The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


45. ''Hey,don't be sad..I love you.''



Turns out Tori wasn't pregnant..she tried both tests and they came out negative,in way's it upsets me because I would love to have our own kid,but then again maybe were a bit too young....


''Babe,there's no food in the house,I'm going to go to the store.''I called as I pulled my pant's up before buckling my belt.



''Sure,bye love you.'' Tori replied from the bathroom.



''Love you too,baby.'' I smiled to myself before jogging down the stairs and out the front door.



Tori's POV:


i finished running my fingers through my now damp hair and continued to walk out the bathroom, I walked downstairs and straight into the kitchen to try and find something to cure my hunger.


I grabbed an orange and walked into the living area,I turned on the tv and smiled when Abby from dance mom's popped up and continued to shout at Melissa,Mackenzie and Maddie's mom.



*I placed a orange piece in my mouth  grabbed Justin's macbook pro that was resting on the table,I rolled my eyes as I saw the facebook tab still open,I decided to browse his Facebook for a bit as I forgot my password,I popped another piece of orange in my mouth as I refreshed the news feed,instantly feeling my eyes go wide when someone called 'Jeremy Bieber' updated his status to 'Miss my boys.' a mere few seconds ago.*



I hesitantly clicked on his profile evidently knowing it was Justin's dad,I flicked through his photo's to see a picture of him,a woman and a little girl and boy,I racked my brain to think of who Justin told me they were..



''Jason and Jessica? no...jaxon and....'' I paused when I read the caption saying 'little jax and jazzy playing on the swings.' 



''Jazmyn and Jaxon...that's it.'' I muttered,as I continued to flick through the photo's.



I smiled when there was a close up of Jazmyn smiling at the camera,showcasing her big brown eyes,much like Justin's.



An ''Awh she's gorgeous.'' slipped my lips when I looked at more photo's of the smiling princess infront of me.



The Bieber family are blessed with good looks if you ask me.



I laughed at my thoughts and continued to look through photo's of Jaxon who had fluffy light blonde hair which complimented his tanned skin.



''He's so cute.'' I cooed.



I clicked off the pictures as a sudden urge came over me,I pressed 'send message and began to type a message out to 'Jeremy Bieber'



'Hello,this is Justin's girlfriend and I'm sorry to bother you but I saw your status a few minutes ago when I was looking through his Facebook,I just wanted to tell you that Justin misses you a lot too,this may not be my place to tell you this but he's told me a lot about your family and says he would do anything to see you guys again,sorry again if this isn't my business but I just wanted to let you know as Justin's out doing grocery shopping.'



I sighed and sent the message immediately regretting it as I saw the 'read at 11:56am' pop up in the corner.



Jeremy Bieber:


Hello,no not at all,I've been wanting to hear from Justin and Derek for a while now,I miss them both,he says he misses us?



Justin Bieber:


of course he does,your his family,he's shown me pictures of Jazzy and Jaxon and starts to get tearful,I think he misses you guys.



Jeremy Bieber:


we miss him too,Jazzy's been asking about him and Jax misses his dinosaur buddy,we haven't heard from Justin in a while though,is he okay?



Justin Bieber:


yes,Justin moved out of Patties house and lived with me,he then wanted to move away and now here we are,in Stratford.




Jeremy Bieber:


WHAT! you guys are in Stratty? is Derek there too?



Justin Bieber:


no,I don't know where Derek is to be honest,we just left one night and here we are.


I felt my neck getting hot as I saw Jeremy type something back.


Jeremy Bieber:


That's amazing,you have to visit us..



Justin Bieber:


I've been trying to tell Justin but he say's you wouldn't want to see him,he said that Derek was favourited and you didn't pay much attention to Justin,I asked him and he said he was too afraid that you'd shut the door in his face.



Jeremy Bieber:


oh my god,how could he think that? Justin's my son,I could never do that..I love them equally,I want to see my boy,do you think you could persuade him?



Justin Bieber:


I could try,but I still think he would be frightened,he's forever telling me about memory's you guys have had and I feel so guilty that he misses you so much but is afraid of the outcome...


Jeremy Bieber:


Whatever he says isn't true,and sorry..I didn't catch your name.



Justin Bieber:


My name is Tori



Jeremy Bieber:


Well Tori,thank you for trying to bring our family back together,Justin's very lucky to have someone like you,I would like to meet you.



