The Nerd (Justin Bieber Fan fiction)

*Read at your own risk*

I never knew I would mean so much to one boy..but it happened.
I never knew I would fall in love so fast..but it happened.
I never knew the real feeling of loving someone so much it hurt..but it happened.

I fell in love with the school's outcast..Justin Bieber,I was the only one who looked past his nerdy personality,but that was the best part about him.

He was beautiful inside and out..and I was lucky to finally call him mine.

Well for a little while anyway.


25. First day of school



Tori's POV:


*next day*


I opened my eyes to see the ceiling of my room,did Justin take me upstairs?



''Morning princess.'' Justin muttered next to me.




*I turned over to see Justin lying on his side staring at me with a grin reaching his eyes,I smiled and pecked his lips quickly before moving back*



''Morning handsome.'' I mumbled.



*Justin smirked and placed a kiss on my forehead before he stared at me for a long moment*




''Wanna ditch school again?'' Justin suggested.






''Awhh whyy?'' Justin whined,frowning.



'' get your lazy ass up,we need to be gone in 45 minutes.'' I replied,checking the time on my phone.



''I have a better idea.'' Justin whispered in my ear.



''As much as I would love to,no...come on,aren't you exited to see people's reaction on your new look?'' I giggled.



''Not really,I'm nervous..what happens if people don't like me?'' 




''How could they not like you? your sweet,gorgeous,sexy,and your a gentleman aswell.'' I muttered.



*Justin smiled and pecked my lips quickly before he rolled over and sat up at the end of the bed,I did the same on the other side and stood up,walking into the bathroom,I turned on the shower and climbed in after I stripped down,I quickly washed my body and climbed out,wrapping a towel around my body,I opened the door and walked over to the walk-in wardrobe to find an outfit*



I chose this:




*Justin walked into the room smiling,I scanned his outfit over,imidiately causing a smirk from Justin*



''You were totally just checking me out.'' Justin smirked,walking over to me.




*I scoffed and turned around*



Justin's outfit:



*I felt Justin's arms wrap around my waist and he lowered his head to my ear*



''It's alright,your looking hot too.'' Justin whispered.




I scoffed. ''Who said you looked hot?'' 




*Justin pouted and let me go,I laughed and turned around,I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled*



''Just kidding,your looking pretty decent today.'' I smirked.



*Justin rolled his eyes before he kissed my cheek,I laughed and pulled him into a hug*




''Let's get going baby,I'll buy you a hot cocoa on the way to school.'' Justin whispered.



*I nodded and let go.*



''But I'd prefer a fruit smoothie.'' I smiled before walking out the room.



*Justin followed behind me as we descended the stairs,I grabbed an apple of the kitchen counter and threw one at Justin,he smiled thankfully and took my hand as we walked to the door,I pulled it open and pulled Justin outside,before I turned around and locked it*



''We takin the car?'' Justin muttered between bites of his apple.




''No,I wan't to walk,need to get healthy.'' I replied.



*Justin frowned and pulled up my top,I swatted his hand away and he smirked*




''Hur purfct wayte,Towwi,yuh dunt need to get healthee.'' Justin attempted to say,half an apple in his mouth.




''What?'' I giggled.



Justin swallowed. ''I said...Your perfect weight,Tori.You don't need to get healthy.'' 




''Thanks,but I do.'' I replied.




*Justin rolled his eyes as I pulled him down the pavement,he started to speed up to walk with me,causing me to giggle.*




''What's so funny?'' Justin asked,smiling down at me.




''Nothing important.'' I smirked.




*Justin rolled his eyes and pulled me into the school grounds,I groaned as I saw Derek pull into the car park,he glanced at me and walked over,Justin's grip instantly tightened on my arm*




''Hey babe,I see you've ditched looser boy..who's the new fuck buddy then?'' Derek smirked.




''Derek you idiot,that's Justin.'' I scoffed.



*Derek's smirked dropped instantly as he looked up at Justin*



''Get outta here! that aint Justin!'' Derek laughed.



''Um..yes,it is.'' I retaliated.




''Well tickle my ballsack and call me Steven,he actually looks quite decent.'' Derek nodded. ''Well...of course no where near as attractive as me...but it's definitely an improvement.'' Derek continued.



''Get your head out of your own ass Derek..and go fuck off while your at it.'' I spat.



''Fucking ugly bitch.'' Derek muttered.



*Justin let go of my arm and pushed me back behind him.*



''What the fuck did you just say?'' Justin spoke through gritted teeth.



Derek laughed. ''Just because your less of a fuck up now,doesn't mean you can get in my face,got it?'' Derek smirked,getting in Justin's face.




''Fuck you,you piece of shit,Tori isn't ugly.'' Justin spat.




''Yes she is,look at her...she looks like a cows ass.'' Derek laughed,pointing to me.




''Derek,you do remember that you dated her.'' Justin frowned.



''Yeah I do,and you picked up my used leftovers.'' Derek smirked sarcastically.




''Fuck you, piece of shit.'' I spat,walking out from behind Justin.




