The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


47. Talcum Powder Tantrums Part 2



I slowly opened my eyes to see nothing but the small light visible from the lampshade in the corner of the room.


This isn't our room?



It finally snapped in my head that we were currently in the guest room of the Bieber's..



I turned over in search to see Justin sleeping next to me but the bed was empty,I sighed and sat up rubbing my eyes as I looked all around for the kids…nowhere.


''Justin? hello?'' I called out warily,my voice still hoarse from my couple of hours sleep I just had.



I jumped out of bed and made the bed to be respectful,I pulled my hoodie closer to my body as I noticed the temperature of the house decrease,causing me to quicken my steps on the cold wooden floor,I shivered and walked down the stairs.



''Hello?'' I asked,chattering my teeth.



''Oh hey Tori,is everything alright?'' Jeremy asked.



''Oh,hey I was just wandering where Justin and the kids went.'' I yawned,covering my hands in the sleeves of my jumper.




''Oh,Justin took them sledging on the hill,he didn't want to wake you so he took the kids,he's been gone about 20 minutes.'' Jeremy asked as I watched him grab 2 cups from the cupboard in the kitchen. ''Want a hot cocoa?'' He asked,turning around briefly.



''Yes please.'' I smiled,sitting down on the bar stool.



''You know…your a very polite girl,I'm glad Justin has you.'' He replied adding the marshmallows and whipped cream to the top.



He sat opposite me and handed me the cup,I smiled gratefully and held it in my freezing hands as I looked at him. ''I'm glad I have Justin.'' I smiled,looking down at the counter.



''So…why my son?'' 



''What do you mean?''



''Why Justin? out of everyone?'' 



''He's just perfect in every single way,he's my best friend too and I can pour my heart out to him and he would sit there and listen even if he didn't want to,he's just perfect.'' I blushed,taking a sip of the cocoa.



''You guys are so cute together'' Jeremy chuckled,shaking his head as he looked out the kitchen window at the thick sleet falling to the snow covered floor. ''Where are you guys staying while your in Canada?'' He asked,directing his gaze back on me.



''UmThe cabin,Justin said it was your family home or something…he insisted,I wouldn't of minded staying in a hot-''



''Don't be silly! i would never let you and Justin stay in a hotel when there is a perfectly fine house there for you guys.'' 



''Haha thanks.'' 




''Listen…I've been meaning to talk to you…I mean,i really appreciate that you did this for Justin.'' 



''No problem,I care about him so much and I think that family are so important..and I knew that he missed you guys more than anything…and he's always doing stuff for me so I wanted to give back.'' 



''Well thank you.'' 




''Really it's nothing.'' 



''Yes it means everything to us and I can't say thank you enough.'' 



''Really Jeremy,it was the least I can do…you guys are amazing anyway.'' I giggled,setting my half cup of hot cocoa back on the counter.



Jeremy just smiled before he placed his cup on the counter. ''Do you love him?'' He asked hesitantly,looking up at me.



''Yes…with all my heart.'' 



''And has Justin said it back?'' He asked,tapping his hand on the table.



''Of course.'' I asked shakily.



''Do you like Jazzy and Jax?'' He asked.



''I-I love them.'' I whispered,scared at where he was coming from.



Suddenly Justin walked into the house.




''JUSTIN MARRY THIS GIRL.'' Jeremy shouted,taking a chunk of cheese and walking out into the hallway.



''IM WORKING ON IT DAD.'' Justin yelled,a massive grin on his face as he walked into the kitchen to see me sat there blushing. ''Hey baby,have a good sleep?''



''Yes thanks,why didn't you wake me? I wanted to go sledging with you guys.'' I pouted,letting Justin kiss me on the cheek as he bent down and side hugged me.




''Well Jax still isn't satisfied so maybe we could go out again later,but right now I'm freezing and i think my finger will drop off,i better go rescue them because you wouldn't like me to be fingerless would you?'' Justin smirked,pulling me up and hugging me,gripping my ass.



