The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


46. Talcum Powder Tantrums Part 1



''I'm really not sure about this.'' Justin whined,tying the laces to his new vans he purchased the other day.



''Justin you'll be fine...I should be more scared than you,I'm meeting your parent's for god sakes!'' I laughed,trying to lighten up the mood.



''I'm not scared....I'm just worried.'' 



''Same thing buddy,same come on,I told Jeremy we would get there by 2,it's now quarter too!'' I yelled,grabbing his hand and pulling him off the couch.



I could feel Justin trembling as his hands began to shake.



''Justin,you're okay...take deep breaths.'' I whispered,stroking the pad of my thumb over his cold hands.



I looked up to see Justin was pale and staring straight ahead oh him,he was emotionless and completely still.



'''s okay...I'm always gonna be here for you.'' I replied,leaning up and stroking his face.



Justin flinched and pulled away,directing his eyes at mine.



He looked lost,scared.



''D-Don't leave me.'' 



''I'm not going anywhere...please,Justin,you can do this..I love you and so does your family...I did this for you.'' I replied,wiping a tear that slipped from his eyes.



''I thought they hated me.'' 



''No body hates hear me? your the most loveable person ever...your family need you Justin.'' I whispered,looking at his glazed eyes.



''Just promise me you'll be by my side the whole way.'' 




''You can count on me.''







After a few minutes of convincing Justin that everything will be fine,we turned up at the doorstep of Justin's parent's house.



''When you're ready ill ring the bell.'' I answered,looking over at Justin who was looking at his feet.



I leaned up and kissed his cheek,showing him I was here with him and I'm not going anywhere.



Justin took one deep breath and nodded his head. ''I'm ready.'' He whispered,slowly rising his head.



I stood up on my tiptoes and kissed him,showing him I was truly there for him.



Justin smiled down at me gratefully and rang the door bell,he grabbed my hand and squeezed it.



It began to hurt but I let it slip as he's just nervous.



The door finally opened and there stood Jeremy,with Jaxon hanging off his hip.



''Justin? oh my god!'' He whispered,reaching forward and pulling Justin into a tight hug.



I couldn't help but let a tear slip as I watched the two come together for the first time in years.



''You have no idea how much we have missed you,I'm so glad you're here.'' Jeremy gushed,putting Jaxon down on the floor and giving Justin another hug.



Justin sniffed and nodded his head,still shocked by the whole situation.



Jeremy took a step back and smiled. ''You've changed...I like the style''He chuckled.



Justin shakily laughed before he looked back and smiled at me. ''Thanks,but I can't take credit for something my beautiful girlfriend did.'' He replied,grabbing my hand and pulling me into his chest.



Jeremy then turned to look at me,a slow smile crawled up his face and his eyes began to water.



He rushed forwards and enveloped me in a hug,I hugged back and smiled at Justin. 



''Thank you so much for bringing me and my son back means so much to me and the kids.'' He replied,letting go and stepping back.



''My pleasure sir.'' 



'' me Dad,you're already apart of this family.'' 



I smiled and looked at Justin. 



''You've picked well,Son...I love her already.'' Jeremy chuckled,patting Justins shoulder.



''Thanks dad.'' Justin chuckled.



''Wanna see the kids? I haven't told them you're here yet...I wanted it to be a surprise.'' 



''Sure.'' Justin gulped.



''You're fine Justin.'' I whispered,taking his hand and leading him the way that Jeremy disappeared to.



We walked into a play room and instantly screams were heard,Jazzy who was sat on the floor playing with her princess house jumped up and ran straight at Justin,hugging his legs.



I laughed and moved away so Justin could have a moment with them alone.



But that soon ended when I felt a small tug on my jeans,I looked down to see Jaxon looking up at me through his long eyelashes,I crouched down and smiled at the cute little boy infront of me.



''Hey buddy.'' I cooed,hugging him back after he swung his arms around my neck.



''I love you.'' He murmured.



Aww's filled the room and I instantly giggled. ''I love you too Jaxon.'' 



Jaxon pulled out the hug and looked at me. ''What is your name?'' 






''Are you a princess like Jazzy?'' 



''I don't you wan't me to be?'' I giggled.



''Yes,and I be your husband.'' He grinned,running forwards and hugging me again.



Jeremy chuckled. ''It seems like Jaxon already likes you.'' 



''Hey little bud,hand's off...she's mine.'' Justin replied,pulling Jaxon out my arms and picking him up and spinning around in circles as Justin laughed.



