The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


33. Sort out your problem


Tori's POV:


*I began to pick up all the skittles from the  floor wiping away the tears with the back of my hand lazily,I sat on the floor to find the Skittles which rolled under the tables and fridge*


Why is he being so protective over the truth? you wouldn't care if you weren't cheating as long as you know the truth?



*I sniffed absent-mindedly as the tears still trailed down my cheeks I tried my best to wipe them away but they kept being replaced,I sighed in frustration and ignored the slug like shiny trails showing on my cheeks as the tears finally dried*



This is too much...



*My breathing hitched as the sound of someone's feet shuffling on the tiles filled the room,I ignored the sound and continued to find the skittles which were inconveniently wedged between the fridge and a cabinet next to it,suddenly someone's arms came in contact with my waist causing me to jump slightly,but I quickly recovered from the scare and ignored the presence of Justin as I really wasn't in the mood to talk to him now*




''Princess,I'm sorry.'' Justin whispered into my ear,trying his best to sound as cute and innocent as possible.



*I scoffed and continued to pick up the skittles*



''Baby,please.'' Justin sighed,shuffling on the floor to sit in front of me,I turned my body backwards quickly in fear of Justin seeing my tears.



''Tee,are you crying?'' Justin whispered,trying to catch a glance at my face.






*I merely ignored him and got up off the floor,grabbing the now half full bag of skittles and throwing it in the bin,I walked straight out the room and began to walk up the stairs,Justin running to catch me up*



''Tori,stop.'' Justin pleaded,pulling on my arm as it hung my by side limply.



*I snatched it away and continued  to walk up the stairs,I reached the top and immediately walked into the bedroom before shutting the door right in Justin's face and locking it,I fell onto the bed and buried my head into my crossed arms,lying on my stomach*



''Tori open up!'' Justin yelled,rapping his knuckles on the door.



When will this kid ever leave me alone? isn't it obvious that I don't want to see or speak to him right now? does he think this is some kind of joke and im just being stubborn? does he think after his harsh tone earlier that I would forgive him and move on-



''TORI!'' Justin bellowed,slamming his foot into the door.



*I dug my head further into my arms to cancel out the light from the room and also the sound,I felt the sleeves of my one piece become wet,instantly causing me to break out into a silent sob*



''Baby please..I'm so sorry,just open up!'' Justin yelled again,his raps getting harder against the wooden door.


*I merely stayed quiet,trying my best to block out his annoying pleading voice*



''I won't leave until you open up!'' Justin screamed again.


























''FOR FUCK SAKE,TORI!!!'' Justin screamed,punching his fist into the door.



*I began to cry harder*



Hearing Justin so angry only makes me thing he will do something he will regret..



''TORI,IM NOT FUCKING MOVING UNTIL YOU OPEN THE DOOR AND LET ME IN.'' Justin yelled,the bangs on the door becoming louder.



''I will stay outta here until you open up,so if you want to starve go ahead.'' He spat,rattling the door handle.







''STOP!'' I screamed,cutting him off in mid sentence.


''OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR THEN.'' He screamed back.



*I  held my breath as I silently climbed off the bed,tiptoeing over to the door and unlocking it as slowly and quietly as possible,I sprinted back to my bed and dug my head into the pillow as more tears seeped into the bedding*



''TORI!'' Justin sighed. ''OPEN THE FUCK-''



''IT'S OPEN'' I hissed,sobbing immediately after.



*i heard a faint sigh before a thump,I didn't dare look up when Justin pulled the door handle and walked into the room,he sighed again and shut the door behind him,I dug my head harder in-between my arms and silently sobbed*



''Stop crying.'' Justin sighed.



*I merely ignored him before I felt the bed go down next to me,I instantly shut my eyes tighter,trying to get the tears to stop rolling but sadly I failed*



''Baby,please...tell me what's wrong.'' Justin whispered,stroking my back lightly.



I stayed silent,trying to keep in my sobs.



''Look,I'm sorry about earlier,but those texts just really pissed me off.'' Justin sighed,lying his head on the other half of the pillow,I faced my head to the other side so he couldn't see my tears.



''Stop being stubborn Tori! were not 5 anymore!'' He cried in frustration.



''Just fuck off,I don't want to talk to you right now.'' I spat,sliding off the bed and quickly walking towards the bathroom.



Before I could even open the door I was turned around and pushed up against the door,I let out a whimper from being startled and looked up to see a tear pouring down Justin's cheek.



''Please.'' He whispered,his volume no louder than under his breath.



''I can't,you scared me down there.'' I whimpered,looking to the floor as a tear splashed on the wooden floor.



''I was just angry at the person sending you those texts,I honestly didn't mean to take out my anger on you and shout at you.'' Justin spoke,his voice hoarse.



*I looked up to see the strain on his face,I sighed and shook my head slightly*



''Why did you overreact if you knew it wasn't true?'' I sniffed.



''I-um..I don't know,I just uh-thought you didn't believe me.'' 



''Well my opinion is half and half right now.'' I muttered back,staring into his honeycomb coloured eyes.



''So your saying you don't know what to think?'' Justin raised his eyebrow.



*I nodded slowly,looking into his eyes to try and make him crack*



''I promise you...I-I swear on your life that I'm not cheating,ok?''Justin stuttered,looking around the room before he settled his gaze on me.



