The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


21. I'm sorry


''J-Justin! I'm f-fine.'' I coughed.



''Oh my god,thank fuck you're okay Tee! I'm so so so sorry,I really am...I can't believe I was stupid enough to go and do that to you,I didn't know you couldn't swim,I'm so so-''



''It's fine Justin,just please don't do that again,I couldn't breathe.'' I slurred.




''I'm so sorry,I really am...I'll never do it again,baby.I promise.'' Justin sniffed.




*I looked up to see a tear rolling down his cheek,I smiled reassuringly and wiped his tear stained cheeks,before kissing him lightly on the lips,Justin broke apart first and picked me up,taking us back towards where our bags were lying,he gently placed me down on his lap and stroked my hair*




''Are you sure you're okay,please tell me if you aren't we can go straight home...I don't mind,Te-''




''Justin.'' I giggled. ''I'm fine,just please stop worrying about me.'' 




''I can't,I wan't you safe and out of any harm,and I practically killed you Tori,if I didn't notice you were under water for so long,I could of killed you,you would be life would be over.'' Justin sniffed again.




''Justin,just trust didn't kill one did,it was my stupid fault for not taking swimming lessons when I was a kid.'' 




''Are you kidding me? Tori,what the fuck? I know you're only saying that to try and make me feel better,but face it...I'm the worst boyfriend in the world,I didn't even know you couldn't swim,and I took you to the fucking beach and practically drowned you!'' Justin cried.




''Justin,It's my fault for not telling you I couldn't swim,you didn't know...and I'm not one bit mad at you,I'm just thankful you were there in time...just please stop blaming this on yourself,please...'' I spoke quietly,tears escaping my eyes.



''I love you Tori,I'm sorry.'' Justin whispered,wrapping his arms around my waist and burying his head in the crook of my neck.



''I love you too,Justin.'' I replied.




*I felt a tear land on my shoulder,I turned around to face Justin,who's head was hanging low so I couldn't see his face,I placed my thumb under his chin and pulled his head up to look at me,but his eyes remained on the floor*




''Justin,look at me.'' 



*He shook his head lightly*




''Justin,look at me.'' I demanded.



*Justin's eyes slowly lifted up to look me right in the eyes,as more tears streamed down his face*




''Look,I love you no matter what,Okay? nothing can change that,people make mistakes..I made the mistake of not telling you when I knew we were going to the beach,I guess I was just too caught up in our fairytale to notice the danger for me,but it doesn't matter now,I'm safe,in your arms...and I'm not going you understand me?'' I replied firmly.



*Justin nodded his head slightly,before his eyes dropped to the ground again*




''Justin,look at me,please.'' 




*Justin slowly looked up again,I sighed and re positioned myself on his lap,swinging my legs behind his back,straddling him*




''You do not deserve to be hated by me,or anything,I know you think I hate you now because you nearly killed me-'' 



*Justin winced,squeezing his eyes close*




''But I don't Justin,I love you more than ever..this shows that you really care about me,you're constantly asking me if I'm alright..or if something's up,and I like shows that you truely care,and this little accident proves that you actually love me,and you're not just saying it because I d-''




''I've always loved you Tori,always..don't you dare think that  one minute in my life that I've not been with you  I haven't loved you,because every second I'm with you I love you more and more,I love you so much it hurts...and I wan't you to know I'd do anything for you,I'd kill myself for you.'' Justin finished,another tear escaping his eye.



*I wiped the tear from Justin's cheek,as he reached out and wiped mine,evidently meaning a few tears had escaped my eyes aswell from Justin's statement.*




''Please,please don't say that, don't mean it,please tell me you wouldn't end you life for me.'' I whispered,looking into his watery brown orbs.



''It's true though Tori,I would honestly do anything for name it,I do it...if you told me to Jump off that cliff over there to prove I love you,I would do it...I would end my life,for you.I mean it.'' Justin replied firmly.



''Justin,promise me,If I do anything to hurt you,please don't end your life,you mean everything to me too...and I wouldn't be able to take it if you actually killed yourself,not just for me...but for anything,there's always a way out..suicide isn't an option.'' 




