The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


20. The Accident


Tori's POV:



''Hey babe,wanna go to the beach today?'' Justin asked fixing his attention on me.




''Sure,whatever.'' I yawned.




''Okay,get ready,we'll leave in 20 minutes.'' Justin muttered jumping up from the couch we were currently sat on.




''M'kay.'' I muttered as I trudged upstairs.




*5 minutes later*



*I climbed out the shower and pulled on my bikini*




Knowing Justin was in the main room,I brought in my Bikini..because knowing him,he wouldn't leave.



*I pulled my hair out of it's messy bun and let it hang loose over my shoulders,I grabbed my iPhone and shuffled outside back into the bedroom.*




''Fucking hell, look hot.'' Justin muttered whilst travelling his eyes up my body.




''Better put my clothes over the top then.'' I laughed walking over to the walk-in wardrobe and grabbing a navy blue tank and my Levi jean shorts.




''Don't do that.'' Justin sighed falling back on the bed.





''Get your ass up and change..I'm not waiting for you.'' 




''You waiting for me? please....I wait for you,and If you haven't noticed yet,I am changed.'' 




''I obviously wasn't paying attention to you,I's're not hot or anything.'' I giggled sliding my phone into my pocket.




''Wanna say that again?'' Justin smirked.




''Sure,I said it's understandable...because you're not hot or anything.'' I repeated.




*I looked over at Justin to see him walking towards me,I walked backwards just as Justin lunged at my waist,pulling me into his grasp and throwing me on the bed,he climbed on top of me pinning my arms down with one arm and the other tickling me*




''S-Stop'' I laughed dodging Justin's grip on my hand.




*Justin grabbed my hand and pinned it down again,bringing his head closer to my face*




''No can do,babe.'' Justin whispered.




''If that was supposed to seduce've got another thing coming.'' I laughed.




*Justin's face dropped and almost instantly he started to tickle me again,this time sitting on my hips,stopping me from kicking at him*




''S-STOP! I-I CAN'T B-BREATHE!'' I laughed hysterically.



''Awwhhh,It ickle Tori sowwy now?'' 




''No,your just stopping me from breathing,butthole.'' 




''I wouldn't mind.'' Justin muttered.




What the fuck did he just say?




*I looked up at Justin,giving him the best glare I could possibly do*




''I'm kidding babe.'' Justin laughed leaning down to kiss me.




*I dodged his kiss*




''Torrriiii,kiss me.'' Justin whined.




''No,you basically said you want me dead.'' I spat.




''It was a joke.'' 




''Wouldn't it be funny if I actually stopped breathing though,yeah...hilarious.'' I spat sarcastically.




''I'm know I love you.''




''You took it too far,Justin.'' 




''I'm sowwy.'' Justin pouted.








''Whatever.'' I muttered turning over to lay on my stomach.




At this point Justin is still sat on top of me,is he going to leave me alone and let me get up? no...that's exactly why I've turned over.




''Tee,I didn't mean it...please forgive me.'' Justin replied trying to sound as 'cute' as possible.




awwwwwwhhhhhh not working.



''That was fucking harsh though,Justin...I wouldn't dare say that to you even if I was joking...because what happens if I took what you said to heart and actually killed myself.'' I muttered,my head embedded in the blankets.




''My life wouldn't be worth living if you killed yourself,you're worthy of all the love in the world and If you died,I would probably kill myself too.'' Justin spoke into my ear.




''Don't be stupid...why would you kill yourself for me?'' 




''Because you're my everything,and I love you so so so much.'' 




''That's nice.'' I said smirking into the pillow.




Of course I love him endlessly aswell,but this is a little payback for what he said.




'' can't be mad at me for was a joke.'' Justin sighed resting his chest on my back.




''Do you mind.'' I muttered still not glancing up from the pillow.




''Tori.'' Justin sighed.








''Forgive me.'' 




a long silence followed..







and again..




''I will kiss you to death.'' 




''Good luck trying to peel me off this cover.'' I shot.




''Fine,have it the hard way..I know you can't resist my kisses.'' 




''Fuck you,you're a lit-''




''What position.'' Justin chuckled.




''Your disgusting.'' I shot.




*I felt a light kiss being placed on my cheek,I moved my head to the other side so Justin couldn't kiss it,but Justin leaned over the other side and kissed my other cheek,I buried my head into the blanket as far as I could,I heard justin snigger*




''You'll have to come up for air soon.'' He chuckled getting prepared to kiss me full on the mouth.




''Nuh uh.'' I mumbled into the blanket.




*I placed my hands under my head so my face wasn't muffled in the pillows,suddenly I felt Justin's cold hands reach under my arms and smack my face lightly,I bit his finger and buried my head back into the bed*




''You little shit.'' I heard Justin mutter before he put his whole body weight on me.




''Fuck off Justin,you're so annoying.'' I spat.




''No,I'm cute.'' I heard Justin mutter.




''Seriously? now is not the time for jokes.'' 




''I'm sorry,baby...I'm being a jerk...I know,I just love getting you mad because you look so hot.''




''Watch what you say,Bieber.'' 




''Oh,back to last names...fine with me...Brooks.'' I heard Justin snigger.




*I stayed quiet*




If I let something slip out of my mouth that's in my head right now,we would be in a fight...and I'm not in the mood to be in a argument with this looser.




''Babe,look at me.'' Justin whispered into my ear.




