The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


61. Oh No,not again


After a while me and Justin settled into a hotel,we would drive back tomorrow to save our energy.


I was currently wearing one of Justin's shirts which completely swallowed me,it's okay though because I was only wearing my panties underneath.


I climbed into bed and turned the lights out. ''Another day tomorrow,get some sleep.'' I yawned,letting my head gracefully hit the pillow.


''You sound like a mom.'' Justin chuckled.


He was clearly in a playful mood and to be honest I was getting sick of it.


I ignored his statement and dug my head deeper into the pillow. ''Go to sleep.'' 


Justin sighed and scooted closer to me,he was in sweats and underpants,I forced him to wear something over the top because he always get's morning wood and it always digs into my ass.


''Don't try anything I'm tired as fuck.'' I muttered,closing my eyes.


''Can't promise anything.'' 


''Justin.'' I groaned. ''If you do I'm sleeping on the couch.'' I growled.


Justin chuckled. ''Okay okay,sorry.'' He murmured.




I relaxed into the pillow again as I felt Justin wrap his arms around my waist.


about a minute later I felt his hand creep up under my shirt and land on my boobs,I slapped his hand away and growled.


''That's it,I'm crashing on the couch.'' I stated,getting out the blanket and standing up.


Justin rolled over and leaned off the bed,grabbing me by my waist before he pulled me back down on the bed,I squealed when he pulled the covers over us both and pinned me down. 


''I couldn't help it,my hands were cold so I needed somewhere to put them.'' 


''Hell yeah your hands were fucking cold.'' I giggled.


Justin smirked and kissed my neck,I pushed him away and pulled the blankets back a bit so they weren't over our heads. ''Okay lover boy,goodnight.'' I whispered.


Justin pouted waiting for me to give in,but when he realised I wasn't he just sighed and flopped down behind me,he wrapped his arms around my waist and anchored me into his chest. ''Night baby.'' He whispered,kissing behind my ear once. 


''Night Justin.'' I murmured,already feeling myself drift off.


and within moment's we were in bliss,pure silence and warmth radiating off our bodies.




I slowly opened my eyes to see a knife coming straight towards my face.


I dodged it and landed on a mattress I stirred and something dug into me,nails..I'm on a nail bed. 


I began to scream but I suddenly felt something warm brush my neck.




''GET AWAY FROM ME.'' I screamed,pushing myself off the nail bed.


''Babe it's your eyes,your having a nightmare.'' someone whispered. 


''How do I know you.'' 


''It's Justin..your boyfriend,open your eyes..I promise everything is okay.'' 


''I can't trust you.'' 


''You can,babe open your eyes.'' Justin whispered again.


I slowly opened one eye to see that I was indeed in a dark room,I let out a shaky breath. 


''Justin?'' I whispered. 


''Yes baby,I'm here.'' He whispered,kissing my cheek. ''Bad dream?'' 


I nodded my head,my throat dry from screaming.


''Awh it's okay,you're safe with me.'' He whispered,snuggling into me more. ''I won't let you go.'' He whispered.


I smiled. ''Can you sing to me please?'' 


''Sure.'' Justin murmured. 


''All the single ladies all the single ladies,all the single ladies now put your hands up up!'' Justin muttered softly.


I turned over and looked at him before bursting out into fits of laughter. 


''You know what? I can't sleep any more...why don't we just stay up.'' I murmured. 


''Alright,what's the time?'' 


''qauter to 6,not that early.'' I shrugged.


Justin groaned and rolled closer to me. 


''Okay,let's just cuddle until it's light out,okay?'' Justin whispered.








''IIIII see them coming,they try to bring me down but I won't stop.'' I muttered,running my hands through my hair as we turned down my neighbourhood. 


''Awh your singing my song.'' Justin cooked,leaning over and messing up my hair. 


''Fuck you.'' I growled,smoothing it out again.


