The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


38. ''I will do anything in my power to make you happy again.''


Tori's POV:


''Justin,tell me what the fuck's going on.'' I snapped,pulling on my hair roots.






''NO! Just tell me,I don't care if you don't want to,you have to..and I'm not letting this go.'' I sighed,running my hand up and down my neck.



''Are you sure?'' Justin whispered.


''Positive.'' I replied,shuffling on the bed.



''Okay,how much do you remember?''



''I remember from when you went out and Harry came around to do our project,why?'' I frowned,tilting my head to the side.



''Well,basically..Harry pulled a move on you and when I walked in he was kissing your neck,at first I was beyond angry with you because I thought you were cheating,but then I came to realise I should trust you and you wouldn't do such a thing because D-Derek cheated on you with Taylor,but anyways..we had a fight,and it wasn't just a small fight,it was the biggest fight we've had yet and I hope no more come in the future but you walked out on me,I was vunerable and I thought I lost you even though I knew I was the one who pushed you away,I then got a text from the unknown number telling me you were caught up in a alleyway with some drunk dude,and when I arrived at the place it was worse than I thought.'' Justin croaked.



''W-What happened Justin?'' 



''Y-You were lying on the floor,with no clothes on...your head was cut open and bruises covered your body.'' Justin choked,tears streaming down his face.



And that moment,for the first time in my life...I was speechless,no words or sounds could escape my mouth,my throat began to tighten and my hands began to uncontrollably shake.



''I'm so sorry baby,it's all my fault.'' Justin sobbed,shaking his head.



*I leaned forwards and hugged him,Justin wrapped his trembling hands around me tightly and cried into my shoulder*



before I could even comprehend what was going on,small sobs emitted from my lips as my eyes began to blur,It was slowly processing in my brain...but now I understand.




I've been sexually abused...



And it was by my ex-boyfriend..



This would of never happened if I didn't speak to Harry in detention..



This wouldn't of happened if I didn't invite him over for the project without Justin there...



This wouldn't of happened if I hadn't have been so stupid to run away in the middle of the night and find myself getting caught up in a dangerous situation...



Yeah,that's right...I remember everything now,every little detail up to the point where I blacked out,I remember every word in the fight that was spoken,every tear I cried,and every ounce of my body that was abused by Derek.



''Shh baby,we will get through this.'' Justin whispered into my ear.



''No! nothing will be okay Justin! I was so stupid,so fucking stupid to even leave you! I'm such a fuck up!'' I chocked,digging my hands harder into Justin's chest.



''Baby it's not your fault,you were in the wrong place at the wrong time,I'm sorry.'' Justin sobbed,rubbing my back comfortingly.



''I need to take a shower,I feel dirty.'' I spat,ripping myself away from Justin and walking into the bathroom before slamming the door.



Justin's POV:



*I wiped away my last few tears as I watched Tori slam the bathroom door*



I need to kill that bastard if it's the last thing I do,I should of done it last night when I had the chance.



*I got up and began to pace the room angrily,pulling on my hairline*



He need's to be gone,away from she can't be hurt any more,he needs to die a painful death and I don't care how,he deserves double the pain Tori's experienced,he can rot in hell for all I care.



*I sat down on the end of the bed and rested my elbows on my knee's as I thought about these past events*



After all the shit Derek's put me and Tori through I wouldn't give a flying fuck if someone chopped him up and served him to a pack of dogs,I wouldn't feel guilty and I certainly wouldn't care..I hate Derek,not an ounce of love for that fucker is left in my all disappeared when he disowned me and humiliated me in front of everyone,from that day onwards I refuse to call him my brother or any part of my family,he's nothing but scum to me.



*My breathing instantly hitched when a small sob was heard from the bathroom,I listened carefully as Tori's cries were heard from behind the door*



''This has got to stop.'' I murmured,standing up from the bed and kicking one of the plant pots to the floor,causing it to smash into pieces.



