The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


10. Say it again!


Tori's POV:


I woke up to Justin's gentle arms wrapped around my waist.I smiled at his flawless face as he slept.



Why is he so perfect



I gently combed my hand through his hair.Justin stirred,slowly opening his eyes.



''Sorry.'' I whispered.



''It's f-fine'' Justin mumbled sleepily.




I giggled. ''Your morning voice is like sex.'' I blurted,my face suddenly flushing.



''T-Thanks.'' Justin chuckled.



Hearing my phone buzz,I turned and reached my arm out.I grabbed it,opening up the new message.




From: Taylor



can i come over...?




I opened a new text message.



To: Taylor



Yeah sure.




After hitting send,I jumped feeling Justin's hot breath on my neck.''Is it about the D-Derek thing?''







''Sorry,I didn't mean t-to startle you...'' He apologised.I nodded.



''Your barely stuttering now.Good job'' i smiled.



''I guess it's b-because I'm not as nevous around you anymore.'' He shrugged.



''I make you nervous?'' i giggled.''Why?'' 




''Because Y-You're perfect.'' Justin said cutely.



''I'm far from perfect,but i have the perfect boyfriend and that's all that matters''.






I had just finished getting changed when i heard a knock at the door.I ran downstairs,Justin following behind.




''I c-can make you breakfast while you t-two talk?'' He offered.I smiled and turned around.




''No thank you babe.After Taylor leaves we'll go out for lunch,deal?''




He nodded.





I opened the front door,Taylor stepped inside wearing grey sweatpants and a over-sized baggy shirt.




All in all,she looked awful.




''Mind if i sit?'' She asked.




''Go ahead'' I motioned,biting my lip.Justin sat down,gently pulling me onto his lap.''So talk.'' I encouraged.




She curved her lips into a frown.''It was just one night and Derek was a little too aggressive,'' Ally started. ''I told him to stop but he wouldn't listen.I know it seems bad,but i just went along with it just so we wouldn't argue,then it happened,now i think i-im pregnant.''




''Well you m-might not be p-pregnant.You don't start throwing up for about a m-month.'' Justin added suddenly.I smiled up at him



''I hop.'' Taylor sighed.''I'm really not ready to be a mother.'' 




''Is that why you came here?'' I asked.I wasn't trying to be rude,but i just didn't understand why she came here just for that.




''Look Tori,I'm sorry.Could you please forgive me? I left Derek,I don't want anything to do with him any-''




''I forgive you'' I sighed. She's been my bestfriend since Pre school,We haven't had a fight until now,and it was pretty stupid what we were fighting about.




She stood up smiling and opened her arms.I followed and hugged her back.''Best friends forever.'' She whispered in my ear.




''More like sisters.'' I giggled,pulling away.''And Taylor,there's something you should know.Justin and i ar-''




''Together now.'' She finished ''I saw the way Justin was hugging you.''




I looked down at Justin,He blushed and looked down at his hands.My gaze went back up to Taylor,a smile pinned on my face.



''I'll leave you two alone.'' Taylor smiled and made her way over to the front door.''I'll text you later,Tor'' 




''Okay,bye!'' I called after her.




''T-That was sweet.'' Justin said.




''Yeah.'' I smiled




''So are we still on for breakfast?'' He asked.




''I have something better in mind.'' I smirked.''Stand up.''








''I'm going to teach you how to defend yourself.'' I grabbed his hands,using all my strength to pull him up.Realising i couldn't Justin chuckled and stood up.''Alright,'' I began. ''Get mad.'' 




Justin frowned,confused.''How?'' 




I sighed and punched at his chest lightly,enough to set a guy off.''C'mon Justin,fight back!''



Justin laughed. ''You're t-too cute when you do that.'' 





I shook my head.''Push me.'' I demanded.''Don't hold back,i can take it.'' 




''I d-don't hit girls.'' 




''For god's sake Justin,push me!'' I shouted.




''Fine'' He sighed.




I suddenly flew back with such a great force.My back hit the ground as a sound a pain rushed out of my mouth.My eyes shot open in suprise.




''Oh God,are you o-okay'' Justin asked rushing over to me.



''Damn Justin,you're good.'' I giggled as i stood up and brushed myslef off.




''Not really.''



''Say that again.'' I urged.



''Say what again?'' He asked.




''Justin you didn't stutter!'' I smiled wide. ''Quick say hi Tori.'' 




''Hi tori.'' He paused,looking down at me.''Wait,you're right!'' 




I squealed,jumping into his arms.




''I guess i stopped because i love you,and everyday my love for you get's stronger.'' He squeezed me tighter,pecking my lips after.




I smiled,my cheeks turning red.



''Why do you think i need to know how to fight?'' Justin asked randomly.



''So that way if anybody gets in your face,you can kick some ass.'' I smirked.




''The only ass kicking i'll be doing is if someone messes with my princess Tori.'' 





''Thank you.'' I giggled.''You're my superman.Oh and we should go watch a movie tomorrow.'' 




''Whatever you want.'' Justin smiled.



''I have a surprise for you tomorrow too.'' I smirked.




''Really? what is it?'' His eyes widened in happiness.




''I want to make you feel more comfortable about yourself.Like give you a makeover.''




''Makeover?'' He repeated.I nodded.




''Only if you want though.'' I smiled.




'' not sure.'' He frowned



''Please?'' I begged.I wasn't planning on changing him,I just wanted to make him feel comfortable.



''Anything for my beautiful princess.'' He kissed my forehead






what do you think justin's new makeover will look like?




do you think it was a good idea for Tori and Taylor to make up?




bleh...sorry for the late update.




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