''NO! she's mine!"Jaxon whined,slapping Justin's chest and wriggling out of his arms.



Justin laughed and placed him on the floor before he ran straight up to me and sat on my lap,digging his head into my shirt and sucking his thumb.



I watched as Jazzy hesitantly walked over to me,so stood infront of me and examined my face.



''Sissy?'' She asked.



Justin sat on the floor next to me and leaned up towards my ear. ''She's asking if your a's her own little language.'' Justin chuckled.



''Yes.'' I giggled,looking back at Jazzy.



She squealed and jumped into my lap,joining her brother as they both cuddled up to me.



''You pretty.'' Jazzy mumbled,looking up at me.



''So are you sweetie,and you wanna know what?'' I asked.






''I heard that you like princesses,so I got you a little present.'' I giggled,reaching behind my back and pulling out cinderella from my back pocket.



Jazzy squealed and took the doll,she cradled her in her arms and looked back up to me. ''I love you.'' She whispered,before she got up and hugged me properly.



''Is Justin your girlfriend?'' She asked.



I laughed at her cuteness and nodded my head teasingly. ''Yeah..he is.'' I chuckled,looking down at Justin who was pouting.



Jazzy giggled and ran over to her dolls house,she picked up a small baby and ran back over,she handed it to me and smiled.



''What's this sweetie?''



''My favwouite doll...Im giving it to you.'' She replied.



'' no no,sweetie..she's keep her.'' I giggled,giving her back the small baby.



She nodded and ran back over to her house before jumping down onto the floor and tucking her new doll into bed.



I looked down at Jaxon. ''Don't worry Jax,I didn't forget about you...I got you this.'' I replied,grabbing the dinosaur from behind my back and putting it into his lap.



He took his head out of my shirt and looked up at me,he smiled and got up,before placing a kiss on my cheek and running away with the dinosaur.



''Hey! don't kiss her!'' Justin yelled teasingly,getting up and running after Jaxon.



''What's wrong Bieber?getting jealous of your 3 year old brother?'' I laughed.



Justin narrowed his eyes and ran over to me before tackling me to the floor,the kids screamed and jumped on Justin.






''Oh yes it is!'' 



''No it's not!'' I laughed.



''Yes it is! kids...say yes it is!'' Justin called,looking up at the two little minions perched on his back.



''NO IT'S NOT!'' They cheered.



''HAH!'' I yelled,smirking at Justin as Jazzy and Jax rolled off his back and ran over to me,they helped pull me out from under Justin then sat on the floor next to me,Jazzy pouted and hugged my head.



''JUSTY YOU HURTED HER! NAUGHTY!'' She scolded,looking over at Justin and frowning.



''Hey! you turning my little cherubs against me too?'' Justin pouted,directing his gaze on me as he sat up.



''It's not my fault they love me more.'' I giggled,sticking my tongue out.



Jaxon hugged me and kissed my cheek. ''Sissy,we will make you better..don't die on us!'' He whimpered,hugging me so tight.



Damn this kid has strong arms.



''Don't worry Jax,I'm okay..let's go and see Justin..he looks sad.'' I replied,peeling Jaxon's arms off me and looking over at Justin who was pretending to cry on the floor.



''JUSTY! PLEASE DON'T CRY,I LOVE YOU TOO!'' Jazzy replied,running over to Justin and trying to look over his arms as he cried into his hands.



''RAAAAH!'' Justin yelled,jumping up and grabbing Jazzy.



Jazmyn screamed and giggled,trying to wriggle out of his arms.



''SISSY,SAVE ME FROM THE UGLY DRAGON!'' She yelled,reaching out her hand for me to grab.



I laughed and got up with Jaxon,I set him on my hip and he instantly gripped onto my shirt,I held him with one hand and grabbed Jazzy in the other,I picked her up and ran out the room.



''YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE THE ALMIGHTY DRAGON!'' Justin roared,running after us.



Jazzy yelped and grabbed the talcum powder off the shelf and squeezed it. ''PRINCESSES WIN! WE SPRINKLED FAIRYDUST ON THE DRAGON AND HE DIED!'' She sang.



I gasped and took the bottle off her,I set it down and looked at Jazzy.''Jazzy that was naughty!'' I replied.



''I'm sowwy sissy.'' She pouted,pulling her head into my body and hiding her face.



''It's alright sweetheart.'' I replied,kissing her head.



