The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


14. I'm sorry


Tori's POV:



''Justin,I didn't know...I'm so sorry.''



''It's fine Ti,really...I guess you were dating Derek,so you didn't notice..'' 




''I feel like shit now,why didn't you ever talk to me in school...start a conversation with me?'' 




''I was afraid you'd treat me like everyone else..afraid that you would bully i thought it was best if I ignored you did a pretty good job of ignoring me'' Justin shrugged.




''Every single day....every single day I wanted to speak to you,become friends with you...but I knew if I even stepped anywhere near you...Derek would do something..I didn't want to risk much as I wanted to hang with you..I-I just didn't want anything to happen to you...I guess.''




'' you're saying you liked me...even through I'm a nobody..even though I sat alone at lunch...praying that one day I would be hit by a car in fear of Derek beating me fear of pulling through and living more painful days in this cruel world?'' 




'' were never a nobody...I noticed...I noticed everything...the day you got your glasses,the day you walked into school with a cast on your arm..when you got a new car,when you changed lockers so you could avoid getting slammed into lockers by Derek and his gang...everything.''  I paused. ''You may have not noticed...but you were one of the reasons I actually got out of're cute smile I would see when you achieved a good grade in class,your gorgeous brown eyes..your shyness..everything about you made me love you...and I couldn't fight my feelings...even though I was going out with Derek...even when I kissed him...I pictured me kissing you,you may call me crazy...but I liked you...for you,everything about you I absolutely adored..but you didn't see it.'' 



*There was a pause,in which tears started to glide down my cheeks,Justin ran over to me,wrapping me tightly in his embrace..rocking me back and forth as I continued to cry*




It breaks my heart to think one day Justin wouldn't be here...he would end his life...if I didn't save him in time..he could be laying lifeless right now if I didn't find that box under his bed....he really think's he's nothing special...when he means everything to me...but I don't know how I can show him he's the best thing that's ever happened to me.




''Shh,shh...I'm just glad you're my girl're all mine and I'm not letting you go'' 




''Just promise me one thing Justin,whatever you do...promise me this.'' 




''Anything for you beautiful'' 




''Promise me you won't even think of taking your life again...I don't want to loose you.'' I cried into his chest.




''I can't promise you that...but I will promise you I'll love you and only you no matter where I am...if im up there'' Justin pointed to the sky. ''Or in here.'' Justin pointed to his heart. ''Or if I have the blessing to be with you forever...I will always love you Tori.'' Justin whispered.




''Stop it,you're making me cry.'' I giggled.




''Sorry baby.'' Justin chuckled.




*I looked up into his eyes,his smile faded as he looked back into mine*




''I love you Justin.'' I whispered.



''I love me too.'' Justin smirked




*I slapped his shoulder lightly*




''where's this cocky Justin coming from huh?'' I laughed.




''I'm kidding,you know I love you too.'' 




''You've become a lot more confident Bieber,well done!'' I smiled up at him.




''All thanks To my beautiful gorgeous amazing funny,cute-'' 




''we get it doofus.'' I giggled.




*Justin chuckled and slowly pressed his lips into mine,causing butterflys to shoot through my whole body,I flinched at this amazing feeling,causing Justin to immediately sit up*




''I'm sorry.'' He sighed running a hand through his hair. ''Just tell me if you don't want to kiss me,and I wont.'' 




*I giggled,causing Justin to look up frowning at me*




''Come here you cutie.'' I smiled grabbing the back of his neck and slamming his lips into mine.




*Justin moved his hands to my face,placing each thumb on my rosey cheeks*




''I love you.'' Justin mumbled once we broke apart.




''Feeling's mutual buddy.'' I giggled




*Justin smirked and flipped his hair,I automatically reached up and ruffled it*




''You're so goddamn sexy.'' I muttered




*Justins grin grew wide*




''So are you.'' 




''Pffft.'' I snorted. ''I'm not sexy...are you shitting me?'' 



''No,I'm not SHITTING you.'' Justin chuckled. ''But you are sexy.'' 




''Whatever Bieber'' I rolled my eyes.