*I instantly turned around when the bathroom door clicked open,Tori slowly walked out with mascara steaks down her cheeks with just a towel wrapped around her,My blood then turned cold as I noticed all of the finger bruises up and down her legs,Tori waddled over to the bed and sat down  on the edge,gripping the end of the towel with her fists,curling them into balls*



''This is hard for me to take in Justin.'' She murmured,staring straight ahead.



''I know baby,and I will do anything in my power to make you happy again.'' I truthfully replied,sitting down next to her and wrapping my arm around her shoulder,bringing her into my chest.



''I see this type of stuff in movies,but I never thought it would hurt so much to experience it.'' She croaked,another tear finally escaping her eye.



''I know baby girl,but trust me...Derek will never lay a finger on you once I'm finished with him.'' I replied,gritting my teeth at the thought at that sleaze bag.



''Don't do anything you will regret Justin,I don't want you hurt.'' Tori whispered,looking into the depths of my eyes.



''I promise you,whatever I do to that fucker,there will be no regret what so ever in my body.'' I spat,clenching my fists causing Tori to yelp.



*I quickly faced her to see her crawl out of my vice like grip,fear stricken in her eyes*



''I'm sorry baby,did I hurt you?'' I asked,praying I didn't.




*Tori slowly nodded as a tear slid down her cheek,causing my heart strings to tighten,and not in a good way,I watched as she clutched her left hip in her hands,her face scrunched up in pure pain*



''Let me see.'' I whispered,scooting closer to her and slowly reaching for her towel.



*Tori scooted away,shaking her head at me with sad eyes*



''Please don't hurt me.'' She whimpered.



Apart of me died when she spoke that last sentence,she thought I was going to hurt her,I've really fucked up. 



''Please,j-just...stay away from me,your just like him...y-your just like Derek.'' She whispered,scooting back on the bed.



Tori's POV:



I felt Justin's grip tighten on my waist,causing a spark of pain to shoot up my leg...





I desperately tried to fight him off,with every strength I had,but it wasn't enough,Derek was stronger...much stronger.


I spat in his face,desperate to get away from his vice like grip,I stalled him and began to run out of the dark humid alleyway,only to be knocked down flat to the floor as a sharp blow of a half smashed bottle interjected my head causing me to yelp for anyone to hear my desperate cry's one last time before I knew what he was doing,I instantly looked to the right to find a dirty white towel screwed up in the corner of the wall,I stretched forwards and began to swipe for it to somehow grip it into the palm of my hands,but it was too late,my eyes began to shut and I felt tiredness enter my whole system.



The last thing I touched was that dirty white towel...the last thing I touched before my almost perfect life was taken away from me.






Seeing Justin reach for my towel instantly triggered the memories of last night into my brain...causing me to panic over the fact that Justin might have been out to hurt me all along.



Justin's POV:


I don't understand why Tori won't let me help her,I hurt her and I just want to check her waist for any bruises or cuts..



''Tori,babe listen to me....I am not like Derek...I promise you,I feel sick to the bone at the fact that he thought he could abuse you and get away with it...I would never hurt you intentionally and you know that.'' I croaked,my throat becoming dry from the shock of her words.



''Just....stop...I can't deal with this.'' She sobbed,shaking her head from side to side.



''Tori,let me just look at your hip...I promise I won't touch you if you don't want me to,I just want to know that I didn't hurt you...I promise.'' I whispered,scooting further towards her.



''Let me put on clothes first.'' She mumbled,barely audible.



''Okay sweetheart.'' I replied,standing up and sitting on my side of the bed,facing the wall as I heard Tori's towel drop to the floor.






''Y-You can turn around now.'' She murmured.