Justin Bieber:


I would like to meet you too,should I try and get Justin down there within the next week?



Jeremy Bieber:


Sure,but before wednesday as we have a restaurant booked midday.


Justin Bieber:





Jeremy Bieber:


no problem, long have you and my son been dating?



Justin Bieber:


Just over 7 months



Jeremy Bieber:


you do know your Justin's first girlfriend right?



Justin Bieber:


Yes sir.



Jeremy Bieber:


well I just want to say thank you,he's had trouble with trust and if he's let you in you must be special.


Justin Bieber:


haha,thank took me some time,but I got there,and I couldn't be happier.



Jeremy Bieber:


well that's sweet,anyhow it was nice talking to you Tori,but Jazzy want's me to take her to the stables,have a good day and I will hopefully see you and Justin soon.


Justin Bieber:


you too Jeremy,thank you,see you soon.



I clicked the little 'x' button at the top to close the message window.



I sighed and put Justin's laptop back on the coffee table.



''Justin better be fucking gratefull after what I did.'' I muttered before paying my attention to the door as an echo of a slamming door flowed through my ears.



I got up and looked out the window,seeing Justin struggling with the grocerys,dropping something every step he took.



I giggled and pulled open the door,I put on some of Justin's old Supra's and raced out to help him,nearly slipping on the way.



''Need some help,clumsy?'' I smirked,walking past Justin to pick up the carton of milk dug into the snow.



''Pfft...clumsy? I left that there to get colder.'' Justin frowned playfully.



''Yeah yeah.'' I giggled,picking up the next item he dropped which just happened to be a can of whipped cream.


I smirked and dropped the carton of milk back into the snow and snuck up behind Justin before ripping off the lid and squirting him right in the face.



''AHHH-HOLY S-Tori! oh my god you scared the fuck outta me!'' Justin hissed. ''What is on my face?'' he asked.



''Oh...just the norm...whipped cream.'' I smirked.



''OH HELL NO.'' Justin screamed,the next thing I knew Justin dropped the grocerys and was chasing me down to the lake in the back garden.



''STOP STOP,I'M SORRY!'' I laughed,dodging a shard of ice that was inconveniently placed in the middle of where I was running.



I ran back up as Justin ran straight past me and tried to skidd back around to chase after me again,I giggled when Justin lost his balance and fell on his back,I continued to run in determination to reach the front door and hide before Justin could get me.



''Oh your in for it now Brooks!'' Justin yelled,getting up from his place on the ground and sprinting over to where I ran a mere few seconds ago.



I carried on laughing as I looked back to see Justin's whole back half covered in thick snow,it completely caught me off guard when Justin began to speed up and make his first attempt in grabbing me.



I slid down the small snow hill which was directly beside the house and made my last attempt to make it to saftey.



but before I could even get  to the bottom of the hill a huge ''WATCH OUT!'' Was screamed and I immediately got knocked off my feet.



I laughed hysterically as I realised Justin must of slipped on the hill and was tumbling down after me causing me to trip and fall beside him.



''Oh my god!'' I laughed,pressing my arm onto my stomach to stop my heavy cackling.



I closed my eyes as the icy air began to tingle them,and when I opened them again I realised Justin was laying on me looking into my eyes with a huge grin plastered over his perfectly chizzled face.



''I'm sorry.'' He chuckled,not taking his gaze off mine.



''It's completely fine,I wanted to hug the snow anyway.'' I rolled my eyes playfully.



''Hey! you shouldn't of put whipped cream on my face.'' Justin shot back defensively.



''Alright Bieber,don't get defensive on me'' I chuckled,pushing his chest teasingly.



Justin pouted and brought his gaze down to my lips.



I smiled up at him and swiped my finger across the mound of whipped cream still hanging off his face,I licked off the cream from my hand and nodded my head in approvement. ''Hmm..creamy with a hint of Bieber.'' I giggled.



''This isn't the only time you've tasted me is it,ay?'' Justin smirked,raising his eyebrows up and down receptively.



''Justin! oh my god!'' I laughed,covering my face with my frosty hands.



Justin chuckled and brought my hands away from my face before leaning down and slowly kissing me.



He pulled back and opened his eyes and immediately grinned at me.



''I love you so much.'' He whispered,grabbing my hands and entwining them with his.



''I love you too.'' I replied,looking up into his honeycomb pools of beauty.



