The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


65. I'm sorry..


Hello there beauties,I'm so sorry I haven't been updating recently,it's just I've been feeling really ill lately and not in the mood to update,I'm so sorry for the people who I left hanging on my cliffhanger chapters..I really am,It's just I haven't had the energy to update recently and I've finally found some time to try to make a good one..I am off school today because I'm ill but instead of just lying around eating junk I thought I'd try and update a couple of stories..this may not be one of my best but I hope it makes up for my absence,love you all so much and thank you again for taking time to read every single one of my means alot<3



I wiped my eyes free of tears as I glanced at the clock,it was now 4:45 in the morning.


I couldn't face sleeping I didn't.


Isn't it hard to picture sleeping alone when your so use to sleeping next to someone? if not then you have no idea how hard it is.



As the hours slowly passed I felt my body drain all of my energy,I was like a potato,I didn't even have the energy to move.


I wanted nothing more than to sleep but I just couldn' matter how hard I tried I couldn't keep my eyes shut.




A couple more hours past and I found myself finally unwrapping myself from the sheets,but as soon as my feet touched the floor I collapsed,my body hitting the ground like a sack of potatoes.


I was so weak,I never knew having no sleep would make me feel so bad. 


I finally got onto my knees and crawled into the bathroom before turning on the shower,I sat on the lid-shut toilet and waited,combing my hands through my knotty hair.


My eyes were bloodshot and my vision was blurred,god knows if I put the shower on the right temp or not.



I slowly  began to undress myself before I shakily stood up and carefully climbed into the shower,I felt relieved when the warm water cascaded down my skin and hair.



Bit by bit I felt a little bit better but I still had that horrible thought at the back of my mind.


Ever since that man was seen at the window- and before you say how do you know the gender...they were  masculine and had a very distinct jawbone with broad shoulders.


Anyways,ever since the sighting of that man I've become even more paranoid now that I'm on my own...if he was to get me in the shower..there would be no one here to save me-


Shut up Tori! don't fucking scare yourself when your back is facing the door,fuck knows what traumas your bringing into your life.



I shivered at the thought and quickly lathered my body and hair with soap making sure every part of me was washed. 


Once finished I climbed out and grabbed a heated towel from the heated towel rack before wrapping it around my shaking body.


I slowly walked back into the hotel room and sat at the end of the bed.


This could be my new life for now on..


I could be switching from hotel to hotel..


I found myself staring blankly at the floor,clinging to the end of the towel with all my might.


It was supposed to be a simple trip back to Canada with some of our things...and it's all backfired causing Justin to be escorted to a police station.



I suddenly felt tears rush down my face,dropping onto the crisp white towel in the process.


I no doubt have mascara streaks on my cheeks,whatever no one will see me like this.


I came to the conclusion that I must keep an open mind,as much as I miss and want Justin with me,I have to just wait..maybe things will get better from now on. 


I sighed and slowly walked over to my suitcase..I picked out a pair of sweatpants,fluffy socks and one of Justin's sweatshirts before I threw them on the bed.


I pulled on some comfy panties and decided to not wear a bra,I felt so sick of having to wear one,as I said before...I am alone,which means freedom for my boobs. 



I shoved the sweatshirt on and quickly put on my sweatpants before I finally put on my ankle fluffy socks. 


I was relieved,and warm.


I walked around the hotel room once,deciding on what I wanted to do...did I want to eat? maybe get some sleep? It's only 12:34pm,or did I just want to watch some movies,maybe call some people. 



I decided on grabbing an apple,I felt like it would be the only thing that would actually sit in my stomach,I felt sick and light headed...maybe no sleep was a really really bad idea.


I walked back into the bedroom and made the bed,I grabbed my iphone and threw it onto the bed before I pulled my leopard print blanket out of one of the boxes,I dragged it onto the bed and sat underneath it,switching on the plasma screen Tv in which was connected to the end of the bed.


The room immediately illuminated and Bruno Mars popped up on the screen,smiling. 


They were talking about the billboard awards and apparently Ariana Grande would be there...she's my fave if you haven't guessed.


