The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


35. ''fuck this.....fuck you.''



''JUSTIN! JUST GO! I'LL BE FINE,IF HARRY TRYS TO DO SOMETHING I'LL CALL YOU..JUST GO CHILL SOMEWHERE ALRIGHT?'' I yelled,a small smile forming on my lips at the thought of Justin being so jealous that he thinks he needs to stay here so  Harry doesn't hurt me.



''Fine...but if he hurts you,I swear to fucking god.'' Justin muttered as he walked out the door.



''Jay,I'll text you when Harry get's here..I won't let him hurt me,I'll kick his ass.'' I giggled,pushing Justin out the door violently.



''OKAY OKAY! I'm goinnnng,just...stay safe alright baby?'' Justin asked,turning around as I pushed him out the front door.


*I nodded and kissed his cheek*



''Love you.'' Justin grinned. ''Love you too.''  I replied before letting Justin kiss me on the lips.



*I watched as Justin skipped of the yard like a dork,instantly walking normal when Harry appeared walking the opposite way to him,he just nodded his head at him before walking,I laughed and walked out to hug Harry briefly before letting him step inside*



''You got your papers yeah?'' I asked once me and Harry sat down in my room,me sitting like a Buddha on my bed and Harry leaning against the wall with a pen sticking out his mouth.



'' what are we going to write?'' Harry asked,smirking at me.



''Fuck knows.'' I muttered,throwing my pen down onto the bed and falling back against my pillow.



''Get your ass down here.'' Harry yelled in a girls voice.



''I'm sorry,Tori is currently sleeping,please try again later.'' I replied back,yawning in the process.



*Harry chuckled and got up before he jumped on the bed and led beside me smiling*



''Back it up loser boy,your invading my space.'' I muttered,slightly nervous.



''I make you nervous.'' Harry smirked,moving closer.



''N-No you don't,pffft.'' I giggled,rolling my eyes.



''Mhm..what about when I do this?'' He smirked before he gently placed his lips on mine.



*I instantly shot up out of the bed and pinned myself against the wall*



''Woah woah woah...what the fuck was that?'' I cried in frustration.




*Harry just shrugged,smirking before he got up and began to walk over to me*



''Wan't me to do it again,babe?'' He whispered,clasping his hands in mine and pushing them against the wall as he began to place butterfly kisses on my neck.



''BACK THE FUCK OFF!'' I yelled,pushing him away and untangling our fingers.



*Harry just ignored me and began to trail kisses down to my collar bone,moaning against my skin,I tried to pry him off me but he was too strong,he grabbed both my hands in his and pressed them up against the wall,pressing his body up against mine*



''Baby I just forgot my-'' 



*I instantly gasped,pushing Harry off me as Justin's face appeared at the door*



''What the fuck is this?'' Justin spat,trying his best not to blow up.



''Babe,it's not what It looks like!'' I cried in desperation.



''Oh so Harry kissing you isn't what it looks like? I'm just dreaming this or something?'' He laughed bitterly.






''It's exactly what it looks like.'' Harry smiled innocently.



''Harry what the fuck!?'' I yelled,slapping his shoulder.



*He just shrugged and looked over at Justin*



''I kissed your girl and she kissed me back...there's nothing more to it.'' He simply replied shoving his hands into his pockets.



''Get out.'' Justin spat.



''What?'' Harry asked.



''Get the fuck out this house,or god so help me I will beat the fuck out of you.'' Justin warned,clenching his fists and gritting his teeth.



''Later bro,see you later babe.'' Harry smirked,turning to me before he kissed the side of my mouth before winking and walking out. ''I'll let myself out,you two need to talk.'' Harry muttered as he past Justin.



''I swear to fucking god Justin,he kissed me...I swear on my life.'' I muttered helplessly,trying to get him to listen.



*Justin just laughed and shrugged before he leaned on the door frame*



''So now your going to tell me about Harry jumping on you and kissing you without your permission.'' He chuckled.



''That's exactly what happened!'' I chocked,tears streaming down my face.



''Yeah...and pigs fly.'' He scoffed,before walking out the room.



*I ran up to him and grabbed his arm before dragging him back into the room*



''Please,just let me explain!'' I cried.



''You have 2 minutes,shoot.'' Justin replied,looking bored.




''As soon as you left Harry came,we went up to my room to do the project because downstairs was dirty,after about an hour we gave up..we didn't get one piece of work done because we didn't understand what we were doing,I was sat on the bed,Harry on the floor...I lied back on the bed and was just about to go to sleep because I was tired,Harry joined me for no reason and I told him to back off because he was to close to my comfort,he asked if I made him nervous and I said no...then he was like...oh,how about now,and he kissed me Justin,he fucking kissed me without my permission...I shot up off the bed and walked over to the other side of the room,Harry followed me and pinned me to the wall,I told him to stop but he didn't listen and he carried on kissing me,and that's when you walked in,but I promise you I didn't kiss back,Harry was bullshitting,he kept kissing my neck but I swear on my life I didn't like it and It didn't mean anything to me.'' 



'' the real story.'' Justin laughed,leaning his head to the side.



''That was the real story for fuck sake! Justin,why won't you believe me?'' 




''Because you were getting close to Harry these past couple of days,so how do I know your not cheating on me?'' Justin spat.



