The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.





''Hello? Derek? Is that you?'' The woman on the other side of the phone persisted.



*I quickly grabbed it and pressed end call,I punched the steering wheel in frustration and pulled over*


fuck fuck fuck...


''What the fuck should I do?'' I whispered,frantically looking around the cars interior.



Get rid of it...



*I jumped out the car and quickly grabbed the phone,I jogged over to a tree and threw the phone against it,causing it to smash into small pieces,I kicked it until the small computer chips were seen scattered on the floor,I took a shaky breath and ran back to the car*



' in shit' My conscience tormented. 'There's no way you're getting away with this.' It continued.




*I swung open the door and  slid onto the warm leather seat,I shut the door with force and rested my forehead on the steering wheel,trying to contain my shaky and unstable breaths*



That was a close one..



Suddenly a frightening thought popped into my head..



What if they go around asking questions on Derek's death? I'm not good at lying...



And that's when I made the right decision.



*I pulled my phone out my pocket and dialled Tori's number,I sighed and looked out onto the dark road ahead of me*



''C'mon.'' I muttered after 3 rings already passed.



On the fourth she picked up.



''Hey babe,sorry..I was in the kitchen,how is everything..are you hurt? what's going on...why are you calling me?'' She shot,her rapid breathing heard on the other end of the line.



''Baby I'm fine.'' I lied. ''Listen...pack yourself a,we don't have much time before the-''



''What? why? where are we going?'' 



''Away from here,pack enough things..I have money saved up it's in my bag in your room...everything's okay,just think of it as a mini vacation.'' I breathed,careful to give away my anxiousness in my tone.






''No but's Tee,do as I say...grab what you need but enough to carry it...everything's fine...just thought I would treat you to a vacation after leaving you earlier.'' I lied,tapping my fingers on the steering wheel as I watched the passing car.



''H-Hold need to pack? how many outfits?'' She asked.



''Only a few...I'll always buy you more if you don't bring enough...just-just hurry up.'' I replied before I hung up.



I'm too shaken up for 'I love you' or 'bye baby girl.' I need to get home and fast..



my vibe around here is starting to turn bad...who know's where the police are right now?




                                                                    Tori's POV:



*I cautiously munched on the bag of cheesy cheeto's I had perched on my lap as I tried to listen to every word on the movie*



'I need Justin here right now,for the past hour I've been fidgeting,taking trips to the fridge and completely forgetting why I went there,I just wanted to go for a walk,I've also been checking my phone constantly just incase something bads happened-'




No...don't think that you stupid girl...everything's going to be alright...Justin will walk through them doors soon and hold you in your arms and never let you out of his sight again...






'NO! just watch the goddamn movie you over thinking stupid little cow.' My head screamed.



'Hey hey,no need to call me that....I'm just worried for my boyfriend...wouldn't you be?'



'Are you stupid? my boyfriend is your boyfriend...were the same people,were one,were together..I'm you,you're me..whatever you like'




*I just slapped my forehead before my brain decided to have another conversation with myself again*



'See! me without Justin makes me go crazy!'



'god help you if he leaves for a week or something,you would be dead in the first 5 minutes,child.'



'Whatever,I love him' 



'stop talking to me,I'm confused and it's creepy because...I don't know,just stop.'






*I laughed at myself before hoisting myself off the couch and into the kitchen*



I swung open the fridge door to see if there was any pepsi cans left,but to my surprise,there were none,partly because I already drank 3 and the fourth one went missing an hour a go..



*I grabbed an bottle of water and walked back into the living area,only to see my iPhone lit up and vibrating against the table,I sucked in a breath and walked over*



Justin's Calling..





*I looked at my phone in shock*



Justin just hung up on me!



''Love you too.'' I muttered before throwing my phone onto the couch.



*I sighed and walked upstairs and into my room,I got on my knees and shuffled over to the bed,I crouched down and grabbed my Louis Vuitton suitcase,I threw it onto the bed and sat on the bed,placing my head in my hands I let out a sigh*



You know what? I'm not leaving this house or even packing until Justin tells me where we're going.You may call me stubborn but who know's where he's planned to take us.






I sat on the bed after getting back from downstairs,I sighed and placed my phone on my lap,should I text him? nah...he's probably driving.



''TORI?'' someone shouted,followed by a huge bang.