''I'm're the hottest chick in our school...but do you know what the best part is?'' 







''YOUR ALL MINE.'' Justin smirked




''That could easily change.'' I murmured.




''hold up,what did you say?''




''Nothing,...just that I love you...''




''Yeah right.'' 





''Love you.'' 



''Love you too.'' Justin sighed.




*I giggled and walked up to him*




''Bend down.'' 



''Why?'' He asked frowning.




''Just do it.'' I sighed




*Justin hesitated before he bent down,I quickly ran behind him and jumped on his back*




''you're so cute.''Justin chuckled




''So are you,now take me to my room peasant.'' 



''Peasant?'' Justin scoffed.




''You heard.'' 







''Just take me to my goddamn room before I kick you where it hurts!'' 




''are you uhm...umm-



''No,im not on my Period...I was kidding,but im contemplating weather I do kick you in your man hood if you don't get there in less then 3 seconds.'' 




''Shit.'' Justin muttered as he ran out of the room and into mine.




''Good boy,now put me down.'' 




*Justin dropped me on the bed,a smirk plastered on his face,just as he was about to walk out,I grabbed his arm and yanked him back,causing him to fall on the bed with me.*




''Jesus christ Ti!'' Justin laughed sitting up on the bed.




*(AN: Ti is Tori's nickname...(pronounced: tea or tee))*




''Sorry...but you're not getting away from me that easily.'' 




''Who said I wanted too?'' Justin seductively whispered




*I jumped on his back again,wrapping my arms around his neck*



''Since when did you become sexy?'' I chuckled leaning over his shoulder to look in his eyes.




Justin kissed my cheek. ''I've been sexy since birth..Just didn't have anyone to show it too.'' 








''I'm're really gullible aren't you?'' Justin chuckled holding my hands that were placed around his neck



''Mhm...whatever...What we doing today asswipe?'' 



''Asswipe? I don't wipe asses?'' Justin chuckled




''But you tend to kiss them.'' I winked before jumping off his back and rolling off the bed.




''Oh that's've crossed the line.'' Justin laughed deviously.




''What the fuck was that laugh?'' I giggled running out the room.




''Don't mock me even more,Or I might have to tickle you.'' Justin warned catching me up as I ran down the stairs.




''In your dreams Bieber'' 




''Whatever you say.'' 




*I ran into the kitchen,standing on one side of the island,whilst Justin stood on the other side,pulling the rape face at me*



''Okay...your starting to really creep me out.''




''Then my job is working.'' 





''Stop pulling the rape face! you look like a paedophile!'' 




''Hello children of the ocean.'' Justin whispered walking around the island still pulling the rape face.




''Children of the ocean? oh my god.'' I laughed




*I leaned up against the island for balance,still uncontrollably laughing,Justin walked around and placed two hands on either side,causing a wall around me,I sat up on the counter as Justin moved forward slightly.*




''Stop seriously..I cant-'' 




*I burst out laughing again*




''Justin..I-I look like...Garry Glitter....Stop,please...I can't breathe.'' I spluttered.




''Alright stopping.'' Justin chuckled




*I grabbed onto his shoulders as I began to calm down*




''You're so cute'' Justin smiled.



''So are you buddie.'' I smiled back.




''What's up with the buddie thing? I'm your boyfriend.'' Justin frowned.




''I don't's just a habit...sorry.'' 




''It's fine'' 



*There was a long pause before I flicked Justins ear,just out of entertainment,he immediately pouted*



how can you not feel guilty after that adorable face...I swear it should be illegal for a boy to look so cute at doing that face...I'm a girl and he definitely would have won in a cute word of a lie.




*I giggled and kissed his pouting lip,I pulled away after a second,but kept close to his face,Justin moved his hands up,to rest on my cheek,he slowly moved forward,until his sweet plump lips touched mine,I grabbed the back of his neck to make the kiss more forcefull,After a while of short sweet kisses,Justin ran his tongue on my bottom lip,I immediately accepted and he slithered his tongue into my mouth*




This boy can fucking kiss.







i know it's a shit chappie...but i needed to update<3 sorry<3










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