The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


48. Milk and Cookies


''Justin! oh my god.'' Justin's mom gushed,pulling him into a bone crushing hug. ''I'm so glad your okay…are you hurt? why are you here? where are you staying?'' 




I laughed as her motherly instincts kicked in.



''I'm fine…why are you here?'' Justin asked nervously,glancing at me.



''Derek's been missing for days and I got a call this morning to say they found a body in which has been identified to be his.'' She chocked,tears beginning to surface in her eyes.



Justin gulped and pulled his mom back into a hug so she couldn't see his nervous face.



I bit my lip as Justin mouthed 'what do I do?' over his shoulder as he looked at me in worry.



I shook my head and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.




''I-I thought maybe you were with him too as I haven't seen you for nearly 10 months…I was heartbroken Justin…I thought you were gone too! so I took the first flight over here this morning and sat there not knowing if you were alive or not.'' She sobbed,wiping a tear that escaped his eye.



''Mom,I'm sorry…It's just your always at work and I've tried to communicate with you but it didn't work…so I decided to move in with my girlfriend.'' Justin replied shakily.



''Girlfriend? Justin…you have a girlfriend?'' She asked.




Justin nodded. 



''Oh my god…I'm so happy for you! is she nice? is she pretty? I bet she's beautiful!'' She gushed.



Justin chuckled. ''Yeah…she's perfect.'' 



''Oh my god…is she back in Atlanta then?'' Pattie asked.



''No…she's there.'' Justin chuckled,pointing to me.



Pattie swivelled around and looked at me for a couple of seconds,she began to smile.



''Justin…why would you date a prettier girl than your own you know how that makes me feel?'' She chuckled,patting Justins shoulder.



''You're both beautiful.'' He laughed,walking over to me and pulling me into a side hug.



''What's your name sweetie?'' Pattie asked,standing in front of me.




''Tori,nice to meet you.'' I replied,holding out my hand to shake.



''Honey,please…I do hugs not hand shakes.'' She giggled,lightly slapping my hand away and pulling me into a hug.



I laughed at the ironically familiar situation that occurred earlier.



''Sissy? I want a hug too!"Jaxon whined.



''Awhh.'' I laughed,picking up Jaxon and sitting him on my hip.



He squealed and wrapped his arms tightly around my neck.



''Mom! it's not fair…the kids are taking her away from me.'' Justin pouted,crossing his arms as he sat down on the couch.



''Awh…leave her alone Justin,the kids like her so that's a good thing,stop making it negative.'' She chuckled.



Justin huffed and looked over at me,instantly smiling as he saw me laughing at him.



''Hey! now she's laughing at me!'' He yelled,throwing his hands up in the air.



''Quit it Justin..'' Jazzy frowned,turning around with the sippy cup hanging out her mouth as she watched Dora.



''Sorry miss sassy pants.'' Justin chuckled,sticking his tongue out teasingly at Justin.



Jazzy frowned and crossed her arms,she got up off the floor and sat on my lap. ''I like sissy better over you,your mean.'' She scolded. 



''Oh yeah! real cool…taking my brother and sister away from me!'' Justin whined,trying to hold in his smile.



''Not my fault I'm amazing with kids.'' I laughed.



''Mmm…true true.'' Justin chuckled.



I rolled my eyes and hit his leg playfully causing Justin to do it back.



''Hey hey! thats enough…the kids might start in a minute.'' Jeremy laughed.



''Hey…who want's milk and cookies?'' Justin asked.




''MEEEEEEE'' Jazzy and Jax screamed at the same time,causing my hands to shoot to my ears.



Pattie laughed and shook her head as we brought the kids into the kitchen and sat them down on the counter.



''Don't move from here okay? you might hurt yourself.'' Justin said,pointing his finger at both of them.



Jazzy stuck her tongue out and looked at Jaxon. ''We only listen to sissy,you mean.'' She yelled.



Justin sighed and walked over to the cookie jar. ''Will you listen to me if I give you a cookie?'' Justin smirked.



