The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


8. I Care


Justin stood there gobsmacked.



''Answer me.'' i whispered,standing up.I was now face to face with Justin. ''Why?'' 



''Y-You d-don't understand.'' He replied 



I grabbed onto his face,making him look at me. ''Tell me,now.'' i demanded.



Justin sighed,nodding.



''I-It's not easy being the t-the nerd,life g-gets hard sometimes.''



''Justin....'' I frowned. ''Why didn't you tell me? I can't believe you would even think of suicide.''



''It's n-not like anybody would c-care if im gone.'' He sniffled,wiping his face with his arm.




''I care Justin.'' I pulled him into a hug ''I promise i do.'' 



Justin pulled away and shook his head,looking down.






''I'm worthless,'' Justin said softly. ''I'm just a nerd.''



''Well,wanna know something?'' i asked.



''Sure.'' Justin shrugged.



''I like nerds.'' I smiled softly,Justin kept his head down.I slowly tilted his head up.



''W-What are you doing?'' Justin asked worry straining through his voice. I bit my lip and pressed my lips into his softly.




Surprisingly,Justin quickly kissed me back grabbing my waist.



And woah,did this kid know how to kiss.




We finally pulled away from eachother.




''I-I'm sorry''



I shook my head,''No,that was amazing.'' I smiled ''Perfect'' i finished.



''T-Thanks.'' he smiled back.



''See,that smile is what i love so much'' I watched his cheeks turn red before speaking again. ''Now promise me,don't ever think about suicide again.Thats the worst thing you can do in a situation like this.'' 



''I p-promise''.



I nodded,''Now lets finish packing.''









Justin nodded.



''Would your parents be okay with you staying with me?'' I asked as we made our way out the front door and over to the car,suitcases in hand.



''I-I'm sure t-they will be.''



''Your stuttering is so cute.'' I smiled,popping the trunk and loading it with Justin's belongings.



''I-It's s-stupid.'' Justin closed the trunk,getting inside the car.



I got into the drivers seat,''Well i think its cute''.




I pulled out of his driveway,driving towards my house.




I restem my hand on the gear stick as Justin hesitantly rested his on top of mine. ''Y-Your hands are c-cute.'' Justin smiled.




''Thank's cutie.'' I giggled. ''You're a really good kisser.'' He turned red again,and I shook my head.




He's so adorable.





''Just put your things on the floor,'' I shrugged. ''We'll unpack later.'' I grabbed Justin's hand after we put all the things down and pulled him into the kitchen.



''How about we watch a movie?'' I said,struggling to grab a pack of popcorn from a box on the top shelf.



''o-okay...need help?''



''No,i've got it.'' I lied.



Accidently grabbing the whole box,all the popcorn packages fell on me,I covered my face in embarrassment.



''Are you okay?'' Justin asked




I began Laughing uncontollably. ''Yes,I'm okay,im so clumsy!'' i shook my head.



''I f-found it c-cute.'' Justin smiled shyly.



''Thankyou.'' I smiled back. ''You're really sweet,you know that,right?''.



''I g-guess.'' he shrugged




Justins POV;



''T-Tori.'' i said nervously as i watched her pick up all the popcorn packages.



I can't believe im doing this.






I can't believe she kissed me,That means she likes me,right?



''C-Can i ask y-you something?'' i asked as she stood up and faced me.




''Of course.'' she smiled



here we go...



''W-Will you b-be my p-princess?'' I asked shakily.



i mentally slapped myself,did i really just say princess?



Tori's POV:



''W-will you b-be my p-princess?'' Justin asked shakily.



It was beyond adorable how justin asked me to be his princess. I began to giggle,but felt guilty when his face filled with worry. ''No,no Justin.'' I grabbed onto his arm. ''I will be your princess.'' 



''R-Really?'' Justin asked suprised.



''Of course.'' I pressed my lips into his,kissing him passionately.



And i finally felt happy.





awh,isn't that cute? 



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