''You do realise that if your lying to me,you just swore on my life...meaning something could happen to me if you lie.'' I stated,wiping the tear which trailed down my neck.



Justin gulped before he nodded his head,smiling weakly.



''I-I know baby,I would never lie to you and s-swear on your life.'' He smiled down at me.



*I frowned at his unusual behaviour but shrugged it off as I watched Justin search for something in my eyes*



'' you, you forgive me?'' He asked,placing his hands on either side of my head.



''Depends.'' I smirked,biting my lip slightly knowing it would make Justin go crazy.



''Oh really?'' Justin smirked,stepping forwards so his body was close to mine.



*I smirked and slowly placed one hand on his cheek and the other hand on his thigh,I felt Justin's eyes go wide just as I began to slowly inch my lips closer to his,I watched as Justin close his eyes immediately,causing me  to smirk,Justin waited for me to make the first move as I slowly inched forwards,after a couple of seconds Justin grew inpatient and slammed his lips onto mine,trailing his hands down to sit on my hips,I moved my hand that was originally on his cheek up to the back of his neck and pulled his head closer to mine*



''Mmmm.'' Justin moaned,rubbing my hips with his greedy hands.


*I began to tug at the ends of his hair causing Justin to moan out my name,giving me enough time  to side my tongue into his mouth,I began trailing my hand up and down his thigh causing Justin to press his body into me harder,I reached his croch with one gentle stroke instantly causing a huge moan  from Justin,I pulled away and smirked*



''Easy tigher.'' I whispered,Justin smirked before he pressed his lips back onto mine,after a moment Justin pulled apart and began kissing from my jaw bone up to my earlobe.



''Your making me hard.'' He whispered seductively,before he began kissing down my neck,biting and sucking on my sweet spot.



Fuck,this kid is good...I can't let him give me a hickey and get away with it. 



*I pulled his head away from my neck and brought his lips back to mine,Justin kissed me hungrily as I trailed my hand up and down his leg,Justin pulled apart to let out a moan,which gave me the opportunity to kiss his jawbone,I trailed kisses down his neck stopping at his collar bone before I began sucking and biting on his sweet spot,causing Justin to grip onto my hair,I felt Justin's bulge grow in his pants,I smirked against his skin and brought my lips back up to his,Justin bit down on my bottom lip causing a a moan to escape my mouth*


Hey! I couldn't help it!



*Justin kissed me hungrily,smashing his body up against mine,pressing me up against the wall,I smirked knowing my plan was working and began to trail my hand up and down Justin's upper thigh as he kissed me hungrily,Justin sounded another moan when my hand came in contact with his bulge,I giggled against the kiss and Justin smirked as Justin began to rub my waist with his hands,I took this to my advantage and began rubbing his bulge through the material of his jeans,Justin instantly moaned into my mouth and began to grind on my hips,I carried on rubbing him as Justin deepened the kiss walking me over to the bed,I pushed Justin down onto the bed and climbed on top of him,straddling his waist as I reattached our lips*



I broke away from Justin's lips just as he began to tug at my zip on my onesie,I refused and Justin furrowed his eyebrows in confusion,I just kissed him quickly before leaning into whisper something into his ear.



''I'm pleasuring you first.'' I whispered seductively,Justin's breathing instantly hitched and I smirked before I began kissing his neck,I leaned up and tugged at Justin's shirt,instantly Justin pulled it off and flung it over the other side of the room.



*I smirked and lowered myself to his neck again,biting and sucking on his weak spot,Justin grabbed my ass and squeezed it causing me to gasp,Justin smirked and began to rub my back as I lowered myself down to Justin's chest,I began to rub his abs while trailing my tongue down to Justin's v-lines,I climbed off him*



''Take these off.'' I stated,unbuttoning his jeans for him,Justin smirked and pulled them down,leaving his boxers on,he kicked them off his ankles.



*I began to kiss him again,half of my body on his,Justin licked my bottom lip asking for entrance which I soon granted,I sneakily trailed my hand over his abs and down to his bulge as I continued to make out with him*



''Fuck me already.'' Justin moaned against my lips as I began to rub his shaft through his boxers.



*Justin began to buckle his hips as I squeezed and rubbed his growing bulge,he moaned hungrily before smashing his lips back into mine,I pulled back after a minute and bit his earlobe playfully*



''Later Biebs.'' I muttered before I smirked and climbed off the bed making my way to the door.



''Where are you going?'' I heard Justin ask,I turned around to see him leaning on his elbows,a confused expression across his face.



''You didn't really think I was going to have sex with you after how you treated me earlier did you?'' I giggled before I blew him a kiss and walked out. ''OH,AND YOU MIGHT WANT TO SORT OUT YOUR LITTLE PROBLEM'' I shouted before I walked downstairs.



Justin's POV:



''Where are you going?'' I asked,Tori turned around to look at me.



''You didn't really think I was going to have sex with you after how you treated me earlier did you?'' She giggled before she blew me a kiss and walked out. ''OH,AND YOU MIGHT WANT TO SORT OUT YOUR LITTLE PROBLEM'' She shouted before footsteps were heard walking down the stairs.



*I looked down to see a wet patch in my boxers,I cursed a string of profanities and got up off the bed*



''This is fucking bullshit!'' I screamed,picking up my pants from the floor and chucking them on the bed.





Ooo,Tori's turned badass;)


making Justin get exited and leave him 'exited'? damn gurll










Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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