''Tori,you're the only meaningful thing I have mom doesn't even know I live with you now,Derek's a piece of shit,my dad ran away from cousins live in England and my grand parent's want nothing to do with me,they think I'm just like Derek,a horrible drug-dealing,heartbreaking,son of a bitch.You're all I have left,I wouldn't be able to cope if anything happened to you...seriously,I don't know how I've coped all these years without you by my side,you're honestly my life-saver,you got me out of my own mess of a life and made it almost perfect,and do you know why it's almost perfect Tori?''



''Why?'' I sniffed.



''Because you're in it.'' Justin smiled,letting the last few tears leave a trail down his face.




*I couldn't help but smile,Justin smiled back,I pulled him into a bone crushing hug,dreading the moment when we have to let go.*




''I'm sorry,baby.'' 



''Why are you sorry,Justin?'' 




''For making you cry.'' 




''Justin,these are happy tears.'' I giggled slightly,sobbing into his shirt.








''Because I'm happy I've got such a perfect boyfriend,I'm happy I have someone in my life like you,you're the best friend I've never had,you're there for me through thick and thin,you're why I look forward to getting up in the morning,you're the reason why I don't go to sleep with a wet pillow from endless hours of crying,you're the reason why I go to sleep with a smile on my face.'' I sniffed.




''I love you Tori Brooks.'' Justin whispered into my neck.



''I love you more,Justin Bieber.'' 




*Justin's head shot up,smirking as he looked into my eyes*




''Last time I checked,I love you more.'' 










''Nope,I love you more.'' 



''Not possible.'' 



''I made it possible thoug-''



*I was cut of by Justin pressing his lips forcefully into mine,I instantly wrapped my arms around his neck as he stroked my cheeks with his hands*




''Wanna go home? maybe watch some movies? cuddle for a while? maybe makeout?'' Justin smirked.




''Don't push it,Bieber...but sure,I guess so.'' I shrugged.




*Justin laughed,kissing me lightly on the lips again before he let me stand up,I helped him up before we grabbed our bags and walked back to the car*




''I'm sorry today didn't work as planned,we were only at the beach for about half an hour.'' Justin shrugged climbing into the drivers seat.




''Well if you didn't try to drown me,maybe we would still be at the beach.'' I joked.




*Justin's jaw clenched,and his fists tightened on the steering wheel,causing his knuckled to turn white,before he dropped one of his hands to his lap,and the other agressively hitting the dashboard once or twice,he stopped and sighed,running a hand through his hair,he looked out the window for several long minutes*




''Justin,I was joking,you know I was.'' I giggled,rubbing his shoulder.



*He jerked it off still keeping his gaze out the window*




''You know how I feel about what happened at the beach,why fucking bring it up again..I almost fucking murdered you Tori,for fuck sake.'' He muttered,facing away from me.




''Justin...I was kidding,we both know you didn't mean to do it,it was my fault.'' 



Justin merely stayed quiet,peering at the beach through his window.



*I sighed and unbuckled my seatbelt,I climbed over the middle piece of the car and sat on Justin's lap in the driver's seat,I grabbed his face and forced him to look into my eyes*




''Justin,hear me out...whatever happened back there is in the past...let's forget it ever happened okay?'' 



''I can't forget the fact I nearly fucking killed you Tori.'' Justin muttered angrily.




*I grabbed his face and smacked my lips into his,Justin instantly started to kiss me back,running his tongue across my bottom lip,I immediately accepted and Justin's tongue danced in my mouth,he pulled at the hem of my cover up,before pulling it over my head,breaking the kiss momentarily so the shirt could pass over my head,almost instantly our lips were reconnected as I found my way to the back of Justin's hair,tugging at it slightly as Justin bit my bottom lip lightly,letting a moan sound from the back of my throat,we broke the kiss and Justin placed soft kisses on my neck,trailing up to my jaw bone then back down towards my collarbone,I didn't notice I was only in my bikini top now and shorts as Justin trailed the kisses lower,kissing my bakini straps,he looked up at me and smiled a reassuring smile, almost as a 'trust me' sort of look,I pulled Justin away from my neck and started to trail kisses from his jawbone as he held his had back in pleasure,his mouth hanging open slightly,Justin moaned just as I reached his sweet spot,just under his saw bone,near his ear*




''Let's continue this in the back-seat,baby.'' Justin groaned,grabbing my hand and pulling me into the back seat.






*cheesiest  chapter ever written*

ooooo;) do you think they do it?



















Stay beautiful<3



Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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