*I flinched slightly,shaking my head,I heard Justin sigh before I felt another 20 or so kisses being placed all around my covered face,Justin then reached his hands under my arms like earlier and tried to pull me up,but I stiffened and fell back onto the bed*




''You're so difficult.'' I head Justin mutter.




I scoffed. ''Pfft,you're the one to speak.'' 




*I heard Justin chuckle again before I felt him kissing my temple*




''Not working.'' 




''Maybe this will.'' I heard Justin seductively whisper.




I merely rolled my eyes,amused at the lengths he would go to get my attention.




*I suddenly felt Justin's hand place on the small of my back,his lips pressed up to my neck kissing me softly up to my hidden jawbone* the fuck is he kissing me on my neck when I'm covering my head?



''If this doesn't work..I might have to go one step further.'' I heard Justin mutter to himself.




*My head shot up at that point*




Nope,not happening.




''Alright,I'm fucking what do you want?'' 




''I want you to kiss me.'' 












''Are you 2 now?'' 




''Uh,no...I'm 17.'' 




''Yeah,with the brain and maturity of a 5 year old.'' I Muttered.




''I'd be careful if I were you Brooks...'' 




''And why's that?'' 




''Because I can TICKLE YOU!'' Justin yelled,pouncing on me again and pinning me to the bed.








*Justin carried on*





''J-Justin! Stop!'' 




*Justin stopped tickling me and stared down at me,looking straight into my eyes as his smile dropped from his lips,he slowly shut his eyes and leaned in,placing a soft sweet kiss on my lips,Justin smiled into the kiss as he soon realised I was kissing back,he entwined his fingers with mine which were still pinned to the bed as he deepened the kiss*



''I love you so much Tori.'' Justin whispered into my lips between kisses.




''I love you so much too,Justin.'' I replied smiling up at him.




*Justin closed his eyes for a couple of seconds before opening them again,a genuine happy smile forming on his lips,Justin bit his lip,smirking as he hovered over me*




He know's that lip biting is my weakness...goddammit.




''My prize possession

one and only

adore ya girl I want ya

the one I can't live without

that's you,that's you'' Justin sang softly into my ear before crashing his lips into mine.




*He licked my bottom lip,asking for entrance,I gladly accepted,Justin placed his hands around my neck,pulling me closer to him,he broke apart from the kiss and nestled his head in my neck*




''It's our 2 month anniversary tomorrow,baby.'' Justin whispered into my ear.




''I know,I've brought your present already.'' I giggled




*I felt Justin smile against my neck as he started placing butterfly kisses up to my jaw*




''Same here.'' Justin mumbled into my neck sending shivers up my spine.




''Alright...before we take this any further and get carried away,we still need to get to the beach...remember?'' I giggled pushing Justin off me.




''Yeah you're right.'' 




''I'm always right.'' 




''Woah,were not starting this again!'' Justin chuckled




''Let's just forget about it.'' 



''Okay,Shawty let's go,go,go,Shawty let's roll,roll,roll.'' Justin sang as he pulled me up off the bed and into his arms.



''Alright lover boy,get your shit together and let's go.'' 








*****30 minutes later******




*We pulled up in the local parking lot located on the beach,and stepped out the car,taking off my shorts and coverup*



Justin's outfit:

Tori's outfit:


''This beach is crowded.'' Justin exclaimed.




''Yeah well,if you didn't try to seduce me for like 40 minutes then maybe we would actually get a good spot on the beach.'' 




''What do you mean try? I did seduce you.'' Justin frowned.




''Keep dreaming,Justin...Keep dreaming.'' I giggled.




''I think this is around the time you run,Tori.'' Justin smirked walking forward.




*I shrieked loudly and ran down the sand hill and onto the populated beach,Justin running shortly behind me*




''Fuck,fuck,fuckk!'' Justin shrieked from behind me.




*I turned around to see Justin lying on the part of the empty spot on the beach near the shack,I laughed and ran up to him,kneeling next to him.*




''You alright,buddy?'' I smiled.



*Justin's agonising face instantly disappeared as a mischievous smirk crept up on his face,before he lunged forward and wrapped his arms around my waist firmly,before jumping up and sprinting down the beach with me still in his arms*





''PUT ME DOWN BIEBER!'' I shrieked slamming my fists onto his back.




''Hold on tight,babe.'' Justin laughed.




*Suddenly I was plunged into the cold water,reaching up to my waist,I shrieked as I realised  Justin wasn't in the water*




Where is that little motherfucker when you need him.




*I scanned the beach with my eyes where the bags were but could not see him,suddenly I felt something brush my leg,I shrieked and struggled in the water,sending me to slip and go under water*




Did I mention that I can't fucking swim properly?




*I tried to reach the surfice which was only a foot above me,but I just stayed in my position,stuck*




At this point I was freaking shitting bricks...where the fuck is Justin when I fucking NEED him?




*I tried screaming but water spilled into my mouth*








*Just when I felt myself become light headed and dizzy,I felt a strong grasp around my waist and with one quick movement,I was at the surface of the water and gasping for air*




''Oh my,O-Oh my fucking god...Tori....TORI! can you hear me? Tori? ohh fuckk...please tell me your okay...Tori! please don't die on me,I'm so was a stupid joke...I'm so sorry baby,please tell me you're okay? Babe...babe! wake up! please...please wake up!'' Justin cried hysterically.






That's it for today guyyssss....woah woah woah shit's going doownn










Stay Beautiful<3




Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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