The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


11. Makeover


Tori's POV:



I smiled at my reflection,proud of what i had chosen to wear today.




Today was already planned out.I would take Justin shopping,then we'd head off to the movies to show off the new him.I was actually hoping girls that never acknowledged Justin before would start flirting with him.Call me crazy,but I'm pretty sure Justin would reject them anyway.




I swiftly turned around hearing someone clear their throat.Justin had just walked out of the bathroom,a towel hanging loosely from his waist.I lightly bit my lips watching water fall from his hair and trickle down his perfectly sculpted abs.He blushed,only now realising i was staring.I played it off and applied my Mascara.



Justin proceeded with his morning routine.He changed into the usual blue jeans,purple plaid shirt and his nerdy glasses along with his black vans.



''Justin.'' I walked over to him.



''Mm.'' He hummed.I lifted my hands to his face and took his glasses off.''What?'' He asked,rubbing his eyes.Grabbing his arms,I moved them down by his side.




''Justin,your eyes'' I breathed out.I've never really seen him without glasses,and every time I did,it wasn't long enough to see his beautiful brown eyes.



''Yeah,but i'm blind as a bat without my glasses.I hate wearing them.'' He sighed.



''I would get you contacts today,but i like them on you,You look cute as hell.'' i giggled








''I was serious about the make over today you know.'' i grinned ''Come on,let's go.'' 




''I'm still not sure about this....''Justin said,following me downstairs.



''Just trust me..i love you how you are now,your adorable,but i wan't you to be comfortable with yourself,your amazing but your so shy when it comes to your appearance,You'll love it,trust me'' I assured him.






Justin and I walked hand in hand as I read the various shop signs.Deciding on one store,We walked into LifeOfSwag.




''Are you sure about this?'' Justin asked




''Yeah,this place has the best clothes.'' I said,guiding him over to the men's section,quickly finding the pants rack.Pulling out a pair of zebra print crotch drop pants,I held them up.''These are perfect,nobody at school has them yet.'' 




''They kinda look weird.''Justin mumbled.



''Just try them on? you don't have to have them,just and option.'' I smiled hanging them over my left arm.




Justin nodded.''What about a shirt?''




''Uh,I'm thinking of a V neck.'' I smirked,the thought of Justin in a v neck made my neck heat up.




Making my way over to the shirt racks,I pulled out a black v neck.''This one.'' 







''Tori,I'm not sure about this,i look funny.'' Justin said from the other side of the changing room.




''Chill Justin,I'm sure you look nice,Just come out of there before i climb under the God damn cubicle.'' 




Justin shyly stepped out,his hands nervously reached into his pockets.My eyes widened,he looked different,but and AMAZING different. His pants sagged,but not a ridiculous amount,and for once his muscles showed through perfectly.Everything was breathtaking.



''What,don't you like it?'' Justin frowned




''Are you serious Justin? you look sexy as fuck.'' i breathed still staring at his abs.



''You really think so?'' He asked,checking himself out in the mirror.




''I know so.'' I giggled at his awkward,yet cuteness.''We're getting those pants in every colour,but first we need shoes.''




Justin nodded and sat down with his clothes as i searched for a pair of shoes.




''Yes.'' I smiled wide as I found a pair of black supras with gold spikes,Runnin back over to Justin,I bent down and began undoing his laces.He looked at me oddly,but i shook it off,''Put these on.'' He obeyed and swiftly slipped his foot into each shoe.




''Babe,these are Four hundred dollars.'' He frowned.




''I'm paying for you,it's okay.'' 



''No,i don't want you spending that much money on me,all of this is way to expensive.'' The frown never left his face.




''Hey,i want to pay.My mum leant me her credit card anyway.'' I kissed his cheek and he sighed.''Shh,we're getting these.''




After paying,we walked into the tattoo parlour.




''Why are we in here?'' Justin frowned,fear covering his face.




''I was thinking you should get your ears pierced.'' 





''No way is a needle going through me.'' He shook his head and took a step back.




''Its not that bad,just a little pinch.'' I assured him.




He bit his lip,thinking if it was a good idea or not.''Alright,Okay then.'' 




After choosing a pair of black studs,i handed to the lady,she pierced his ears,I smiled,he didn't jump of flinch.




''Do you like them?'' I asked as he observed himself in the small mirror.




''Yeah,there nice.'' 




I have to admit,it did give him the sexy badboy side,major turn on.



''Where to next?'' Justin asked lacing his left hand with my right.



''Hair Dressers?'' I asked.




''Sure princess.'' He kissed the top of my head.






''What can i help you with today?'' A blonde lady asked




''Um,maybe something new,trimmed at the sides?'' I said playfully ruffling Justin's hair,he chuckled.



''Alright,right this way.'' She gestured.



I sat down watching the lady wash Justin's hair.




Was i changing him too much? i hope not.




''What movie did you want to watch?'' I blurted out.



''Um,mama?'' Justin suggested,My stomach dropped.I hate scary movies with a burning passion.''Unless you're too scared.'' He smirked.




''No!'' I cleared my throat.''We can watch it,it starts in an hour.''




Roughly around ten minutes later the lady finished Justin's hair.




''Do you like it?''  He asked as his left hand touched his new hair ''I told her not to cut it too short.'' 



*i watched as justin turned his head,showing his new hairstyle*


it looked like this>>


''You look hot,'' I smiled. ''I love it'' 




''Really?'' He smiled wide.




''Really,No more nerdy Bieber for you'' i giggled



''Well....I do still have these nerdy glasses,Unless you wan't me to get contacts.'' 




I frowned,''No,that's the one thing you have to keep.'' I leaned up to his ear. ''Because they're sexy on you.'' I whispered. Justin gulped shakily.I giggled  and pulled him out of the hair dressers.



Justin stopped.''Hold on,we gotta go to the bathroom.'' 




''Why?'' I asked confused.




''I wanna change into my new outfit.'' 




''Here'' I giggled handing him his bag.






Justin and I walked hand in hand to the theatre.Some girls smiled and some stared at Justin,i gave them dirty looks in return.



''It's cute when your jealous.'' Justin whispered. I blushed and gently pecked his lips.




''We got settled into our seat as the lights dimmed.




''Wow.'' I heard someone exclaim behind us.




Turning around,I saw Derek.




With Taylor.








here you go;)




sorry for the long updatey thingy....





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