Just then Justin emerged from the misty white surroundings and appeared through the thick talcum powder filled air.



I laughed my ass off once I saw Justin was covered in head to toe with talcum powder..his eyelashes were covered as well as his hair.



''YOU LOOK LIKE AN ALBINO!'' I laughed,running into the nearest room that happened to be a spare bedroom away from Justin.



''Oh your in for it now.'' Justin laughed,walking into the room and jumping over to the bed from where I was standing.



The kids screamed and clutched onto my tighter as Justin rounded me into a corner.



I contained my laughter but once I looked back up to Justin I burst out laughing,it was just too funny..



Justin walked forwards and grabbed my hips,before he pushed me back on the bed,Jazzy and Jaxon crawled away and sat on the pillows and giggled at me as I tried to wriggle away from Justin.



Justin sat on my hips and pinned my hands down with one of his hands as he used the other to tickle me.



''STOP! S-JUSTIN! NO PLEASE!"I laughed,tears rolling down my cheeks at how hard I was laughing.



''Kiss me and I'll stop.'' 



''No infront of the kids.'' I laughed.



''Your loss.'' Justin shrugged before he began to tickle me again.


''F-FINE! OW! NO JUST S-STOP JUSTIN!'' I laughed trying to get out.


Justin stopped and leaned down,he kissed me and tried to further the kiss,I pushed him away and Justin frowned.



''Kids.'' I whispered.



He just smirked and began to shake his head,causing all of the talcum powder to fall onto me.



''OH HELL NO!'' I yelled,pushing him off me and sitting next to the kids.



I didn't intentionally push Justin off the just kinda happened...kinda.



I shrieked when Justin sat on the bed again and tried to lunge at me for payback.



I got under the quilt and the kids soon followed,snuggling up to me as we hid from Justin.



''Beddy byes.'' Jaxon muttered,curling up next to me.



''Awhh...Justin,stop now...the kids are tired.'' I replied,leaning over and placing the pillow properly under Jazzy's head.



I tried to get up but couldn't as Jaxon groaned and held onto my tighter,I laughed and layed back down,soon to be joined by no other than the albino aka Justin.



''Sup albino.'' I giggled,brushing off some of the powder from his hair.



'' dad isn't going to be too impressed with that when he see's it,so let's just go to sleep so he can't yell at us.'' Justin chuckled,wrapping his arms around me.



''Justy I wan't cuddles.'' Jazzy murmured,rubbing her eyes as she got up and rolled over me so she was in the middle of us.


''I'm guessing you don't want to be on the end either,do you buddy?'' I chuckled,picking Jaxon up and putting him in the middle of me and Jazzy.



''But now were far apart.'' Justin pouted,reaching out and trying to touch me.



''Watch it...there trying to sleep.'' I laughed,swatting his hand away from my face.



Justin just looked at me and smiled.






'''s's just your really good with them.'' Justin smiled.



''I love them.'' I replied,stroking Jazzys hair out of her face as she lightly snored.



''They love you'll be a great mom when were older.'' Justin grinned.



''Thanks..and you'll be a great daddy.'' 



Justin smiled and looked down at the little ones.



''What's the time?'' He asked glancing up at me.



''Like 4...time's gone fast.'' 



'''s around about their nap time...that's why there so tired.'' Justin yawned.



''There not the only ones.'' I laughed,lying back on the pillow.



''Mmhh well...I'm gonna rest for a bit,feel free to do so yourself.'' Justin joked,sending me a playful wink.


''Alright loser,night.'' 



''Night beautiful.''



''Wait...I,but it- okay just..have a good sleep.'' I laughed.



Justin chuckled and shaked his head. ''I got myself a adorable girlfriend.'' He muttered in a british accent.



''Hey that was pretty good!'' I laughed.



''Yeah...that's not the only thing I'm good at.'' Justin smirked,shooting me a suggestful wink



''Okay..moment killer...get some sleep.'' I laughed,pulling the covers over me more.



''You too beautiful,love you.'' 



''Love you too.'' 



And with that the four of us were out like a light...snuggling into the soft blankets as the day passed blissfully.






part 2 soon bitches.



guys don't forget to buy 'Bad day' tomorrow at midnight and also Jai waetford's new single 'Your eyes' if you don't know who he is it's a cute 14 year old with the fetus Justin voice...listen to his audition for x-factor and be prepared to have 2009 feels,because I sure did:')














Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3




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