''You know what? don't believe me..your just a fucking hypocrite anyway.'' I shouted back.



''And hows that sweetie?'' Justin asked bitterly.



''YOUR always on your phone...and when I ask you who your texting you tell me 'no one important' or 'dont worry' how do you think I feel when I can't sleep at night knowing that there might be a possibility that your cheating on me,or that I'm not good enough for you...I feel guilty knowing that you might be cheating and it's my fault for not giving you what you want all the time,and you sit here...and tell me that I'm cheating?you fucking well know that I don't like Harry like that..he's a fucking ass,why would I cheat on you when you mean everything to me?'' I screamed.



''I don't tell me.'' Justin shrugged.



''You're unbelievable.'' I spat.



''Thanks I have to admit I am pretty good in bed.'' Justin muttered.



''Oh my god! how much of an ass can you be? I mean I'm crying here telling you that Harry's bullshitting you telling you I kissed him back when I clearly didn't and you sit here talking about how good in bed you are?'' 



''Let's just clarify I'm standing...and are you quite finished? there's a hockey match on and I need to watch it.'' Justin replied,yawning.



''I can't believe you! You know what? I'm clearly don't trust your girlfriend...''



''Why should I trust you when I just saw you playing tonsil hockey with that fucker!'' He screamed.



''Fuck this....fuck you.'' I muttered as I pushed past him and walked out into the landing of the stairs.



''You would like to fuck me though,oh....unless Harry already beat me too it today,who knows what you guys did in the bedroom.'' Justin spat,following me out.



''Go to hell!'' I cried as I ran down the stairs missing 2 steps at a time and wrenched open the door.



''Love you too babe!'' Justin replied.



*I wiped away my tears and walked towards the door pulling it open with all my force before stepping out into the cold air*



''Where are you going?'' Justin shouted walking to the front door.



''Away from you..'' I muttered before I speedwalked off the yard and down the street,not looking back once.



''TORI! WAIT!'' Justin screamed.



*I ignored him and carried on walking*



I clutched my jumper in my hands as I walked off into the cold breeze of the night,no sight of any cloud in the air,the dark blue sky was clear apart from the occasional plane flying overhead,I kicked a pebble in the middle of the path as I proceeded to head into town,un aware of where my feet were taking me,I watched as drunk people staggered out of bars and entered the busy atmosphere of town,I carried on walking until 3 men in hoodies approached me from the other way,I walked into a dark allyway to avoid them just incase they were dangerous until they passed,I sighed in relief and walked out the allyway only to be pulled back in again.



''Well well well,look who we have here.'' Someone muttered into my ear,licking my earlobe in the process.


*I instantly cringed at the voice of this man,it was Derek and he didn't sound sober*



''Looks like princess here is all on her own.'' He smirked,kissing my neck again.



I wasn't lying about the alcohol,you could probably smell him from a mile away,he was completely drunk...not one part of him was sober,and that's what scared me the most.



''I-If you don't mind,I'm um..I'm going to get going,Justin will be looking for me.'' I lied.



Justin's probably sat at home watching the hockey match,completely forgetting about me...and to be honest,I don't blame him,what he walked in on looked bad,but not as bad as my thoughts to who he's texting and meeting up with after school sometimes.



''Fuck Justin,If you stay I'll show you a good time.'' Derek whispered into my ear,before blowing on it.



''N-No,really it's fine,I'll just get going.'' I muttered as I began to walk out of the alleyway.



''Not so fast babe.'' Derek muttered,before he slammed me into the brick wall further into the alleyway.



I gasped as he placed his sweaty body against mine,grinding on me as he began to kiss my neck and chest.



*I tried to pry my hands off him,desperate to get away from his unwelcoming vibe but he just held me against the wall firmer,growling aggressively into my ear*



''Please Derek,I'm sorry for everything..just please let me go.'' I whimpered as he began to slide his hands under my shirt.



''Shut the fuck up,whore...and do as I say.'' He spat before he reached up and unclasped my bra from under my shirt.



*I whimpered as he then began to massage my breasts with his cold sweaty hands*



''Moan my name.'' He demanded. ''Moan it!'' He spat after a minute of silence.



''Please..'' I whispered,looking into his eyes.



*I watched as his eyes became dark,apposed to the normally honeycomb coloured eyes he usually had,just like Justin's*



''Do as I say,or I'll make it harder for you to walk later on.'' He spat.



*I shook my head and spat in his face,desperate to get out of his grip,he hissed and staggered back,wiping the spit off his face with the back of his hands,I began to run,as fast as I could to get out of here*



Then,suddenly I felt something come in contact with my head,causing me to drop to the floor hitting my head in the process,I looked beside me,seeing a broken glass bottle with blood dripping from the rim of the jagged glass,my eyes slowly began to close causing me into plunge into blackness,but before I was fully unconscious I heard Derek slur some words which made my stomach churn;



''Looks like Justin isn't here to save you this time,now lets finish what we carried off from and finally get what I wanted from you the whole time I dated you.'' He slurred,his footsteps shuffeling in the back ground,evident that he was coming closer to my body that lay on the floor.



And what hurt the most is he was right,Justin isn't here to save me this time,I'm all on my own...





oh my shit guys,its finally the peak of the story where shit goes down..I hope you liked this chapter,loads of shit is going to go down in the next 20 chapters so woo!











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