''Shut up hoe,I didn't ask you to speak.'' 




''You don't control me Derek,your nothing to me...your a fucking jackass.'' I retaliated.




*Suddenly I felt a sting ripple across my cheek,the next thing I know I'm getting pushed back by Justin,my eyes grew wide in shock as I looked up to what was going on in front of me*




Justin was on top of Derek punching him square in the face,people started to gather around to watch the fight take place,cheering on the 'dude they don't know' who was in fact Justin.




''I'm sick to fucking death of you treating people like shit...especially girls,have some fucking respect you cunt!'' Justin screamed,punching Derek in the face with every word.



''Who is that?'' One girl asked next to me.



''Justin Bieber,his brother.'' I muttered.




*I watched as the girls face dropped in horror,she turned back around and began to scream*




''Why are you screaming?'' I laughed.




''Because he's so hot now...what the fuck happened to him?'' She squealed.



*I laughed and rolled my eyes*




Why the fuck would I stop Justin from punching Derek? he deserves every punch he gets.




''GET THE FUCK OFF ME!'' Derek screamed.







''YEAH!'' Girls chanted.




*I laughed and ran up to Justin,I pulled him off Derek and examined his face*




No scratches,bruises or cuts..he wasn't hit once...I teached my boy well.




''Come on Justin,class starts in 4 minutes.'' I sighed dragging him into the school.




*We walked down the hallway,everyone's eyes on us*




''Who's that?'' One girl whispered,eyeing up Justin with greedy eyes.




''I heard it's Derek's brother.'' 




''He has another brother?'' 




''No,that's Justin.''



''No! what? the geeky kid...keeps himself to himself?''




''Yeah,look at him now.'' 




*I looked up at Justin and smiled,Justin looked down at me and winked,we went our separate ways to get to our lockers as Justin's was opposite mine,I dialled in my code and pulled it open,grabbed my English book and shut it again,only to be greeted by a happy looking Harry behind my locker door,I jumped and pressed my hand over my chest*




''Harry! you little scared me!'' I breathed.




Harry chuckled. ''Hello to you too,love.'' 




*I rolled my eyes and leaned against my locker,pulling out my phone*




Harry coughed. ''Teacher.'' 




*I quickly shoved my phone in my pocket and ran a hand through my hair*




''Thanks.'' I muttered after the teacher walked past,earning a dirty look from her.




''It's is Justin here then?'' Harry asked,scanning the lockers around us.



*I nodded just as I felt arms wrap around my waist,I looked over my shoulder to see a smiling Justin,he kissed me slowly before pulling away,I turned back around just as Justin rested his head on my shoulder*




''I heard my name'' Justin muttered.




''Ah! the famous boyfriend of Tori...I've heard allot about you!'' Harry smiled,pulling out his hand.




''Oh really?'' Justin smirked down at me as he reached forward and gave Harry a bro fist,I laughed and nodded.




''Yeah,anyways...we gotta get to class...I'll see you later,alright Hazza?'' I replied,ignoring Justin.




''Alright,see you at lunch?'' He suggested.




*I nodded and smiled before Justin pulled me away*




''Dudeee,stop pulling me.'' I whined as Justin walked into class.




''I don't want you sitting with him at lunch,I'm still annoyed at him.'' Justin pouted.




''He's new though....I don't want him sitting on his own.'' I replied,putting on my cutest face possible.




''Fine..'' Justin muttered.



*I giggled as Justin pulled me to the last two seats next to each other at the back of the class,I looked up to see everyone facing us with their mouths wide open,I frowned and looked over at Justin,who just awkwardly smiled at people.*




''Who the fuck is that sexy piece of shit?'' Phoebe muttered.




''I heard that's Justin.'' Someone else whispered.




''No...not Derek's dork brother.'' 







''Fuck me,he's hotter than Derek.'' Phoebe whispered.




*I saw Justin smirk and I just merely rolled my eyes*




''Why's he sat with Tori? do you think they date?'' Phoebe asked again.




''I have no idea.'' 



''Well if they're not I'm going in for the kill,he's fucking tasty.'' Phoebe giggled.




''Hey! hands off! I saw him first!'' The girl from the hallway protested.




*I laughed at their stupidity before I felt Justin's hot breath in my ear*




''You know...that Phoebe girl is pretty hot.'' He whispered.




*My mouth dropped open and I immediately smacked him in the chest*




Justin chuckled. ''I'm kidding,I'm kidding..all the girls in the school couldn't make up even half of your beauty.'' He added.




Nice save Bieber,nice save.




''Nice save.'' I muttered.




*Justin laughed before he kissed my cheek,slowly leaning back over to his seat*




By now all the girls had turned around to look at the teacher who just entered the classroom.







*Lunch time*




''I want your assignments in by the end of the week.'' Mrs.Mortez spoke.




*Groans from students sounded in the classroom,I gave a little chuckle as most of them escaped Justin's mouth,Mrs.Mortez gave Justin a dirty look before she carried on*







*Student's jumped out of their seats as the bell echoed in the room*




''AH AH AH!'' Mrs.Mortez frowned,waving her hand in the air. ''I will dismiss you,not the bell,everyone sit down.'' She yelled.