I turned down the volume and glanced around the dark room,the curtains were drawn and it happened to give the room a cosy effect,I liked it.


I rested my head on the feathered pillows and unlocked my phone,seeing no messages from anyone. 


I contemplated on calling Taylor and in the end I decided  I should,maybe she could help me get my mind off things...don't worry,I'm not going to tell her about what Justin did. 



I let my phone ring out her number,luckily,she picked up on the 3rd ring. 


Taylor: ~'



'Oh my god's things?' She gasped,making me smile.


''Hey Taylor..everything's good,what about you and the baby?'' 


''Great,he's due in 2 you see how exited I am..I'm freaking the FUCK out.'' She whispered. 


''You'll be a great mom,don't worry...hey- so um,I called to ask you something.'' 


''Go ahead'' 


''Um...well I went on a vacation with Justin to Canada for a bit...and I'm back for a little while..and I just wanted to spend some time with know,I um...I need to get my mind off things.'' I shakily replied. 


I needed her the most right now,every time I was feeling down Taylor would always invite me over and make her special recovery smoothies...she may have took my ex away from me but I still love her.


''Of course boo! I need a bit of retail therapy anyway..wanna go shopping? I'll pay for a manicure if you treat.'' She giggled down the phone.


I smiled,she really knew how to make me feel better. 


''Thanks Tay...well I'm at the Hilton hotel down town...I'm on floor 8 room 126,I'll call room service so we can have something to eat is tiring and I don't want to spend a lot on food at the mall.''


''Yeah..I agree,that shit's expensive.'' She chuckled. 


I laughed. ''Okay Taylor..come over when you can,bye!'' 


''Bye boo see you later.''


 I hung up the phone and let my head hit the pillow.


before I knew it I was fast asleep.





''WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!! QUEEN B IS HERE!'' Someone screamed,shaking me frantically. 


I groaned and pushed them off me. 


''Hey! that's no way to greet your bestie!'' She playfully chuckled.


My eyes shot open and I instantly smiled,seeing Taylor right infront of me.



''Oh my god I've missed you!'' I yelled,wrapping my arms tight around her neck. 


''You too Tee,it's been so fucking long since I've seen your ass.'' She chuckled. 


I let go and sat up. ''How did you get in?'' 


''Are you kidding me? I'm batman,I used my cobwebs to stick to your window before  I flew in like a boss.''


I looked at her for a moment before she sighed. ''Fine...I um..the man gave me an extra key..he wouldn't let me at first but I showed him some chest and he was practically drooling giving me enough time to take the key and run.'' She giggled,lying back slowly. 



''And he didn't see your bump?'' I laughed. 


'''s not that big,I think it's pretty small to be honest.'' She shrugged. 


''Yeah your any names to call him?'' 


''I have a few..but I want some opinions and names from you too.'' 


I smiled and nodded. ''Give me da names.'' 


'' I was thinking of a Oscar..I think it's super cute for a baby..I also like Greyson...Noah's pretty cute.'' She shrugged,slowly massaging her belly. 


''I really like Greyson and Noah...Noah Rivera...Greyson Rivera..hmmm...I like Robin and Tom...Tom Rivera...Robin Rivera...oh god Tay! I don't know.'' I giggled. 


''Well thank god you're not having a baby any time would take you the 9 months just to decide a name.'' She laughed.


I scoffed and threw a pillow at her.




''Look Tori..I know your going to ask me....about Derek's death....we broke up about 4 months before that because I told him about being pregnant,he was out the door in seconds..I find it hard that my ex is dead but I'm living with much as I want my baby boy to have a father figure in his life...he can't..unless I find a boy who will be there for my son too.....but right now I'm happy,I'm on a good path in my life and my boy's only making it better.'' She smiled. 


I looked at her before I cracked a smile. ''You're so brave..I can't believe you're thinking so positive after all that.'' 


''I'm a trooper.'' She giggled.


''You sure are.'' 


I laughed and got up off the bed before I waddled over to my suitcase,my legs were still weak from the lack of energy. 



''Ooo girl.'' Taylor purred. 


I turned around to see her smirking at me.


