The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


2. Smoothies



Tori's POV:



I dropped justin back at home,now im going back to mine to finish my project*



***********45 minutes later***********






*i glanced at my phone,derek was calling*



i answered it....




D: ''Hey babe,you coming round now?'' derek asked




this is his sweet side...




T: ''hey Derek,yeah ill be round in 5'' i sighed





D: ''Cant wait to see you'' he whispered down the phone





that gave me chills,and not in a good way..




T: ''okay bye'' i quickly replied




*i hung up and stuffed my phone in my pocket and passed the mirror checking my hair quickly,before i ran downstairs and out the door*





i live just down the road to its only a 5 minute walk...





*******5 minutes later********




*i walked up the yard of Dereks house and knocked on the door*




he better have forgot about what i said earlier...




(AN: ''well finish what we did on friday'' just in case you forgot;) )




*the door swung open,justin stood in the door looking awefull*




''justin,what happened?'' i panicked




half his face is now cut up and bruised,his jaw purple and his right eye swollen.




*i walked past the door and observed his cheeks*




''u-ummh,you better g-g-o see d-derek'' justin stuttered looking down





*i looked past him,seeing blood stains on their carpet,vases and glass smashed all over the floor*




''did Derek do this to you justin?'' i asked worried for his reply




*justin lowered his head more,avoiding my question*





''Hey babe'' i heard someone call




*i looked up to see Derek climbing down the stairs zipping up his fly*




''h-hey'' i replied with a small smile




*derek came to stand next to me,then noticed justin stood infront of me*




''was he talking to you tori?'' Derek asked with his fist clenched by his sighed




''why?'' i frowned confused. Derek suddenly grabbed Justins collar of his shirt.




''You fucking stay the hell away from my girlfriend'' Derek hissed. I firmly pulled Derek away.




''Derek,Derek stop it'' i snapped.





''Let me handle it!!!'' Derek screamed,i rolled my eyes ''Lets just go'' Derek grabbed my wrist and pulled me upstairs,i glared at justin before we climbed the stairs.




''Why do you keep Bothering him?'' i said closing Derek's bedroom door



''He needs to man the fuck up,he's a weak little faggot'' Derek laughed




*i rolled my eyes and looked around his room,my eyes settled on the open window*




''derek,why's your window wide open?'' i asked walking over to it




''umm...uhh,needed air'' Derek awkwardly scratched the back of his neck



i knew he was lying...but why the hell was the window open??



*derek walked up to me and placed his hands on my ass,he started kissing my neck walking me to his bedroom wall*




Derek smelled like candy floss ..that's not my scent...whats  going on? Taylor has a candy floss scented,what am i thinking, Taylor would never do that..



''derek,your hurting'' i wined as Derek roughly kissed my neck




''That means im doing it right'' Derek smirked against my skin,he then bit down harder..obviously im going to have a hickey afterwards. i sucked in my breath as he hitched my legs around his waist.



''Derek stop'' i firmly spoke as he began grinding against me




''Damn Tori'' derek let me go,i quickly walked into his bathroom examining my neck,it looked fine. ''What the fucks your problem?'' derek asked appearing in the mirror.



''I hate it when you do that shit,it hurts'' 



''But you like it'' Derek smirked as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind.



infact,i dont...i hate it.



''i love you Tori,your my baby'' Derek whispered against my neck




i really dont feel like he loves me,but im probably just paranoid...right?







derek went out for a bit,god knows where,he left me alone in his room....he told me to stay away from the faggot,aka justin,but i ignored him seeing as he doesn't own me and walked downstairs,justin was sitting in the lounge watching Animal Planet,awh...that's adorable.



''hey justin'' i said softly sitting next to him,he looked up at me suprised




''U-uhm i-ill just leave''  justin quickly replied as he stood up



''no,stay'' i giggled pulling on his sleeve



''i love Animal Planet,stay'' 



''Derek w-would kill me'' justin muttered looking at the floor




''he doesn't have to know,dont worry,sit'' i smiled 



*justin slowly sat on the edge of the couch i giggled at his shyness*



''no,sit here'' i patted the spot next to me and he shock his head 



*i grabbed justins hand,he jumped slightly at my touch*



''justin,im not going to hurt you'' i whispered



''just sit next to me?'' 