''Stop.'' I hissed,pushing him away and walking into the hallway to see Jazzy sat at the bottom of the stairs ready to start a tantrum.



''What's wrong sweetie?'' I asked,kneeling down to her height.



Her face instantly lightened up and she ran into my arms. ''SISSY! I MISSED YOU!'' She yelled,jumping onto my lap and grabbing my top.



I giggled and got up,making sure she was still holding onto me as I walked into the living room where Justin and the rest of the family were.



''Justin why is Jazzy upset?'' 



''Oh yeah..she uh,she was in a tantrum because she thought you left us because you didn't come sledging and she thought there was no more 'sissy and justy sitting in the tree'.'' Justin replied,smirking.



''Don't leave us sissy,I love you.'' Jazzy murmured,holding onto me tighter.



''Awhh…sweetie,I'm only going to leave if you guys don't want me here.'' I replied.



''WELL YOU STAY AND FOREVER.'' She yelled,pointing at Jeremy,then Jaxon and then staring at Justin for a couple of seconds before she put her head back on my chest



Justin chuckled and coughed awkwardly. ''She will be staying forever if I can help it.'' 




I looked over at him and saw Jeremy staring at Justin in awe as Justin turned a cute shade of red. ''Awhh.'' I cooed.



''Wait what? who was that?'' Justin chuckled,scratching the back of his neck.



I giggled and walked over to the couch and sat down next to Justin.



''Here lemme have her.'' Justin replied,holding his arms out for Jazzy to climb into.



Jazzy shook her head and dug her hands into my top. ''You meany to sissy.'' She pouted.



''What did he say about me sweetie?'' 



''He said-'' 



''Shhhh,hey wanna lollypop?''



''No..he said that he was going to throw snow in your eye.'' She pouted. ''But don't worry,princess Jazzy will protect you from the evil dragon.'' She replied,sticking her tongue out at Justin.



''Oh really?'' I replied,narrowing my eyes at Justin.






''Oh your so lucky I can't be bothered to lift a finger right now,or you'd be dead.'' I laughed,swinging my head back and resting it on the top of the couch.




''Young love.'' Jeremy chuckled,turning on the tv which automatically showed dora the explorer.



''YAYY!'' Jazzy screamed,shuffling in my lap so she could see the tv.



''Awh.''I laughed,kissing her hair before smoothing it down with my hands.



Out the corner of my eye I saw Justin staring at me,I looked over and he was grinning at me?



''Why you so smiley?'' 



''Because seeing my beautiful girlfriend and my little cherubs make me have hope.'' He shrugged,picking Jax off the floor and setting him on his lap as Jaxon used the couch as a run way for his toy plane.



''Hope for what?''



''That one day we have our own little family.''






''JUSTY AND SISSY SITTING ON THE TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G!'' Jazzy chanted,hitting Justin's chest playfully as she happily sung.



''Jazzy and Jaxon buzzing like a bee,if they don't run I'll tickle their feet!'' Justin chanted,reaching for Jazzy.



''NOOOOO'' She yelped,curling up in my lap.



''SISSY SAVE ME.'' Jaxon yelled,holding out his hand for me to take as Justin continued to tickle his feet.



''That was disturbingly in accurate Justin,bee's don't have feet like us,plus it didn't rhyme.'' I laughed,sticking my tongue out as I grabbed Jaxon and sat him on my lap,Justin leaned over and started to tickled them in my arms,I got up and ran up the stairs,both the little ones in front.



''Quick,into the bathroom!'' I giggled,pushing them gently into the bathroom.



''ROAAAR'' Justin screamed,charging up the stairs after us.




''AHHH SISSY DONT LET HIM IN!"Jaxon screamed,jumping into the bathtub with Jazzy and ducking down.



I giggled and locked the door.



It's so cute how scared they are when they know just as much as I do that Justin would never hurt them..



