The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


71. Obsessed


I walked out of Biology leaving Austin to run after me. 


He's done nothing but try to hit on me all day,and I'm sick of it. 


''Hey! Tori wait up.'' He chuckled,reaching my side and trying to catch up with my fast walking pace. 


''What.'' I hissed,keeping my eyes on the floor as I kept walking. 


''Why are you ignoring me all of a sudden?'' He asked,pulling my bag trying to get me to turn around. 


I rolled my eyes and turned sideways,meeting his gaze. ''Your trying to hit on me,Austin. I have a boyfriend..I'm not interested.'' I stated. 


He just smirked and looked off into the sea of people bustling in the hallways. ''I know that silly,It's just...well,I guess your too pretty to be ignored all the time..boys swarm over you Tori.'' He chuckled,beginning to walk when I did. 


''Thanks..but no,I have Justin and I'm happy with him.'' I replied. 


It was almost as a 'not for long.' passed his lips but it was so quiet that I didn't even know if I was imagining things.



''Did you say anything?'' I asked casually. 


''Nope,I was just muttering that Taylor's in our view.'' He murmured,pointing ahead as Taylor wobbled towards us fluffing up her hair as she smirked at Austin. 


''Hey cutie.'' She flirted,standing next to him as we stopped walking for a second. 


''Oh hey Tay.'' He smiled,looking over at me for a split second. 


I chuckled at Taylors sudden outburst before she pulled me over. 


She mouthed 'I have a nickname.' before she squealed again and began to pull him towards the canteen.


He grabbed my lower arm and dragged me too,making sure I wasn't going to disappear off to anywhere. 


Yeah,obviously I'm going to wonder around and associate myself with the lowlifes who attend this school,aka the jocks or barbies. 




It was now the end of the day and Taylor and Austin have been really hitting it off,they've exchanged numbers and were a couple of meters away from me sharing a secret or something private,followed by a small giggle leaving her lips. 


He smirked and looked over at me. ''Tori come here.'' He replied,waving me over. 


I shook my head and walked away,knowing Justin would be here to pick me up any second now. 


''Oi..I wasn't kidding,come here.'' He chuckled cutely. 


I ignored him and waited at the curb,strumming my fingers on my upper thigh. 


''Fine..we'll come to you.'' He smirked,running over and pulling me into a side hug. ''Stop ignoring us..we haven't done anything wrong.'' He pouted,bringing his face close to mine. 


''Woah dude,back it up a bit.'' I whispered,pushing him away. 


''What? So now I can't hug you?'' 


I just stood there,scowling at him. 



''Wow,that boyfriend of yours really is possessive.'' He laughed,shaking his head. 


I gulped and looked behind him,to see Justin clench his fists.


''For your information,I'm not fucking possessive,and if you touch her one more time I'll blow your brains out you little shit,okay?'' He growled,pushing him out the way before walking over to me. 


His eyes turned back the normal honeycomb light colour and he smiled down at me. ''Hey baby,I'm sorry for enrolling you into a school with this cunt..'' He seethed,pointing behind him in disgust. 


I rolled my eyes and grabbed his wrist. ''Let's just go home.'' I murmured. 


''Fine,but this dick needs to know where I draw the line,talking smack about me to you is pushing it...talking to you in the first place is well over the line,don't talk to him.'' He hissed,turning around to give him a dirty stare. 


''Justin there's nothing to be jealous about,I have you..I love you.'' 


''If you love me then stop talking to him...I fucking hate him.'' He pushed,sending me a hard glare. 


''O-okay.'' I murmured,crossing my fingers behind my back. ''I promise.'' 


''Good,and for the record..I love you too.'' He grinned,leaning down and kissing my forehead before he pushed me gently towards the car. ''Now lets go before It starts to rain.'' Justin stated,opening the door for me. 


''Thanks.'' I muttered,sitting in the car and shutting the door behind me.


He did the same for Taylor and she replied with a 'awh thanks sweetie,Tori you got yourself a gentleman' I just giggled and rolled my eyes at her silliness.




After dropping Taylor back at her apartment Justin and I headed back to the Cabin,we were currently cuddled up on the couch with a thick blanket wrapped around our shivering bodies.


'' the heating on?'' I asked..looking at him as he took a sip of his hot cocoa I had made for him 5 minutes prior.


''Uh..I don't think so...let me go see.'' He murmured,getting up from the couch before putting his cocoa on the table,he walked out of the room in search of the device. 


Justin's POV:


I sighed,scratching the back of my neck as I walked out into the hallway,my feet jogging across the freezing wooden floor. 


I reached the box to see that the wires were rigged and cut in half,I frowned...did we have rats?


I'm pretty sure this was fine this morning...and I'm pretty sure that we didn't have rats here?


I growled and shut the box,walking back into the living area before sitting down next to Tori. 


''The wires have been cut...we might have rats or something,I'm not sure..but it was fine this morning before I left for work.'' I shrugged. 


Tori looked over at me and frowned. ''That's was work anyway?'' She asked,obviously not interested that we could possibly freeze to death. 


'' do realise that there will be no heat in this place for a's going to be freezing.'' 


''I know.'' She replied. 


''And we need to keep warm to survive the freezing conditions here.'' I rolled my eyes,picking up my cocoa and taking another big gulp. 


''I know.'' She replied. 


''We'll have to keep each other warm.'' 


''Or...we could just layer up in clothes.'' She shrugged. 


What's her problem?


''Is there something wrong?''I asked,putting the empty cup down and facing her. 


''Nothing's wrong,I'm fine.'' She whispered, facing the other way and taking all the blanket before wrapping herself up in it. 


''Tori...I'm cold.'' I whined,tugging on the blanket. 


''Get your own blanket,there's like 5 extra in the closet.'' She stated,fixing her eyes on the Tv. 


''What's up? why are you being so distant?'' I stated,taking the remote away from her and turning off the Tv. 


''Hey! I was fucking watching that!'' She growled. 


''And now your listening to me.'' I stated,putting the remote on the table. ''Why are you being distant all of a sudden?'' 


''There's something I need to tell you.'' She replied,sitting up and looking at me. 


I gulped and looked at her to continue.


She took a deep breath and opened her mouth. ''I'm a warewolf.''She stated before she burst out in laughter. 


I growled and picked up a pillow before throwing it in her face. ''I was legit about to shit myself thinking I done something wrong.'' I sighed in relief,lying back and putting my feet up. 


''But there is something.'' 


''What now? your part mermaid?'' I laughed,lying back and propping my feet up onto her legs. 


Tori didn't say anything...she just stared at the screen in front of her.


After a while she didn't reply so I just figured that she either forgot what she was going to say or she was outsmarted by me.


But that all changed when she looked over at me and whispered something so quietly that I nearly chocked. 


''I lost our baby.''











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