*Everyone moaned as the slumped back into their seats,we waited literally about a second*




''You may be dismissed.'' She smiled.




*Everyone scoffed and slung their chairs under the desk and made a sprint to the door,I rolled my eyes and looked over at Harry,who just stood up*




''Stupid bitch.'' He muttered.




*I laughed and stood up too,we both walked out of the classroom and headed to the canteen where we would meet Justin when he was dismissed*



The canteen was full up to the brim of students of all different cliques,every clique had a some movie shit or something.



*I grabbed my salad from the salad bar and a fresh bottle of water before me and Harry walked over to our table,Harry opened up his lunch bag and began to eat his sandwiches*








*I turned around to see Derek sat down with his friends shoving Taylor's tray at her baby bump*




Oh shit no.




*I got up from the table and walked over there,leaving a confused Harry at the table,I pushed the tray back at Derek*




''She's pregnant,don't fucking touch her like that.'' I hissed.




''Great,the two biggest sluts in the school have decided to join us.'' Derek laughed.




''It's funny how you call us sluts when your horny self was the one trying to get in our pants...looks like you didn't win with me,why would I want to touch someone with aids?'' I spat.




*Derek's friends all laughed at my comment as Derek shot me the evillest glare he could muster*



''Come on Taylor,let's leave this piece of shit alone.'' I muttered as I pulled Taylor back over to our table.



*I sat down and so did Taylor,she stared at me*




''What?'' I asked,starting to get annoyed.



''Why are you being so nice to me?'' 



''I can't let my best friend hang around with that have standards Tay.'' I laughed.



She laughed too. ''So...we okay?'' 



''Course we are.'' I smiled.



*Taylor squealed and pulled me into a hug,we pulled away and Harry coughed awkwardly*




''Oh right,Harry meet Taylor,Taylor meet Harry.'' I smiled.




''Hello love,nice to meet you.'' Harry smiled.



''Oh my fucking god! he's british!'' Taylor squealed into my ear.




*I laughed and pushed her away*




''I love your accent.'' Taylor gushed.



''Thanks,I like yours too.'' Harry chuckled.



*Taylor squealed silently and I laughed,she turned around and began scanning the canteen*




''What's wrong?'' I asked.




*Taylor turned back around and looked at me*



''Nothing,just wondering where Justin is..are you guys still together?'' 



''Yeah,I have no idea where he is..I don't think he's in detention.'' I shrugged.




*I began scanning the room to see If Justin was here,my eyes instantly locked with the familiar eyes of Justin who was sat at the jocks table,I frowned and motioned for him to come over,he shook his head and pouted*




''What is he doing with the jocks?'' Taylor asked.



''I have no Idea,I'll text him.'' I muttered as I slipped my phone out of my pocket.



*I thumbed out a text to Justin*



To: My dork<3


Why are you sat with them? I thought you were sitting with us?:(xx



*I instantly got a reply*



From: My dork<3


Sorry babe,they asked me to sit with them..nah,I will tmorro tho:)xx




*I looked over at Justin who was staring right back at me,I pulled a pouting face and Justin pulled one back mouthing 'sorry' I rolled my eyes and turned back around*




To: My dork<3


you obviously don't love's fine,sob sob:'(xx



*I smirked and sent the message,a few moments later my phone buzzed*



From: My dork<3


babe-.- you know I love you more than anything..I'll promise I'll make it up to you later;)xx



To: My dork<3


I was kidding you tit;) hahah no.xx




From: My dork<3






To: My dork<3


English word for boobie,hehe;)xx 




From: My dork<3


looks like Harry's rubbing off on you-.-xx




To: My dork<3



Don't worry about it..seeya after skl xx




From: My dork<3



Okay baby,love you xx



To: My dork<3


Love you too:*xx




*I smiled and placed my phone back into my pocket and began to eat my salad,I realized the table was really quiet so I looked up to see Harry and Taylor staring at me*



''What now?'' I sighed,putting my fork down.



''It's just...why are you eating salad,when you don't need to?'' Harry asked.



''What's with the questions today guys? I don't feel like eating all that greasy shit they cook in there.'' I shrugged.



*Taylor put down her slice of pizza and scrunched her face up*




''Gee,thanks for putting me off that pizza.'' She muttered.




''What! it's true! do you wan't to get spots all over your face?'' I laughed.



''No..I already do.'' She muttered.



I scoffed. ''Your skins perfectly clear,and you know that.''




''Whatever.'' Taylor muttered.




Harry started to laugh. ''Girls.'' He chuckled.



''Shut it English boy.'' I smirked.



*Harry chuckled and flicked his hair,I couldn't help but stare at his dark curly locks,he looked so cute*



Stop Tori.





this is just a filler chapter,so nothing interesting happens..hence the boring chapter written above.


that's it for to write anymore hehe:)












Stay beautiful<3



Peace,love and rubber gloves<3




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