Justin smiled and leaned down again,connecting his perfect lips with mine,I grabbed the back of his head and kissed him harder,not wanting to let go.



Although were laying in the snow,me in my skinny jeans and a sweater,I feel like I'm on lava when Justin's near me,he's my warmth and my heart.



Justin pulled away from the kiss. ''As much as I love kissing you,we might have to stop...I can't feel my leg.'' Justin chuckled,reaching down and grabbing his leg.



I laughed and pushed him off me,I scooted over and began to make a snow angel.



Justin laughed at me and layed down and made one too,right next to mine,I got up slowly and jumped over the angel before I looked at both of the imprints in the snow,I smiled and crouched down before drawing a small heart in the middle of them at the bottom.


Justin pulled me into his chest and kissed my forehead. ''I love you so much,princess.'' Justin whispered,nestling his head into my neck.



''I love you too,Justin.'' I replied.



Justin began to laugh causing me to frown. ''What's so funny?''



''Your neck was vibrating from speaking and it tickled my lips.'' He laughed,nestling his head deeper into my neck.



''Way to ruin the moment doofus.'' I giggled,pushing him away from me.



Justin pouted and walked off,I watched him as he picked up the grocery bags and began to walk to the front door,I quickly ran up behind him and wrapped my arms around his neck.


''Hey...don't be sad,I love you.'' I replied,before kissing his neck once.



''SIKEEE.'' Justin chuckled.



''Well fuck you.'' I replied before walking infront of him.



I heard Justin laugh and a crunch before I was being lifted up into the air and swivveled around,I wrapped my legs around his waist and looked at him,he grinned before pecking my lips.



''Don't get all grumpy,I wan't to see your beautiful smile constantly,it makes me so happy.'' Justin replied,tightening his grip around my legs so I don't fall.



''Better?'' I replied after I gave Justin a huge fake smile.



''Hey.'' Justin pouted.



''Sucks to be you.'' 



''You're going to pay for that.'' Justin smirked.






Before I could even finish my sentence I was being showered with kisses by Justin all over my face and hair.


''Is this my punishment?'' 






''Well I was thinking of something completely different then.'' I laughed.



''Ew! babeeee...your so dirtyyy!'' Justin yelled,scrunching his face up as he grinned at me.



I rolled my eyes got down before picking up the carton of milk and the other items.



'' were right,it did keep the milk colder.'' 



''I'm not just a pretty face.'' Justin smirked,bending over right infront of me to pick up his grocery bag,



''HA.HA.'' I laughed,pushing him so he toppled over and face planted the snow. ''OH MY GOD,IM QUEEN..I HOPE SOMEONE GOT THAT ON CAMERA,IT WOULD MAKE MY LIFE.'' I screeched as I ran into the house and headed straight for the closet under the stairs.



I tried to contain my laughter as Justin's voice echoed in the house. ''YOU SHOULDN'T OF DONE THAT BABE!'' Justin yelled,slowly walking on the wood floor. ''YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE.'' Justin yelled again,in a menacing tone,I slapped my hand over my mouth as a giggle slipped my lips.


''Hmmm...let's check the closet UNDER THE STAIRS.'' Justin muttered to himself,his shadow moving from the bottom of the door.


I shuffled back and hid between the coats and shoes,hoping I wasn't going to be found.



Suddenly the door swung open and Justin crouched down he turned on the light and smirked when he saw me sat in the corner,I got up and pushed him back,Justin landed flat on his back and instantly gasped as he realised I was making a b-line straight for the stairs.



''GET YOUR LITTLE ASS HERE NOW.'' Justin yelled jokingly.



He wasn't really going to hurt me..



I ran into our room and immediately fell to my knees before sliding under the bed,I slapped my hand over my mouth as I heard Justin walk into the room,I followed his feet around to the bed where he walking into the bathroom.


I frowned when my eyes fixed on the little box under the bed,I carefully slid it closer to me and slid off the lid which was addressed with 'KEEP OUT' ,I gasped at the contents of the box,it was filled with pictures of me and Justin,and a small box was sat in the middle of all of the photo's. I frowned at the little velvet box as I pulled it out of the box.



I suddenly gasped when my leg was pulled from out of the bed,I quickly dropped the box and looked behind me as Justin smirked and pulled me out,he instantly sat on my hips and held my hands above my head.