*I got up off the bed and walked to the top of the stairs to see Justin running around the house frantically,I watched him until he finally caught eyesight of me at the top of the stars,he sighed and jogged up the stairs before pulling me into a bone crushing hug,I hugged him back not wanting this moment to end,Justin pulled away and ran into the spare room where his suitcase and things were*



''DID YOU PACK EVERYTHING?'' Justin yelled,trying to project his voice as he ran around the spare room collecting all his clothes.



''No.'' I muttered.



Justin hurried out the room with his open suitcase,he walked into my room and placed it next to mine. ''Why not? I told you to pack!'' Justin hissed,grabbing things for me and shoving them into the suitcase.



I walked up to him and pushed him away,before throwing the things he put into my suitcase back out. ''Stop,I'm not going anywhere until you tell me where we're going and what's going on.'' I replied,crossing my arms over my chest.



''Pack your shit,we don't have time for all these questions,I'll explain later...pack enough stuff though,we're going to be gone a while.'' Justin breathed,putting stuff back into my suitcase.












''If you don't start packing I'll leave you here,and I mean it.'' Justin hissed.



''See if I care.'' I replied,my sassiness taking over.



''Look here,you pack now...and I mean you pack,or god so help you I'll-''



''You'll what Justin?'' 



''JUST PACK.'' He spat,frantically throwing his boxers and supras into his suitcase.









''No actually,where are we going and how long for?'' I smirked,trying to get him mad.






''You didn't answer my question.'' I sighed.



''Sometimes I wish I didn't date you.'' He muttered under his breath.



''Excuse me?'' I scoffed,pushing his shoulder so he could see me.



''You heard.'' He spat before turning back to his packing.



''You know what? fuck you.'' I cried in annoyance,storming into the bathroom.



''Tori..I didn't mean it,I'm just stressed.'' Justin sighed,walking into the bathroom after me.



I merely ignored him,stuffing all my lipsticks and mascara's into my makeup training case.



''Tori,don't be mad.'' Justin whined,placing his hand on my shoulder.



*I scoffed and shrugged of his hand before grabbing my toothbrush and hair supplies and packing them into the bottom of the training case,I basically cleared my side of the en suite and packed it away,all that was left in there was body washes,shampoo's conditioners and all of Justin's stuff,I walked out ignoring Justin's desperate attempts to grab my attention and walked over to my suitcase*



''Tori,baby girl....I'm sorry.'' Justin whined,placing his hands around my waist.



I shrugged him off accidentally hitting Justin in the face with my elbow as his cheek was resting on my shoulder,I smirked and walked away.



''Okay...I guess I deserved that.'' Justin croaked,rubbing his right cheek absentmindedly.



*I just ignored him and grabbed underwear,sweaters,knitted Jumpers,skinny jeans,shirts,tank tops and all my bobby pins and hair bands,I packed a few packets of my fruitella sweets I hid in my draw and piled them into the zip compartment of the suitcase,I heard Justin laugh*



''Are you really taking your fruitella's?'' Justin scoffed,shaking his head.



''If I were you I wouldn't even speak right now,being the mood I'm in isn't friendly right now.'' I hissed,not taking my eyes off my clothes.




''Babeee,you know I'm kidddinnnngggg.'' Justin whined,longing out the words for a more dramatic effect.



''Shut up,no you're not.'' I spat.



''I didn't mean to say that I wish I didn't date you,I'm just kinda stressed from tonights events,but I promise I'll make it up to you later.'' Justin purred into my ears as he wrapped his arms around my stomach.



''If you're implying that we're going to have make up sex,you have another thing coming.'' I spat,wriggling out of his arms and walking over to my phone which was perched on the bed.



''Babe...of course not,I meant us cuddling eating a takeaway and watching full house episodes.'' Justin replied innocently,placing his arms around my waist again just as I picked my phone up.



''Stop.'' I demanded as Justin tried to place his hands on my boobs.



''Whyy baby.'' Justin whined,as I pushed his hands away.



*Justin knocked my hand causing my phone to fall out of my hand,I watched as it crashed to the floor,I gasped and wrenched Justin's arms away from me before crouching down to pick up my phone,I turned it over to see the screen but it didn't look like one,there was a huge crack down the centre and a chip in the bottom left,causing the microchips to be seen,I hit Justin as hard as I could in the leg as I was still crouched down*



''My baby.'' I whined,clicking the shutter button to see if it was still working.



''I thought I was your baby.'' Justin replied,I stood up and glared at him.



''No,thanks to you,jackass,my phone is now broken'' I hissed,hitting his chest with my hand.



