The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


4. The 'Date'


Justins POV:


i arrived at school,even more depressed then i usually am,Tori promised me that derek and her are over,but now i have to deal that she forgave him,i love Tori,but i guess she would never go for just a nerd.




i locked my car door and walking inside of school,a croud of people were surrounding Tori as Derek came into view. Tori was smiling at something Derek had given her,which as soon i soon found out it was a necklace with the letter 'D' hanging from a chain.


My heart slowly broke in two.



she probably has forgotten all about me by now,i has been 3 days.



Tori's POV:


after the crowd moved from around Derek and I,Derek pressed his lips into mine.



''so where are we going tonight?'' i asked once i pulled away.



''My Favourite Restaurant''.



''Cool,what time?'' i smiled up at him.




''Five,because i have to be somewhere afterwards'' derek said as his eyes drifted off somewhere,i followed his Gaze as it met Taylors.





i haven't made up with that bitch yet...ew.




why the fuck was he staring at her?




''where do you have to be?'' i asked snapping his gaze from Taylors



'' where,dont worry about it'' he smiled



''let's just go.'' i shook my head and rolled my eyes.




out of the corner of my eye,i saw Justin. I Couldn't help but smile and wave lightly.



He avoided eye contact with me and quickly walked in the other direction.






i shrugged it off as Derek dragged me into the classroom. I was actually tired of him man-handling me the way he does,were definitely going to have a talk tonight.





''come on,let's go'' Derek shouted, i rolled my eyes.



''Derek,just go on,I wanna walk''.



''Whatever'' Derek muttered and pulled out of the schools car park.



i roughly ran my hands through my hair,he was starting to piss me off,again.



''Justin wait up!'' i yelled out as i spotted justin getting into his car from a distance




''y-yes?'' he stuttered once got to him.



''um..can you come over? i need your help with something''.



''w-what about d-derek?'' he stuttered again



''You'll be gone before he pickes me up,trust me'' i assured him.




''s-sure,g-get in'' he quickly walked over to the passenger side of the car and opened it for me.



''thankyou'' i smiled,tightly touching his arm. he shivered when i touched him,his face looked a little shocked,but i slid into the car ignoring it.




''look justin,I'm uh..really sorry about the Derek thing'' i said turning towards him when he sat in the seat.



''N-No,its f-fine'' he mumbled adjusting his glasses.



''you're so understanding'' i said and lightly pecked his cheek,justin bit his lip and his cheeks turned pink. ''your adorable when you blush'' i giggled making him even redder.






Justin followed me into my house as i lightly grabbed his hands and pulled him upstairs.



''w-why are we i-in here?'' justin asked looking around.




''i want your opinion on my dress for tonight.'' i smiled and walked over to my closes,i pulled out two dresses and held them up ''Green or purple?''



''T-the g-green one,it brings out y-your e-eyes''. 



''thanks cutie,i love this one too.'' i smiled. ''i'll be right back''.




after changing,i walked back into my room.




''so,how do i look?'' i asked spinning around in the dress,it was thigh length,and it had a square shaped hole in the back of it,allowing my shoulder bones to be noticed.




''g-great,g-gorgeous'' justin stuttered as his eyes grew wide.



my cheeks grew hot,and flushed a brilliant colour of pink,Derek has never called me gorgeous before.




''thanks,well um....i have about eight minutes untill Derek comes''




''oh,w-well i should g-get going anyways'' justin stood up. ''b-bye Tori''.



before justin could leave,i took a step forward and pecked his cheek. ''Bye Justin'' i waved.






''cheer up,its no big deal'' derek rested his hand on my thing,i was currently sitting in Derek's car as i explained to him that picking me up half an hour late is stupid,and he should have least called to tell me he was running late.



''whatever.'' i muttered and shrugged it off as Derek pulled up in the McDonalds parking lot.








''i thought we were going to a restaurant?''





''duh,this is one''.




this definitely wasn't going to end on a good note.



i opened the passenger seat door myself, and followed derek inside. ''go sit,ill order'' 




i obeyed and walked over to a corner  table and sat down,i fiddled with my fingers waiting patiently,i really need a manicure.



''here'' derek laid a tray of food down in the centre of the table.




''a salad?'' i asked ''couldn't you have gotten me a big mac or something'' .




''i don't date fat girls'' Derek laughed.



i rolled my eyes,tempted to slap him across his fucking face,but i resisted.







Time ticked by ,it was basically silence for a while,untill derek spoke up. ''You know baby,we've been dating a while now'' he rubbed my thigh.




''no'' i sternly said. i wasn't ready to give up something i had full rights over to a jerk like him.



''why the hell not?'' he whined.



''Because im not ready,Derek,and that's the final answer. No'' i shrugged



''whatever'' he mumbled



i was beginning to wonder if he even care about me...and not just for my body,i mean he's always all over me...but it isn't that what you do when your inlove? share it physically and not just emotionally.












''Whats my favourite colour?'' i asked 




''why?'' he frowned/




''answer my question'' i snapped




''ermm,uh..'' he looked at my dress ''green?'' he raised his eyebrows




that was it...




i stood up and poured all my sprite all over him.




''what the fuck tori?'' Derek shouted




''your an ass. i cant believe i even dated you,your a hearless fucktard,you dont give a flying fuck about anyone else but yourself'' i shouted ''and for your information,its Purple,not green...dickhead'' i shook my head and began walking out.



''that's why i still beat Justin's ass everyday after school'' derek called after me.




the fuck did that bitch just say?



i felt my legs move back towards him,my blood hot, i lifted my leg up scoring a hit to his filthy dick.



''stay the fuck away from him'' i spat




running out of the filthy place, i took my heels off and sprinted back to Derek's house,i couldn't stop crying,but i was eager to see justin.



the salty  substance welled up in my eyes,causing my sight to blur.



but i didn't care.



I Needed him.



Once i arrived at his house,i loudly banged my hand against the door. ''Justin,justin,are you in there?'' i yelled out.


The door slowly opened revealing justin.



''Justin,'' i sniffed and stepped inside. I Pulled him into a hug. ''Justin,its over....Derek and i are over,Please forgive me...i Just need a friend'' i cried.



''i-it's going to be okay,everything's going to be a-alright'' his voice cooes over my ear.




''c-can your sleep over tonight,please?'' i stared up at him,as i sniffed for the millionth time.



''s-sure,....I've j-just got to p-pack''.



''thankyou j-justin,ill help y-y-you'' 



i think i made the right decision,justins always there for me,and Derek Wasn't.




i dont know if i do,but if i did have feelings for justin,i wouldn't mind at all.





i rested my head on Justin's chest as we cuddled, i was trying to get him to be clam around me,after all nothing to be nervous about. ''justin,what are you doing tomorrow?'' 



''w-whatever you want to do''.



''well,i want to get some new clothes,but i dont wan't to drag you around everywhere'' i glanced up at him.



''n-no, i like b-being with y-you.'' he smiled down at me, i felt an unfamiliar feeling in my stomach.





i bit my lip and blushed. '' i like being with you too,justin'' i smiled.



the feelings were getting bigger.






ohh wow.



Derek you flying piece of smelly shit.




they finally broke up (:



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