'' wasn't smart pushing me twice in 5 minutes..'' Justin smirked looking straight into my eyes.


I nervously looked under the bed to see the velvet box upside down,I looked back at Justin to see him frowning,he crouched down and looked under the bed,I bit my lip and Justin slowly looked back over at me.



''I didn't see it,I promise.'' I muttered quickly.



''Why did you look in it if it said keep out?'' Justin asked.



''I don't know,I'm sorry.'' I replied,getting nervous at Justin's behaviour.



Justin merely sighed and got up off me,he grabbed the velvet box from under the bed and helped me sit up,Justin pulled me to sit between his legs and held the box out infront of me.



''I was going to show you this next week but I guess I'll give it to you now.'' Justin replied.



I bit my lip feeling guilty of finding something I wasn't supposed to,but that immediately vanished as the curiosity took over.


''As you know..I want to marry you...but that will come in a couple of years,I never want you to be with another man and I can't imagine me being with anyone else apart from you,I love you so much and I wan't you to make me a promise...I give you this promise ring...'' Justin replied before slowly opening the box as he looked over my shoulder.



I gasped when a small silver band was revealed to my eyes,Justin pulled it out the cushion and placed it on my finger.



''This ring is special,on the inside there is a small heart,if you wear it a lot the small heart will make a imprint in your skin,it won't hurt but it will stay there for a long time.''



I looked at it in awe as Justin continued to speak.''You are my everything Tori and I wan't to be with you forever,as long as you love me we could conquer the world,we could be broke and have nothing,but as long as I have you everything will be okay,this ring is a promise to me that one day this ring will be replaced with a wedding ring,and you will be my bride..then you'll be my wife..and then you'll be a mother,and than a grandmother...I will be by your side through everything even if you don't want me to,your stuck to me like glue now and I can't seem to let go,but I don't want to...and that's what amazes me,you have had such an impact on me that I'm constantly telling myself how blessed I am to have someone as perfect as you in my life,through all the little fights we have and little games we play,and even though you push me over or hurt me sometimes,I love you so much and that's not going to change,If its' even possible I love you more and more everyday and It will never stop,your my little princess and I wan't to make baby Jori's with you one day and grow up with annoying little teenagers,but it will all be okay because you'll be by my side,I love you so much and you deserve the world and more,if I had the world in my hands I'd give it all to you,I love you so much baby girl.'' Justin whispered before he kissed my cheek.


I felt tears slip from my eyes as I continued to stare at the ring.



''Do you like it?'' Justin whispered.



I merely stayed quiet,trying to think of words to say but my brain was empty.



''Please say something.'' Justin whispered again,this time a hint of hurt visible in his tone.



''I-I-'' I cut myself short,I turned around and straddled Justin,I pulled him into a bone crushing hug and sobbed into his shirt. ''I love it s-so much.'' I sobbed,gripping him tighter.


''Baby,don't cry.'' Justin replied,rubbing my back as he placed his lips on my head.



''I can't h-help it.'' I cried,I pulled my face out of Justin's shirt and looked at him,Justin pressed his forehead against mine and smiled.



''Well try to,even if they are happy tears,I hate to see my girl cry.'' Justin whispered before pulled me closer.


I leaned up and kissed him full on the mouth before pulling away and running my hands through Justin's damp hair.



''I love you so much,and I'm sorry for making you faceplant.'' I laughed through the tears.



Justin smiled and leaned up,he wiped away my tears with the back of his thumbs and pulled me back into a hug.


''Yeah...about that,you still need to get punished.'' Justin laughed.



''What if I kiss you as much as you wan't for the rest of the day...will I be let off?'' 



''Hmmmm...I guess so.'' Justin smirked,pulling out and placing a kiss on my lips.



I just sat there and looked at Justin as he continued to peck my lips receptively,I laughed and pushed him away before standing up.


I began to walk out the room when I got pulled back in. 



''Kiss me.'' Justin murmured against my neck.



I kissed him and began to walk out the room.



''Oh...and I forgot to tell you,you have to kiss me wherever I say.'' Justin smirked.


I froze in my spot and turned around with evil eyes.



''Oooops?'' Justin shrugged before he ran straight out the door and down the stairs.



ohh what am I going  to do with him...





im so sorry,longish chapter and yeah...sorry for the long wait boo's,hope you like this chapter too.













Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3


dm me:D @13iebur 





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