then it's alright...right?



''COME WITH ME,BABYYYYYYYYY.'' Justin moaned as he slumped down the stairs and walked infront of me into the kitchen.



''GET OUTTA MY WAY.'' I yelled,pushing his shouders to grab a carrot from the fridge.




''Come on then,the store closes in like an hour,get your perfect little ass outta here.'' Justin smirked,slapping my ass.



''Do that one more time and this carrot goes up your ass.'' I warned,a hint of a smile on my face.



''Yeah yeah,come on though,im being serious.'' 






''I'm rubbing off on you too much.'' Justin chuckled.



''Oh god.'' I muttered under my breath.



''HEY! what's wrong with that?'' 



'',maybe because your a complete jerk.'' I scoffed.



''But you love me ,so your point is invalid.'' He smiled.



''Fuck off and go.'' I laughed,pushing him out the door.



''Love you too.'' Justin chuckled.



*I just rolled my eyes and zipped up my Hollister jacket,pulling the hood over my head before I shoved my hands in my jacket pocket*



''Thought we were going to hold hands,but its cool.'' Justin muttered.



''I don't like you,so why would I hold your hand.'' I smirked.



''Shut up!'' 



''Ew no,your like...disgusting.'' I joked,walking ahead of him.



''Ew no,your like...disgusting.'' Justin muttered,mocking me.



''Are you mocking me?'' 



''No, you.'' Justin grinned as he wrapped his arms around my waist.



''You too,asshole.You too.'' I muttered.






''WERE HERE!'' I screamed,cutting Justin off in mid sentance.



*I pulled on his hand and dragged him into the grocery store,I took out the list full of things and showed Justin*



''Okay,you look for this half.'' I muttered,ripping the list in half. ''And I look for this half.'' I replied.



''NOOOOO,I want to walk round togetherrrr.'' Justin muttered,pouting at me.



''Too bad,this store isn't that huge anyway..just go get them,you only have about 7 items Justin.'' I rolled my eyes.



*Justin looked down at the list and smirked*



''8 actually.'' He whispered.



''Whatever.'' I muttered.



*Justin chuckled and kissed my cheek before he began to walk off*



''Meet me in this isle!'' I muttered pointing to the isle next door to me.



*Justin just nodded and walked off,I laughed at him as he bumped into an old lady,instantly causing him to drop the list on the floor,Justin looked up at me and grinned before he carried on walking*



''Alright....eggs,chips,grapes,chicken,Arizona tea,green beans,Cap'N'Crunch,fruit loops,cheese aaaaaannndddd fries.'' I muttered as I began to scan the shelves for the food.



*I grabbed the basket and chucked in the grapes,cheese,fries,green beans,chips,chicken,eggs and Arizona and walked over to the cereal isle*



''Cap'N'Crunchhhhh,fruit loops.'' I muttered repetitively to remember the names.



*I searched the whole isle for the fruit loops but couldn't find them,I chucked the Cap'N'Crunch into the basket and approached a helper*



''Hey,um...excuse me,but I don't know where the fruit loops are.'' I muttered,tapping on the worker's shoulder.



*They immediately turned around showcasing their brown curly hair and their hazel,blue eyes,a small smile formed on my lips*



''Harry!'' I screamed,pulling him into a hug.



''Hey gorgeous! how's it going?'' He asked once he pulled out of the hug.



''Going good,same old same old.'' I chuckled. ''You?'' 



''I'm good,but just a bit confused on why you thought I was a worker.'' He chuckled.



''Because your wearing a navy blue shirt like the people who work here,so I just thought-''



''Babe,you couldn't miss my hair for anything,surely you knew it was me.'' 



''Guess I was just tired...'' I giggled.



''By the way,fruit loops are right here.'' Harry chuckled,grabbing a box of them and putting them gently into the basket.



''I haven't seen you since yesterday!'' Harry laughed.



''Oh my god I know! it's been sooooo long!'' I joked,grinning at him.



*Harry just looked at me for a moment,before a sly grin sneaked up onto his lips*



''You're looking beautiful as always,Tor.'' Harry grinned.



''Thank you,not looking half bad yourself.'' I giggled.



*Harry just smiled and pulled me into another hug,pulling me closer towards him,I hugged back before I pushed away*



''We still need to work on that project.'' Harry pouted.



''I about you come round tomorrow,we could start the project then hang,you know?'' I smiled.



''Sure! sounds great,so...where's Bieber then?'' He asked,looking behind me nervously.



''Somewhere in the store,why?'' 



''Just wandering.'' Harry muttered. ''Anyways so how ar-''



''Hey baby,you done with your list?'' Justin asked,wrapping his arms around my waist and pecking my neck.







''Mhm,Guess who I bumped into..'' Justin chuckled.






''Taylor and Derek.'' 



''Oh my god,she's still with that ass?'' 



''Yeup,Derek did jack shit to me though,he just looked at me and walked away'' Justin smirked,popping his collar.



''Alright mr.badass,let's all take a step back.'' I joked.



*Justin just chuckled and kissed my cheek*



''You're cute.'' 



*I giggled and looked up at Harry,he looked slightly awkward*



''Sup Harry,how's it goin'?'' Justin asked,giving him a bro hug once he let go of me.



''I'm good,you?'' 









''Cool.'' Justin replied awkwardly.



I really hate awkward situations...



''Potatoes.'' I muttered.



*I watched as both boys looked at me,frowning*



''What?'' Justin laughed.



''I said potato's because you two are so awkward oh my god.'' I giggled.



''Oh.'' Harry laughed.



''Speak,seriously...your both fucking annoying ass talkers when you want to be,so why don't you talk now? huh?'' I replied,hitting both of them on the shoulder playfully.



''I'm an annoying ass talker now am I ?'' Justin smirked.



''Yes,why yes you are.'' I giggled.



''Oh your so glad were in a store right now.'' He chuckled.



''Bite me,Bieber.'' I giggled,sticking my tongue out at him.



'' was nice talking to you both,but I gotta go.'' Harry replied,shuffling awkwardly.



Is that a hint of jealous I see?



''Okay,bye Harry..I'll text you about what time you can come around.'' I smiled,pulling him in for a brief hug.



''Sure,see you guys later,bye gorgeous.'' Harry smiled,winking at me before he walked out of the isle and entered another a few rows away.



''Gorgeous?'' Justin asked,crossing his arms over his chest.






''He called you gorgeous.'' 



''what's wrong with that?'' 



''You liked it,didn't you.'' Justin narrowed his eyes at me.



''Well any girl would like it if a boy called her it's chuck norris or Obama.'' I rolled my eyes.



''Yeah but it's Harry Styles..the kid who has a crush on you.'' 



''He doesn't have a crush on me? what?'' I cried with frustration.



Justin scoffed. ''Oh please,it's so obvious Tori.'' Justin muttered before picking up his basket and walking out of the isle.



this boy get's on my nerves



''YOU COMING OR WHAT?'' Justin yelled as he got in line for the check out.



scratch that,all the time.






sorry it's short,need to go to bed because im getting up at half 7 to go shopping:/









let me just tell you something....shit is about to go dowwwwwnnnn doe(;




Stay beautiful<3



Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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