''That wasn't my fault!'' Justin cried desperately.




''Yeah...and pigs fucking fly.'' I spat before throwing my phone at the wall and falling back on the bed placing my head in my hands.



''Why did you throw it? it's probably more broken now.'' Justin asked,standing infront of me.



''It's a piece of junk either way...'' I hissed,fixing my gaze on the floor.



''I'm sorry.'' 



''Yeah...well sorry just doesn't cut it this time Justin,you're a selfish douche.'' I spat,standing up and walking down the stairs.



*I heard Justin sigh before I walked into the living area and turned off the TV,I sat on the couch and stared at the wall as Justin struggled to bring the cases down the stairs after a couple of minutes*



''We set?'' He asked.



*I shrugged and walked over by the door,I began to slip my feet into my dirty chucks just as I looked down*



I swallowed back a small amount of sick that came up in my throat as I looked at Justin's blood stained supra's,blood circling the sole on the foot,I gulped and I suddenly felt dizzy.



*I jumped when Justin placed a hand on my back,causing me to flinch away...I walked backwards over to the door as I kept my eyes focused on Justin's dark brown ones.*



''Y-You have blood on your shoes.'' I whispered,barely audible.



''Shit,I need to burn his jumper...'' Justin muttered,slipping his feet into the other pair of clean red supra's by the door.



*I gulped and opened the door before running out of it,I ran down to the car and opened it,sitting in the passenger seat.*




I really didn't think Justin would go through with it..I thought he would just beat him up and that would be over and done with...I guess not.



*I watched as Justin walked out of the front door,wheeling both suitcases and a bag slung over his shoulder,I sighed and rested my forehead on the window,instantly causing me to calm down as the icy cold glass came in contact with my burning forehead.*



I watched as Justin let go of the cases and dropped the bag,he picked up a sweater and threw it on top of the house next door's roof,I frowned and turned around just as Justin picked up the bags and hurried to the trunk.




*The clunk of the trunk caused me to snap out of my thoughts followed by Justin opening the door to his side before slipping in and starting the engine,I quickly turned when Justin glanced over at me,Justin sighed and started the car before slowly backing off the yard,I watched as my house became blurry with the speed Justin was driving at*







''How long is this gonna take? we've been driving an hour already.'' I sighed,glancing at Justin before looking out the window with a permanent frown on my face.



''Shut up will you? We've got to leave ATL fast,and I don't need any distractions on the way,got it?'' Justin spat.




This isn't my Justin...why is he acting like this..



*I sighed and glanced out my window,my eyes becoming large as bring blue lights flashed in front of me*



We just passed a woods and a bunch of cops were walking around the trees with gun's pointed at the centre...I frowned when I saw Justin tense up next to me.



*I looked back through the back window to see them pull a body bag out of the woods,I gulped when the hand of a corpse flopped out of the white sheet and lay limp by the side,a huge lump formed in my throat when I noticed the watch the corpse was wearing* and bronze,just like the one Justin gave to Derek for his birthday...just like the one Derek was playing with when he told me his 'loser brother' got him such a nice watch and how he couldn't believe 'that loser' got him such a nice watch.



*I let out a small whimper when the speed Justin was doing increased,causing us to whizz down the road*



''W-What happened to Derek?'' I croaked,desperately hoping this was just a misunderstanding and Justin didn't really murder his brother in a forrest.



''Why?'' Justin spat,keeping his eyes on the road.



''I have a right to know what you did to him...he was the one who abused me...remember.'' I hissed,finally gaining confidence.



*I watched as Justin's grip on the steering wheel tightened,causing his knuckles to go white*



''Shut up.'' He croaked.



''No...was that you? did you cause that Justin? is that why the corpse was wearing the same watch you gave Derek for his birthday last year? was that why you had blood on your supra's?'' I asked,keeping my gaze on his.



''SHUT THE FUCK UP!'' Justin screamed,increasing the speed in the car.



''J-Justin...slow down.'' I muttered,holding onto the door as Justin continued to pass the limit.



''DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO.'' He yelled,glancing at me.



His eyes were dark and filled with anger and revenge...I gulped and closed my eyes,hopeful that if I opened them I would be in my own comfort of my bed eating food and watching Jackass.



''Justin'' I whispered,placing my hand over his which was perched on the gear stick.