I ran over to the kids and hid in the bathtub with them,as Justin pounded on the door.



''I KNOW YOUR IN THERE,ROAAARR!"He yelled,jiggling the door handle.



Jaxon started to yelp,I picked him up and put him on my lap and pulled him into my chest as he began to breathe fast. ''Don't worry Jax,you're okay,Justin's kidding.'' I giggled,kissing his set of blonde hair.



''IM NOT SCARED OF A BIG POO MONSTER LIKE YOU!'' Jazzy yelled,getting out the tub and unlocking the door before sticking her tongue out at Justin.



before I could even laugh Jazzy began to scream as Justin lifted her up and ran away.



I got Jax off my lap and he ran out the room. ''JAZZY!'' He yelled,looking in all the rooms.



I ran after him,trying not to step on his little feet as he ran in front of me.



''In here Jax.''  I laughed,once I saw Justin sat on the bed tickling  Jazzy.



''HEY YOU BIG MONSTER GET OFF HER!"Jaxon yelled,running up to Justin and tugging his trouser leg.



Justin picked Jaxon up too and threw him onto the bed before he tickled them both.



''Okay Justin,that's enough they might bring up their dinner.'' I laughed,walking over to him and slapped his shoulder.



Justin stopped tickling them causing them to roll off the bed and run away from Justin,he looked up at me and smirked. ''Look at you being all motherly.'' Justin chuckled,grabbing my waist and digging his fingertips into my side,causing me to squirm and fall back onto the bed,Justin sat on my waist and continued to tickle me as I uncontrollably laughed.



''N-Not agai- OWWW'' I yelped,feeling Justin squeeze my boob. ''Hey! hands off.'' I laughed,swatting his hands away from the bottom of my shirt.



''Babee..tonight we HAVE to have sex,you being all cute with the kids is making me horny.'' Justin chuckled,kissing my neck once.



''Ew…get off.'' I laughed.



''Not until you kiss me.'' He replied cheekily.



''Fine.'' I replied,I grabbed his cheeks with my hands and pulled him closer before I smashed my lips into his,I pulled away only for my lips to be concealed with Justin's as he continued to caress my side as we kissed.



I pulled away and Justin hovered his lips over mine,breathing heavily.



He latched his teeth onto my bottom lip and gently tugged. ''Later is a promise babe.'' He whispered,before he kissed my jawbone once and got off me.



I rolled my eyes at his boyish ways and got up,I walked out and went back downstairs to find Jaxon sleeping in Jeremy's arms.



''Awhh aren't they precious?'' I muttered,looking at Jazzy curled up next to Jeremy.



''Not as precious as me.'' Justin sang,dropping back onto the sofa and putting his feet up.



''Tssk,Justin don't be so rude,let Tori sit down.'' Jeremy scolded,swatting Justin's head.



I giggled and shook my head. ''It's fine,I like the floor better anyways.''



I prepared to sit down on the floor in front of Justin before He grabbed my waist and pulled me onto his lap,I sighed and got comfy as Justin started to play with my hair.



''I love you.'' Justin whispered into my ear.



''I love you too.'' I replied,smiling at how content and carefree everything was right now.



Suddenly that all changed when a panicked constant wrapping was heard at the front door.



''JEREMY? JEREMY ARE YOU IN?'' Someone shouted. ''OH GOSH WHAT'S GOING ON?!'' They yelled again.



I frowned and Jumped off Justin's lap as he indicated me to get up,he walked over to the door and opened it to see a short brunette haired woman positively scared for her life.



''Mom?'' Justin asked,completely shocked at who he just discovered at the door.



So this is the woman who constantly chose Justin over Derek? the woman who neglected her own children and took dedication in her work instead of keeping the family spirit in her house? Is this the woman who wasn't there for Justin when I was? Is this the woman who left me picking up all the pieces?







​I'm sorry this is a crappy chapter,I just need to update...











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