Justin smirked and rounded the corner,but almost instantly he hit the breaks as he saw what was in front of us.


My neighbour was being forced out of his home by the police and squeezed into a cop car.


I looked up just in time to see Justin's jacket being dragged off the roof by one of the investigators,I gasped and placed my hand over Justin's. ''T-They've got your jacket.'' I murmured. 


I looked over at him and he was pale in the face,it almost looked like he had seen a ghost,no word of a lie. 


''Justin?'' I whispered,shaking him. 


Justin merely ignored me. ''I looked back over to see a cop walking up to our car,I gulped and turned to Justin who warily took down his window. 


''God morning there any reason why your down here? there is an investigation going on so unless you live down here you cannot continue.'' 


Justin couldn't speak so I spoke for him. ''Hey,um yeah we live down door actually,what's going on?'' 



''I cannot tell you that ma'am,for confidential reasons..please proceed home and have a nice day.'' He smiled,walking away from the window to go back in the house.


I spotted a news reported and quickly got out of the car,Justin looked at me in horror but I didn't care,I just hope it was something that would cover us. 



''Excuse me sir..what's going on.'' I asked. 



''This man is going to jail for reported hearings of constant screaming coming from the house,and when it was investigated they found remains of humans down in his basement,they think he's related to the death of that kid from the woods too.'' He shrugged casually,he pointed to the roof and I followed. ''You see that? what that man just put in a bag or something? well that might be the key piece to the investigation...there's blood on that jacket and it could result in the identity of one of the children he mutated.'' He murmured.



I turned around and threw up on the road.


This was disgusting.



Justin rushed out from the car and stood by my side. ''What the fuck did you say to her?'' He hissed at the news reporter.



''I just said that the jacket they pulled from the roof could result in finding out the identity of the children he mutated.'' He shrugged. 


''Wait what? mutated?'' 




Justin's POV:


I waited for more information but it never came,I turned around and took Tori with me back to the house. 


She grabbed the spare key from above the door and opened the door.


I was instantly hit with the full blown coldness inside and I shivered,her house smelled like pineapples which is weird,she hates pineapples.


I let it go and helped her into her house. 


''Babe tell me what that man said.'' I whispered. 


'' parent's let that man babysit me when I was 7...I could of been one of his victims.'' Tori squealed. 


''Baby shh..he's on his way to jail.'' I replied. ''What did he mean about the jacket?'' 


''He said there going to test it for DNA,they think it belongs to one of the victims.'' Tori sniffed. 



I gulped down my sick and quickly ran out the room. 


That was my Jumper...




I picked up the sweater and threw it on top of the house next door's roof,I frowned and picked up the bags and hurried to the trunk.




I was screwed. 



''Tori...grab everything you need..It needs to fit in the car though,theres no time for a truck to come..we need to get away from here..when they test the blood they will see that it's Dereks,my mom used to write my name in my clothes so I didn't get them confused with name is in that could lead the cops here in less than an hour.'' I whispered,feeling myself heat up. 


Tori nodded and raced around the house grabbing stuff she definately needs and shoving it into brown boxes.


I was working on a note to lead the cops off us if they decided to chase us. 


I addressed it to Tori's mom from Tori so it didn't look suspicious.



'Dear mom,


Me and Justin are moving to England,we want to experiment with different countries..I hope your having fun where ever you are give me a ring,love you xx'


I put it on the counter and grabbed all the phone numbers off the fridge,I stuffed them into my pocket so they couldn't track Tori's number then I started on cleaning the house. 


I didn't want them thinking we were leaving in a rush..after all It needs to look like a mistake,why would someone like me EVER kill his brother? everyone knows me around here as the dork and the 'pussy' so they'll easily rule me out of the picture...






sorry this is short,you probably can't understand anything i've written but I'm tired as fuck and going to bed:)


PLOT  T to the W to the I to the S to the T :o:o










Stay Flawless<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3


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