''Did someone get some action last night? you're walking like a penguin.'' She chuckled. 


I suddenly grew embarrassed and turned back around. '''s just I don't have enough energy so I'm a bit weak at the moment.'' 


''From sex?'' She added.


''Taylor I swear I didn't have sex last night ok?'' I replied suddenly getting irritated. 


''Ok ok....but ya'll have fucked right?'' She asked. 


I turned around and scowled at her before I began to take off my sweatpants. 


''You haven't?!'' She gasped. ''All this've been going out like nearly a year right? and you haven't got a piece of him?'' She asked standing up and walking over to me. 


''Taylor that's enough,we've had sex.''I muttered,turning away from her to quickly put on my bra before shoving on a random top. 


''Is he good? I mean...he seemed like an inexperienced little offense,did he fuck you good or naahhh.'' She yelled in her fake ghetto voice. 


''If you have to know...he was good,I wasn't his first.'' 


Taylor looked at me for a split second before she began to laugh.


''You're joking right...Justin...Justin Bieber?'' She giggled. ''The boy who was too afraid to touch you when I first saw you guys together?'' 


''Taylor don't be a bitch...and I'm not discussing my sex life with you.''


''Does he have a big dick?''She asked,smirking as she knew she was getting to me. 


''Taylor!'' I hissed,putting on a brown cardigan to match my combat boots I put on a few seconds ago. 


''What? simple question..does..loser boy...have...a..big..dick?'' 


''Stop calling him names..he's not a loser boy,and as I said before,I'm not discussing my sex life with drop it.'' 


''I bet he has a 3inch.'' She sang,following me into the bathroom.


I growled and turned around. ''His dick is's as long as a water bottle OK? is that better?''


''Not really..what inch is he? have you gave him head?'' She proceeded,looking at me in the mirror as I continued to apply makeup. 


''I'm regretting inviting you today.'' I hissed.


''I'm only playing Tori...chill,someone's a bit uptight...from sex.'' She whispered the last part before she shot out the room. 


I growled and ran after her. 


''Quit pissing me off! why can't you fucking keep your big ass mouth shut?'' I laughed,chasing her,threatening to prod her with my mascara. 


''Do it and I'll wreck your Timberland's.'' She hissed. 


I looked down at my shoes and looked back up to her,seeing her quickly grab a random sharpie from wherever the fuck she got it from. 


''Do it and I'll throw you out the fucking window,spiderwoman.'' I added,mocking her stupid ass fake story from earlier. 


''Are you mocking me Mrs.Bieber?'' She smirked,walking away from me.


''Why yes I am...miss bitch.'' 


''Oi oi back up..Noah Greyson Tom Robin Oscar is kicking!'' She yelled,sitting down on the bed and taking a breath. 


''Noah what?'' I laughed. 


''From now up until the birth  my baby's called Noah Greyson Tom Robin Oscar,those are the names we like and on the day when I see him the first name that comes to my head will be his name.'' 


''Good idea.'' I nodded approvingly. 


''You ready then? we need to roll before the rush hour hits.'' She replied.



''What about our room service.'' I whined. 


''We'll order it on the way back.'' She giggled,pulling me over to the mirror to quickly check out outfits before running into the main apartment. 


Tori's outfit:


Taylor's Outfit:



''Looking hot.'' Taylor hollered,checking me out.


''You too.'' I chuckled,I grabbed my phone and Taylor pulled me over to the door. 


''Wait wait.'' I murmured. 


Taylor rolled her eyes and walked out the door. ''I'll wait for you down at reception.'' 


''Ok.'' I muttered.


I waited for her to walk out the door before I wrote a letter. 



'To Justin,


I still have hope of you coming home so that's why I'm writing this letter..


you most definately won't see this but I feel like I have to write it anyway.


I'm going to the mall with Taylor..She's 2 weeks away from having her baby so I'm going to go shopping with her..


I love you


Tori xo' 


I knew he most definately won't see it but something inside me forced me to write that letter,just in case.




so this chapter was pretty long for me to write...part 2 might be up this weekend or if your lucky tomorrow,I might update on forever and a day or trust issues now,but yeah:)









Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3


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