*I yelped when Justin slapped my hand away,causing a ripple of plain so surface over my skin,Justin looked over at me with his eyes narrow,I bit my lip and fiddled with my hands in my lap as Justin continued to drive like a maniac.*



''Now listen here you little bitch,you keep your mouth shut for the rest of the drive before I crash this car and send your body burning.'' He growled lowly,watching me as I stared at him.



Has satan taken over his body or something? I mean...his eye colour has darkened and he's tense and angry.



''Justin it's me...T-Tori...stop acting like this.'' I whispered,placing my hand over his again.



*A tear slipped my eye as Justin grabbed my wrist and tightened his hold,I yelped just as Justin threw my wrist back onto my lap,I clutched my wrist in agony and bit my bottom lip to stop me from whimpering*



A few minutes later a silence enveloped us causing the words we wanted  to speak to disappear and float out into the night sky.



''Tori...I'm sorry.'' Justin whispered,facing me as a tear slipped out of his left eye.



My mom always told me that if you cry out of your left eye first,you're in pain or you're sad,if you cry out of your right eye first it's happy tears or laughter.



Justin was in pain or he was sad...



*I merely stared at him as we entered the highway*




Dark and spooky trees lined up on the left and right,the only light source coming from the lights at the front of the car and the full moon glistening down onto the hood of the car,causing an eerie feel to surround the car.



''I-I don't know what came over me,I hurt you..I shouldn't of,I'm sorry baby girl.'' Justin whimpered,pulling into the lay-by by the side of the highway.



''Justin,this is dangerous...'' I replied,ignoring all his desperate crys and words to try and catch my attention.



''I don't care,let me see your wrist.'' Justin sobbed,wiping away his tears with his leather jacket sleeve.



''No,keep driving.'' I hissed,scared that another car might not see us here and collide into us.



''No...let me see what I done.'' Justin cried desperately,tears silently falling down his cheeks.



''Justin..stop,please just doesn't hurt.'' I lied,trying to get him to start up the car again.



*Justin graised his fingers over my wrist lightly,causing me to flinch at the pain traveling around my hand*



''Fuck.'' Justin spat,smacking his hand onto the steering wheel and running his other through his hair. ''You flinched...that means I hurt you...doesn't it.'' He replied,looking over at me.



''It's's just your hands are cold.'' I replied.



''Bullshit.'' Justin spat.



'' did,but it's over and done with now.'' I huffed,looking out my window.



''I'm sorry-''



''Just drive Justin.'' I hissed,cutting him off in mid sentence.



*Justin didn't say anything,he just revved up the engine and pulled out of the lay-by before speeding down the road*






''How long left?'' I yawned,placing my head on the window as Justin continued to drive.



''I don't know.'' He hissed,still in a mood with me after I admitted he hurt me.



What does he expect me to say? ''Oh no Justin...I'm's not like you squeezed my wrist so tight that I could feel my bones start to pop,no..not at all.'' geesh.



''Well do you even know where were going?'' I asked,approaching him in a nicer way hopefully to calm him down.




''Do I look like fucking Dora the Explorer?'' He spat. ''Quit the fucking questioning,we aren't playing 20 questions.'' He barked.



''But you've been driving for  hours and you don't even know where we're headed,do you know how irresponsible that is?'' I asked,glancing at Justin's dark figure sat next to me in the car.



''Shut the fuck up Tori,I'm tired of your smartass bullshit comments,go to sleep or something.'' He hissed,speeding up a bit.



''No,I'm not going to sleep,stop being a jackass and tell me where your taking me...after all you did drag me out of the house at half 11 at night,I'm tired,cold and hungry.'' 



''When are you not hungry?'' He scoffed.



''Are you implying that I eat to much?'' I asked.



''What if I am?'' He spat back.



''Fuck you.'' I hissed,frowning at him before turning to rest my forehead on the window.



''Now or later?'' He laughed.



*I rolled my eyes in frustration*



''I've had enough of your bullshit,shut your mouth for one and think about what you say before you say it,you inconsiderate bastard.'' I barked,closing my eyes as the warm air blew in my face.



''Whatever.'' He hissed.



*I ignored Justin's muttering of swear words under his breath and tried to sleep to pass the time*



Who know's where he's going to take me...






hey guys,im sorry that was boring,its just a filler chapter,but I'm off sick today with a cold and shit so I thought I would update because I owe you,I know it's not the gratest but I'm tired and want to sleep but I decided to keep going with this and finish this boring chapter..but i promise you things happen in the next chapter...



















Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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