The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


40. ''I gotcha this time,you fucker.''



''Babe,I promise you i'll be fine.'' I sighed,kissing the top of Tori's head as she clung onto me with all her strength.



''Don't leave...we can-we can watch a movie and cuddle up on the couch.'' Tori stuttered,frantically looking around the room for something to stop me from leaving.



''Baby,look at me.'' I sighed,grabbing her cheeks lightly and focusing her eyes on mine. ''Nothing will happen...I promise.'' I smiled,placing my hand on the small of her back.



''What makes you so certain?'' She spat,slapping my hand away from her cheek and pacing the room.



''Tori,look...I have a gut feeling that everything will go perfectly me by the end of the night we will be tucked up in bed like two burrito's cuddling each other till sunrise.'' I smiled reassuringly,hoping she would calm down.



''If anything goes wrong you know I will never forgive you right? you promised that everything's going to be fine..and that's what I'm expecting from you.'' She huffed,stopping in her path and crossing her arms before fixing her gaze at her sneakers.



I nodded sheepishly. ''Come here.'' I chuckled,holding out my arms.



Tori hesitantly walked into my embrace before she wrapped her arms around my neck and rested her cheek upon mine.



''You know I will be completely destroyed if anything happens to you tonight,I'm surprised I'm actually letting you leave.'' She murmured into my ear.



''Boo,you mean everything to me...I wouldn't make an empty promise to're the only reason I'm here today and I love you more than Nutella and Animal Planet,do you know how much I legitimately love those things?'' I chuckled,trying to lighten up the mood.



''I sure hope you love me more than those thing's Justin,because you've recently been slating animal planet saying there all repeats and saying how much you dislike it now...'' She frowned,peeking up at me.



''Oh shit,I forgot...okay then...I love you more than I love you..if that makes sense.''



''What the fuck is that supposed to mean?'' She giggled.



''I have no idea,but all I know is I'd take a bullet for you right in the heart,or go through years of torture just to make sure your know I'd never do anything to intentionally hurt you,and I know this is hurting you leaving you like this but it's for your benefit too...Derek's a nasty piece of work and he deserves to die.'' I spat,getting angry with the thought of him.



''I love you so much,baby.'' Tori muttered,shaking her head as I rocked her from side to side to try and calm my nerves.



''I love you more,princess.'' I whispered before pressing my lips into her temple. ''You're my little fighter and you didn't give up on me at my hardest times so I'm not doing that to you...we will pull through this together okay my little munchkin?'' I cooed,stroking her hair with the pad of my thumb.



''Aye,I'm already mad at you for leaving me so don't make it worse by calling me a munchkin.'' She warned.



''I'm sorry...your just so perfect it's hard to describe you in one word.'' I smiled.



''That's slightly better.'' She giggled.



''Well I need to go now-''



''Noo...please.'' She whined,tugging on my black leather jacket.



''I have to baby.'' I replied,pulling her away from me and sliding on my matt black Supra's.



''I love you so much.'' She whispered,a single tear rolling down her cheek.



It's impossible to leave her when she cry's,that's my weakness...once she start's crying I drop everything and run to comfort her,but I know this time I can't...and it kills me.



''Justin Drew,you better kiss me before you even touch that door knob.'' She giggled unstably,shaking her head as she began to shake.



''Of course.'' I smiled,walking over to her and grabbing her waist with my hands before anchoring her closer to my chest.



I kissed the tip of her nose before I closed my eyes and planted my lips on her moist ones,craving the taste of her immediately,I instantly pulled my hand off her hip and placed it on the back of her head,pulling her closer and deepening the kiss at the same time,I grazed my tongue on her bottom lip and she immediately opened her mouth,I moaned as our tongues dance together.



''As much as I would like to continue this,I need to get going,baby girl.'' I smirked,hovering my lips over hers.



She kissed me once before she nodded and hit my back. ''Go show that asshole who's boss.'' She cheered,somehow less emotional then earlier.



''Remember I love you no matter what the outcome is.'' I reminded her,turning around to look at her as I grasped the door handle in my sweaty hands.



''And I love you no matter how much I hate you for leaving me now.'' She smiled teasingly.



''Bye,baby girl.'' I called before I swung the door open and stepped out into the icy cold atmosphere of the summer night.



''Bye Jay.'' She called back,barely audible as I closed the door just as she spoke.



I popped my collar before I walked over to my black SUV,hopping in I started the engine,but stayed stationary as I pulled out my phone from my black skinny jean's pocket.



''Hello?'' Tori asked,as I called her up and waited for the rings to stop.



''Just wanted to say I love you.'' I replied.



''You too,baby,you too.'' She replied.