*i tugged his hand gently,he finally moved over and sat next to me,i smiled*




''justin,why does derek bully you?'' i asked slowly




*justin shifted uncontrollably,i watched as he clenched his jaw before releasing it*



''i i i honestly d-dont know,he's a-always been t-this was he h-hates me'' justin stuttered




is he always this nervous??




''Justin,how about we hang tomorrow?'' i suggested.




''Derek w-wouldn't like that'' justins lips trembled.




''he doesn't have to find out '' i begged




i know he has no friends,and i thought it would be a good idea to give him a little company.




''u-um,okay'' justin agreed




*i clapped in excitement and ran over to justin and gave him a hug*



''you can hug me you know'' i giggled. i felt justins arms slowly wrap around me,i slowly pulled away after a fair few seconds and checked my watch.



''i should get going'' i sighed ''but Derek's not here to take me home'' 




''i-ill take y-you'' justin mumbled ''o-only if you w-want'' he quickly added




*i nodded and thanked him*






we pulled up infront of my house,i hugged justin and his arms hesitantly wrapped around my petite waist.




''bye'' i whispered as i pecked justins cheek




*justins face turned a bright red and i giggled*




''I'll text you,okay?'' He nodded and i stepped out of his car and walked inside me house.



*i kicked my shoes off and laid down on my bed,picked up my phone just as it started to ring,i answered*




''hey babe'' i sighed




''WHY THE FUCK DID YOU LET JUSTIN TAKE YOU HOME?!?'' Derek shouted down the phone




*i flinched taking the phone away from my ear for a few seconds,before placing it back to my ear*



''you weren't home to take me,justin kindly offered so i took it,what's the problem?'' 




''dont talk to that fag,he'll ruin your rep'' Derek hissed




thats the thing,i dont give a shit about my reputation.



''Derek i have to go'' i said quickly,i hung up and rolled over in my bed




Justins so sweet,shy and sensitive,Dereks rought,sweet when he wants to be,but he's a popular jerk...




*i closed my eyes as sleep took over me*






i woke up at 10:30,justin and i were supposed to meet at 11:00,i grabbed my phone and dialled his number,he picked up on the first ring.



''hello?'' a groggy voice answered



Justins morning voice is so sexy..




''Hey justin,we still on for 11:00 right?'' i asked




''Oh y-yeah s-sorry,i kinda overslept,i-imma get up now'' he stuttered




''okay,see you soon justin'' i chirped



*i hung up and threw my phone onto my bed,grabbed my clothes and ran to my bathroom*




after my morning routine,i chanfed into some short shorts and a baggy croptop,showing my tanned belly.




*glancing out the window i noticed justins car park in my driveway*



''Bye mom,im hanging out with justin today'' i chirped as i slipped out the door



justin stood on the passenger side of his car,his right hand holding the handle of the car door.His widened as i came into view.




''U-uh y-you look g-great'' he swallowed ''u-um o-h,i m-mean..sorry''.



''Its fine justin,thankyou'' i smiled as i observed him,he was wearing a red and black plaid shirt with some black skinny jeans,and his adorable black glasses. ''you look nice too'' i smiled




*justin blushed*


''so umm...w-where are we g-going?'' he asked



''Lets go get a smoothie'' i smiled



''okay'' justin smiled lightly as we got into his car






i ordered a simple Rasberry and blackcurrent smoothie,justin ordered a strawberry one.




''Its really good'' i slurped



''Y-yeah'' Justin stuttered.



''justin,you dont have to be nervous around me'' i smiled ''but i find it super adorable'' i added



*justin bit his lip and his face turned pink,i laughed at his cuteness as he looked down,i glanced at my smoothie*




ive never had this much fun with Derek,he never takes me out..this is new and i like it.



*i looked back up at justin,his body was frozen and his face was glued to the shops entrance*



''What's wrong?'' i whispered and leaned forward,gently resting my hand on top of his 



''D-derek'' Justin gulped eyebrows raised in confusion,i followed justins glance to see Derek standing in the Entrance.



but he wasn't alone.




There was another girl.










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