*I got up and turned around to see Tori in one of my oversized shirts and one of my clean pairs of boxers,I smiled slightly and walked forwards,Tori sat down on the bed with her legs apart slightly and her hands placed inbetween her legs,awkwardly twisting her palms together,I crouched down in front of her and slowly lifted up the bottom of her top to reveal a huge purple and black bruise the size of a tennis ball,I gasped and lightly placed my fingertips over it,I felt Tori wince from under my touch and I instantly pulled her top back down and sat down on the bed next to her,I pulled her into a hug and placed my chin on her head,staring at the mounted photo of me and her on the wall next to the bathroom door*



''I hurt my princess.'' I muttered over and over as my eyes began to blur again.



*I felt Tori's arms ravel from underneath me and she moved back to look at me,a sad expression on her face*



''Not intentionally Justin,I'm sorry for making you feel worse about saying your just like's just when you grabbed my towel it triggered memories from last night,I remeber before I blacked out the last thing I touched was a dirty towel on the floor,I just-''



''Shh shh,it's okay baby,I understand.'' I whispered,once I noticed she began to choke on her words.



''I just,I love you so much Justin and I-'' She sniffed. ''I just don't know how to react to what happened,I mean I didn't even know.'' She whimpered,pulling me into another tight hug.



''I love you too baby,I will always be here for you no matter what...don't you ever forget that..I know I wasn't there when Derek you know...raped you,but I didn't give up searching for you when we were in a big fight and we were both so mad at each other...I know I said some hurtful things to you but I just want you to know I never meant what I said,I love you and your the best thing that's happened in my life,your perfect and I-I just l-love you so much.'' I whimpered,wrapping my arms around her head and pulling her further into my chest as I placed small kisses in her hair.



''I said some hurtful things too Justin,don't just blame this all on was my fault for thinking Harry wouldn't try to pull on me.'' She sighed,pulling out of my chest and wiping away the tears on my cheeks.



*I smiled at her and wiped away her tears too*



''This isn't your fault..I shouldn't have been such a jerk and let you explain properly before I jumped to confusions and instantly thought you were the bad guy.'' I sighed,kissing her forehead.






''It's just that...It broke my heart and made me truly angry at the thought of you sharing a kiss with anyone else but me,I hate the fact that that mother fucker touched you and I didn't do anything about it..I just let him go and took it all out on you when it should of been the other way around,I'm sorry.'' I cut her off,shaking my head from side to side.



''Harry should be jealous right now.'' She muttered,half smiling at me.



''Why babe?'' 



''Because he can't get this.'' She muttered.



*Before I could even reply Tori's lips found there way to mine,sharing a passionate filled kiss with each other,instantly all my emotions fizzled away and the only thing that mattered were me and Tori at this moment,I slowly pulled away and smiled at her*



''I guess your right.'' I chuckled shakily.



*Tori merely smiled before she reached up and wiped away the last tear that ran down my cheek,I slowly grabbed her hand and placed a small light kiss on each knuckle before I trailed kisses up her arm*



''I'm going to kiss every bruise and cut on your body to show you how sorry I am for not being there for you.'' I muttered,looking into her eyes.



''There's no need Justin,I know your sorry..and I forgive you,just please stop telling me your sorry because I truly believe you are,weather you don't think I do or I don't,I do so please just stop,I love you and that's all that matters.'' Tori replied,grabbing the back of my neck and pulling me closer to her face.



''I love you no matter what stupid shit you do,I can't get over you even if I wanted to's like your name is tattooed onto my heart...its weird and cheesy,but it's true...I truely believe your the one for me.'' Tori whispered,looking into my eyes with such love and adoration.



''I love you so much,Tori Mae's not weird and cheesy,because I feel the exact same way,and I don't believe your the one for me...I know your the one for me.'' I finished,showcasing my grin that's been missing these past couple of days.



*Tori pulled me into another bone crushing hug,I chuckled and rubbed her back as she held onto me with all of her strength*



''I'm here to stay baby,I'm not going anywhere.'' I whispered into her hair,running my fingers through her long brown locks.





so you finally found out what happened guys...what do you think?xox














Stay beautiful my little Shawty's<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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