*I smiled and hung up the phone,before opening my contacts,I hovered over the name 'Derek' and began to thumble out a text*


'To: Derek


I forgive you,I just wanna talk...ima pick u up,were going for a drive,maybe hit the bar and forget about the past? sound good?:)'



I sighed and re-read the text,smiling deviously as I added the smiley face on the end to make it look innocent..



But what this fucker didn't know is that within an hour he will be 6 feet under...literally.



*I pressed send before I regretted it and turned on the radio,instantly frowning as Chris Brown's 'Don't judge me' blasted through the cars speakers,causing goosebumps to erupt over my skin as the chilling beet mixed with the AC blasting through the grills*



You're hearing rumours about me
And you can't stomach the thought
Of someone touching my body
When you're so close to my heart
I won't deny what they saying
Because most of it is true
But it was all before I fell for you

'So please babe
So please don't judge me
And I won't judge you
Cause it could get ugly
Before it gets beautiful
Please don't judge me
And I won't judge you
And if you love me
Then let it be beautiful
Let it be beautifu-u-ul, let it be beautiful
Let it be beautifu-u-ul, let it be beautiful

Everything I say right now
Is gonna be used in another fight
And I've been through this so many times
Can we change the subject?
You gonna start asking me questions like:
"Was she attractive? Was she an actress?"
Baby the fact is


You're hearing rumours about me
And you can't stomach the thought
Of someone touching my body
When you're so close to my heart
I won't deny what they saying
Because most of it is true
But it was all before I fell for you'



*I cruised down the road as my phone vibrated in the cup holder it was perched in,I picked it up when I came to a red light and quickly checked my messages*



'From: Derek


sure bro...;)'



I frowned at the wink face added on the end...once a cocky bastard always a cocky bastard.



*When the red light turned green I continued to drive along the deserted roads,speeding as there were no cops around*



At least I hope..



*I nervously looked into the rearview mirror to check to see if anyone was following me,I let out  my breath as I realised the roads were clear behind me,I continued to drive until I reached the turning to my old house*




This is it...don't screw up Justin...keep your mind blank and don't get nervous..he won't suspect a thing.



*I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel as my gaze followed Derek walking over to the passenger side,his phone grasped in his hand tightly,a sly smirk on his lips*



''Hey Justin.'' Derek smiled innocently,shutting the door behind him as he sat in.



''H-Hey,ready to hit the club?'' 



''And find some girls? fuck yeah.'' He chuckled.



*I just smiled,it intantly vanished when Mirror's by Bruno Mars and Lil Wayne started to boom through the speakers*



''This beat has an eerie feel to it,don't ya think?'' I gulped.



''Mm..the beat's sick though.'' Derek replied casually.



*I nodded and pulled out of the driveway before speeding down the dark roads,careful to not run over any wildlife*



Hey...I might be just about to torture my own brother but I still care for wildlife.




''Were gonna park the car here,and walk a few miles because it's always busy.'' I smiled,turning down the music which was still causing an eerie awkward feel in the car.



''Where are we?'' 



''Near town..''



''I need details...what's the nearest street.'' Derek persisted,fidgeting in his seat.




''I don't fucking know...ask Siri.'' I spat,pulling the keys out and stuffing them in my pocket.



*I got out the car and stood by the front of the car,letting the breeze wrap around my legs,Derek got out the car and began to walk ahead*



''So just walk straight ahead,I'll catch you up in a minute,just need to take a piss.'' I muttered,going to the back of the car and slyly opening the trunk,I pulled out a baseball bat and hid it behind my back before closing it and peeking around the car.



*I frowned noticing Derek was stood there muttering to himself as he took in his surroundings,I walked around the opposite side of the car and snuck up behind him*



''Hurry u-'' Before he could finish I slammed the hard wooden bat onto the back of his head,causing him to sway slightly before collapsing to the ground burying his head into the dirt beneath him.



''I gotcha this time,you fucker.'' I muttered,before I perched the baseball bat up against the car wheel before grabbing ahold of his feet.



*I looked from left to right a couple of times before I began to drag him deep into the depths of the woods*



I watched my SUV become smaller and smaller as I continued to drag him through and around the tree's.



*I breathed out once I noticed I found the right spot,next to a broken wood cabin,I dropped Derek's feet and kicked open the door of the woodcabin before stepping in to try and find something to help dig*



'This will all be perfectly fine,nothing will go wrong'



I kept telling myself.



*As the minutes ticked by I continued to dig,wiping the beads of sweat off my forehead absentmindedly as I glanced up at Derek's unconscious body*



''You deserve to suffocate...buried under heaps of dirt...gasping for one will find you,you sick sick fucker.'' I spat,watching as a pool of blood started to form around his head.