''MMMM COOKIE! GIMME! GIMME!'' Jaxon screamed,crawling across the counter to sit next to the jar. ''GIMME!'' He yelled again once Justin gave them both a cookie.



''Love you biebs.'' Jazzy giggled,jumping off the counter and holding out her hands for Jaxon to jump into,Jaxon jumped and Jazzy caught him,they clasped hands and ran back into the living area.



''That was so freakin' adorable!"I gushed



''Not as adorable as me.'' Justin grinned,walking over to me and kissing my cheek.



I just rolled my eyes and looked up to see Justin biting his lip. ''It's just me and you now.'' He whispered seductively,squeezing his body up against mine as he trapped me against the counter.



''Justin not here.'' I laughed,trying to push him away.



''Baby please.'' 






''I promise no one will hear?'' He pouted,fluttering his eyelashes.



''Justin,she said no…get away from her.'' Pattie laughed,walking into the kitchen and slapping his shoulder.



''MOOOOOOOMMMMM GO AWAY.'' Justin whined,stepping away from me.



''No,go and help Jaxon finish his leggo house.'' She scolded,taking 4 cups down from the cupboard and flicking the switch on the kettle.



Justin grumbled and shuffled out the room. ''WHATEVAAA.'' He shouted.



I rolled my eyes and grabbed 2 little cups for the kids. 



''Boys aye?'' Pattie laughed,glancing at me.



''Tell me about it…he's so difficult.'' I laughed,grabbing the milk out the fridge and pouring some for the kids.




''How long have you guys been dating?'' 




''nearly 10's gone quick.'' I smiled,fiddling with the promise ring Justin brought me.



''Wow! congrats honey! that's great…I'm so glad Justin has someone like you,I may not know you that well but I already know Justin's picked the right girl.'' She smiled.



''Awh thank you Pattie,It means a lot.'' I giggled.



''Please…call me mom.'' She smiled,pouring hot cocoa into the mugs.



I nodded as a uncomfortable silence over came us.



''So what was that back there?'' She asked,not taking her eyes off the whipped cream she was pouring.



''Justin was just being a boy.'' I laughed.



''Yeah well…Justin…J-Justin is good to you,is he?'' She asked.



''He's perfect,why?'' 



''I'm just wandering…I mean,you would tell me if my son was doing something to you…right?''    She asked.



''Of course,but theres nothing to worry about Pattie,Justin would never do that to anyone.'' 



''That's good to hear…it's just I know boys your age like to manipulate girls and control them,you know…forcing them for sex and things.'' She coughed,plopping marshmallows into the cups.



''Yeah I know,but you have nothing to worry about…Justin would never dream of doing anything…I'm quite a strong girl anyway…I know when something isn't right and I'm not afraid to speak up.'' I laughed.



''Good..that's the best way forward…your a nice girl Tori,I really do think you are the perfect match for my son.'' She smiled.



''Thank you Pattie,Justin deserves the best and I really hope I do give him some sort of happiness'' I smiled.



''Oh honey,don't worry about that…by the way he looks at you you clearly are,I've been in this house 30 minutes and I can already feel how much Justin's changed over these past 10 months.'' She chuckled.






''I'm liking his new style…let me guess…you helped pick out the stuff?'' 



''Why? can you tell that easy?'' 



''Yes…It's just Justin's fear of needles is so high that I would of never thought he would get his ears pierced…you must of persuaded him.'' She laughed.



''True…but I kept his glasses,I didn't want him to get contacts.'' 



''Why honey?'' 



''Because at the end of the day he will always be my little nerd,and I think the glasses make him look so sweet.'' I smiled.



''You really are a keeper.'' She laughed. ''If Justin's geeky appearance attracted you to him than I would like you to marry him,he was so self conscious all the time..and knowing that such a beautiful girl like you would like him for that is amazing.''



''Thanks.'' I blushed.



''Your Tori Brooks right?''She asked.
















I'm sorry:)












next update either tomorrow,wednesday or friday<3

Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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