*Once the hole was big enough to dump his filthy body into,I sighed,putting on my leather gloves which I borrowed from Tori's dad's office,I smirked and walked closer to him*



Just as I picked up the shovel to kill him with,he spluttered,blood pouring out his mouth.



''W-Waitt.'' He spluttered,holding up one single finger.



''What now? regret what you did?'' I asked,a smirk  playing on my lips as I have the full control here.



''B-Before y-you swing..thi-is whole talk is b-being recorded.'' He coughed.



''You didn't.'' I spat.



''I-I did.'' Derek smirked,showing his bloody teeth. ''Let's j-just say that i'm still a-ahead of you-your game.'' He spluttered,wincing slightly as he turned over onto his back.



''Didn't you not think that the reception would be bad out here? I mean...were in the middle of a fucking woods you idiot.'' I laughed hysterically.



''Think what you wan't.''




I walked forwards and pressed my foot into the middle of his chest so I knew he wouldn't try anything on me..I unzipped his hoodie as I noticed my blood from my lip had been dripping on it.


This could be a serious clue,It need's to be burned.



*A shot of pain rippled through my face as I looked down to see that Derek had punched me in the jaw,cutting my lip at the same time with his ring,I hissed and ripped the hoodie of his body before standing back up again,digging my foot deeper into his ribcage*



''Cunt.'' I spat,spitting on his face as he tried to punch my foot.



''Okay...y-you win Justin.'' Derek replied,throwing his arms up in the air.



I smirked,feeling satisfied as I repetitively smacked the shovel onto the palm of my hand. ''Any last words?'' I asked,advancing on his quivering body.



''Have fun in jail you rat.'' He sneered,coughing immediately after as blood spurred out of his mouth.



''You might need a blanket down there.'' I pointed to the hole in the ground. ''It's always damp under the surface.'' 



''Once a nerd always a nerd.'' Derek spat,spitting at me,just missing my sneaker.



''Once a dirty fucker always a dirty fucker.'' I spat back.



''See you in hell- oh wait...that's after you get a-ass raped in jail.'' He smirked.



''Oh,and next time..don't rape my girlfriend,or thing's like this will happen.'' I hissed before swinging the shovel down onto his head.



*I kept swinging until his head was mangled and bones were sticking out in different places*



He raped your girl...


He bullied you...


He made you seem worthless...


He made you believe it...


He physically abused me...


He turned my own dad against me...


He got all the attention...


He was their favourite child...


He stole your toy car when you were 5...


He stole my girls confidence..


He's took everything I've ever cared about away from me...


He's left you broken...


And finally..


He took away my girls happiness...



*The shovel came crashing into his head for every single thing he's done to me*



And finally...he was no longer unconcious...he was completely stone cold,dead.



*I screamed and through the shovel down onto the floor,I grabbed his legs and threw him into the hole,before spitting on him and picking the shovel back up*



''Nice knowing you.'' I smirked,before the first dirt pile fell ontop of him,masking his face in moist soil.



''It's a shame it had to end this way.'' I teased,putting the next pile over him.






''See you in hell.'' I spat before finally putting the last lump of soil ontop.



*I patted over the top making it smooth and normal before dusting my pants down with a piece of cloth I found in the cabin*



*I grabbed Derek's hoodie which was discarded to the side and stood over Derek's burial.*



''You always said you'd dance on my grave...but guess what? I beat you too it.'' I smirked before I started to do a little jig over the dirt pile.



*I smiled in triumph and walked back over to the car,making sure I made no footsteps in the ground as I walked.*



I made it to the car and put Derek's hoodie on the front passenger seat before I grabbed the baseball bat I rested up on the car wheel and threw it into the trunk.



*I sat in the drivers seat and pulled off the leather gloves,before discarding them on the backseat.*



'Another one bites the dust' The car boomed,causing me to chuckle at the irony of it all.



*I turned down the volume to minimal and put the keys in,I pulled out of the lay-by and began to drive down the road*



''So long Derek...'' I muttered,looking out at the side window seeing the woods past by in a blur.



*I stopped breathing when I heard a small voice,I muted the music and listened*




''Derek? are you still with us? we're tracking down your phone...hold on tight..we're coming...Derek?'' Someone persisted.



*I looked at the passenger seat to see Derek's hoodie scrunched up in a tight ball,I lifted it up and shook it,causing his iPhone to drop out the pocked and land on the seat,I bit the inside of my cheek as I slowly picked up the phone and looked at the screen*



Derek was on the phone to 911...


the phone call was now on 47 minutes and counting..



he was recording the whole murder...



and they were tracking down this phone...
















Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3




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